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The Gold Door Jewelry & Art

The Gold Door Jewelry & Art: “The Gold Door has been in Portland, Oregon's historic Hawthorne district for more than ten years. It has since become a landmark and prominent shopping destination. Proprietor Jerry Shover and staff travel to exotic lands seeking beautiful and unusual jewelry, fine, folk and ethnographic art to share with all […]

The Colour – The Roseland Grille- Review by K. Patrick Welch

Concert Review by K. Patrick Welch The ColourThe Roseland GrilleThursday, August 24, 2006 “At moments The Colour lead singer, Wyatt Hull is Bono kicking the air and letting out a cry reminiscent of Under a Blood Red Sky; at moments, he is Mick Jagger confident and defiant above the crowd of fists pumping to the […]

Boing Boing: What happened to, Oregon?

Boing Boing: What happened to, Oregon?: “What happened to, Oregon?A followup on the tale of that small Oregon town 'bought' and renamed in the Web 1.0 boom years by now-gone dotcom” I hadn't heard of this…interesting

Beer Serves America

Beer Serves America: This site details the how beer effects/helps Oregon's economy. You can also search by zip code. But here is a great stat for it's financial impact on Oregon Total: $917,671,880 Almost a billion dollars…a bbbbbiiiillion dollars…nice, I contributed a good bit to that myself…

Our Mad Fashion show on Sept. 17th at the Ash St. – good times

So, This is going to be a very cool show. It was not easy digging Tommy of the Wanteds up as the guy has been on one of his…hmmm…escapades. As well, we have Mad Happy, whose last album was produced by one of the talking heads and a press quote is “MAD HAPPY are innovators, […]

PDX PIPELINE's 1st Ash Wednesday Show is coming up – Sept 13

Fez Ballroom Vinyl Sale Tues-Thursday

“Selling off the record library of the legendary Panorama nightclub. All regular vinyl is $1.00, Remix Service is $5.00, naked vinyl is $0.25.This is mainly 12' Dance mixes from the 70's – 2000's.Lots of original Disco pressings.Tons of 90's club House and Diva Trance Mixes.Lots of weird crap that I don't know why we have. […] – Sept. 16th – Mt Sabalas show

SinnergyMusic.comSaturday, September 16th – 9:00 p.m. KUFO & The Marconi Show Present:Smoochknob's 2nd AnnualSKOOLED Naughty Skool Girl PartyFeaturing Smoochknob, SINNERGY, Cellar Door& the SK Girls Underwear Fashion Show DNA VIP Lounge and more…Sabalas at Mount Tabor Tickets are $12 at the door.Buy them now for only $8!!!Don't wait. This show WILL sell out.”

The Beer Pipeline Portland Beer Guide provided by

The Beer Pipeline: “ Portland Beer Guide: Portland beer guide 'This guide is designed for Portland area residents and visitors alike.' Breweries & brewpubsEstablishments where beer is made, and may be served, on site. Bars & restaurantsTaverns, corner bars, pubs, restaurants and other places serving an interesting range of specialty beer. British & Irish pubsThere's […]


MySpace cowboys – September 4, 2006

MySpace cowboys – September 4, 2006: “MySpace's laid-back, anti-authority vibe has everything to do with where its founders came from. DeWolfe, who was raised by two teachers in Portland, Ore., bucked the family tradition by studying business at the University of Washington and then going to USC's Marshall School of Business, while Anderson, whose entrepreneurial […]

Carlos Mencia Tickets Portland – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall – Concert tickets available now – Carlos Mencia Portland Tickets

Carlos Mencia Tickets Portland – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall – Concert tickets available now – Carlos Mencia Portland Tickets: Portland, OR Friday, September 22, 2006 10:30PM Portland, OR Friday, September 22, 2006 7:00PM Oh no…he's coming…Just saw it on Comedy Central and found this – Travelgetaways – Forbes Lists America's Drunkest Cities – Travelgetaways – Forbes Lists America's Drunkest Cities: MILWAUKEE — Is the Brew City getting a bad rap? “Milwaukee has been ranked by as 'America's Drunkest City,' based on information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 70 percent of adult Milwaukeeans reported that they had at least one […]

Sept. 13- Our First Ash Wednesday Show with The Degrees, Bombs Into You, and Soylent Gringo

Our First Ash Wednesday Show is coming up at The Ash St. Saloon on Sept. 13 – $5 Here is their Links and the Poster made by Nick Klein: Soylent Gringo They are also on Myspace if you search them out in the music section.  

The Edge of Hip: Vice, the Brand

The Edge of Hip: Vice, the Brand: “September 28, 2003The Edge of Hip: Vice, the BrandBy VANESSA GRIGORIADIS YOU see a lot of strange things at fashion shows, but models chugging cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon is not usually one of them. Two weeks ago, however, at the show put on by Vice, a Lafayette […] Go Go: “Monday, July 24, 2006 Dixie Derby GirlsThe public address announcer at Rollertime Skate Center Sunday night yelled, 'Dixie!' into the microphone. And the 500 or so spectators yelled back in unison, 'Derby!' That's 'Dixie Derby.' As in Huntsville's Dixie Derby Girls roller derbyteam, who were squaring off in a bout with the Atlanta […]

Def Leppard and Journey! – The Barfly has you hooked up

“Oh, my god! It's Journey and Def Leppard, together once again, August 30th, at the Clark County Amphitheater! Last time Journey and Def Leppard toured together, they were cassette tapes in a boom box in the back of my school bus when I was in middle school! Now, come 2006, here they are, live and […]

Sent from "Floating World Comics" here in PDX -There

“There are no civilians in Baghdad.”-Lt.-Col. Crowley “Just read all 10 chapters of Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman's online comic, SHOOTING WAR, in one easy sitting. Takes place in our near future, 2011. There's not much in this futuristic world that would be totally implausible. America is still occupying what's left of Iraq, survivors of […]

Our First Editorial Review – Sleater Kinney – The End

All good things must come to an end. August 12th marked the last Sleater-Kinney show for the conceivable future, from a band whose twelve year career carved a permanent spot for women in rock. Fans lucky enough to score tickets crowded into the second night of sold-out shows at the Crystal Ballroom, anticipating the end […] – food & drink

We agree and we're having Rainiers there right now! – food & drink:“The B-Side is GeniusThe door you've been looking for by Sam Soule for pdxguide.comFebruary 2005 The B-Side632 SE BurnsidePortland OR Sometimes you've just got to say what you feel. After scratching out a variety of exclamatory paragraphs regarding the latest bar to […]

Message from Makossa – Tonic Lounge on Saturday

“What up all? I'll be throwing down a set before Lowenbad on Saturday at Tonic on 31st and Sandy in Portland. Funk. Soul. Jamaican riddims. Hip-hop. Illmaculate and DJ Flip Flop are also on the bill. Hope to see y'all there. I'll be throwin' down hard for its my birthday!!! Word. MAKossa”

Message from Zipp of Kandles at Nine -Oregon Food Bank Benefit

This message was sent over to us by Zipp of Kandles to Nine. If you are a fan or have interest, please go as Oregon Food Bank is good cause and these band and Rock N' Roll Pizza are obviously doing something good to help them. I've added the link so you can RSVP. It […]

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight Home | Where the car is not king

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight Home | Where the car is not king:“If you thought political cross-dressing was a recent British phenomenon, you obviously haven't been to Portland. In Oregon they were 'cross dressing' as far back as the 1970's when the Republican Governor, Tom McCall, took radical steps to prioritise public transport over […]

Mayor Potter's e-Newsletter – 8/17/06

Mayor Potter's e-Newsletter – 8/17/06:In this issue: 1. A vote for this Bill of Rights is a vote for Portland's children 2. Stopping traffic for a good cause 3. Zero-tolerance environment for street crimes plus treatment options paying off 4. BBC: Where the car is not king 5. Upcoming Event: AAHC Wellness Walk – August […]

Outdoor Movie Night – Oaks Park- School of Rock and Grease

Outdoor Movie Night:From Nancy Levenson,Your Guide to Portland, OR.FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Outdoor Movie Night Here's a lovely way to spend a summer night: Oaks Amusement Park presents Family Movie Night on Wednesdays. Just bring a blanket or lawn chair to the park (located in Sellwood) and take in a flick. Here's the schedule: […]

Mostlandian–Portland is kind of strange, and this goes to show that is true – this weekend

“Friday, August 18th, 2006 7pm: Xeroxing9pm: Opening CelebrationMidnight: Computer Hacking Saturday, August 19th, 2006 Noon – 1pm: Navigation, Registration1pm – 2pm: Coffee Making, Cigarette Rolling1:50pm – 2pm: CPR2pm – 4pm: Slam Dunk, Roller Skating, Double Dutch4pm – 6pm: Bow Hunting, Fencing, Cartography5:30pm – 7pm: Cartography viewing6pm – 7pm: Dinner Hour7pm – 9pm: Pig Latin, Tongue […]

2915 SE 13th Place- unusual stuff from

2915 SE 13th Place:2915 SE 13th PlaceCurrently Station #23 Years Present At LocationEngine 23 1962 – PresentTruck 23 1984 – 1985Truck 4 1975 – 1984 maybe not that unusual, but defintely a little wierd…what is this info for?

The Portland Mercury | Blogtown, PDX | PDC Weighs in on Biodiesel

The Portland Mercury | Blogtown, PDX | PDC Weighs in on Biodiesel: “PDC Weighs in on Biodiesel Posted by Scott Moore at 11:37 AM The Portland Development Commission has just released its report on the availability of local crops that can be used for biodiesel production. This is important because, as I'm sure you well […]

Starbucks to sell new Ray Charles CD – The Portland Business Journal:

Starbucks to sell new Ray Charles CD – The Portland Business Journal:: “Starbucks Corp. said it will sell a new Ray Charles CD featuring never-been-released music beginning Oct. 3. The Seattle coffee giant (NASDAQ: SBUX) said it will team with Concord Records, its partner on the 2004 Ray Charles 'Genius Loves Company' CD that won […]

Q and A with King Buzzo of the Melvins– local Cut

Local Cut has done an insightful interview with King Buzzo. It worth checking out if you are a fan of the many projects he has been involved with. Click on the link below to read. Q and A with King Buzzo of the Melvins– local Cut: “At the last minute I wrote the band's publicist […]

This Just in and has just started- looks great

The ArtBar presents“O.B.” and I&I Music on Main Street Summer Concert Series Wednesday, August 16thFree Information for Wed, Aug 16th:Time: 5:00 – 7:00 OB Addy, the founder and leader of I & I was born and raised on a traditional “house of drumming” in Ghana, West Africa, which meant being at the heart of an […]

PORT – Portland art + news + reviews

PORT – Portland art + news + reviews: Game Show Deadline Reminder“Tomorrow, Tuesday August 15 (postmark date) is the last day to apply to the Game Show exhibition at Contemporary Craft Museum and Gallery. Since taking the helm, curator Namita Wiggers has been expanding the scope of CCMG and this show serves as an example. […]

The ILLS NW tour video – Fez, The Know

It was great to have the ILLS out here and we look forward to their return to the NW

Aalto Lounge: Movie Night Will Repossess Your Heart With Repo Man.

From Simon of It was sent to us a bit ago…so ONLY 1:45 mintues until this starts. “Dearest Rapscallions and Crush-worthy Crew Members, Tonight and tonight only! On the largest movie screen in the Aalto Lounge (SE 34th and Belmont, next to Stumptown), I will show the movie that catapulted Mr. Estevez into super […]