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Hudsucker Proxy at Aalto Lounge on SE Belmont, Portland tonight

Tonight (and almost every Monday), my friend Simon plays free movies at the Aalto Lounge on SE Belmont and 34th. Tonight is Hudsucker Proxy Starts at 8:00-8:15, so if you can brave the weather (not so bad), or are close, something to do Here is some trivia from IMBD: Trivia: In Raising Arizona (1987) (also […]

Evangelicals –Friday, December 1st @ Towne Lounge

This was sent over by BlackBird Presents. The Evangelicals are a great band that is making (I beleive) its second appearance in PDX. Check it if you can: Friday, December 1st @ Towne Lounge Evangelicals The Greater Midwest The Dimes Day Of Lions (21 & Over) $6.00 day of show Learn… < font>Listen… […]

Thanksgiving day in Portland- Dub, Reggae at XV

Thanksgiving…a day to eat with your family, and then get out and forget the crazy uncle/aunt/parents…etc… And this happening…and DJ Monkeytek is always fun to see…really, what symbolizes Puritans surviving that tough New England winter than Dub, Dominos and Reggae?

"Oregon now is the second-largest producer of craft beer in the United States."

I just wanted to say that as an Oregonian who loves beer–glad that we have achieved this status. I got that quote from this article. Some other good parts of the article: “More than anywhere else in the country, people drink craft brews in Oregon,” said Jamie Floyd, co-owner of one of the area's newest […]

Starlight Mints, Bishop Allen, and Tom Heinl at Doug Fir tomorrow night (11/14)

The Barsuk label–of Seattle–and home to great bands like They Might Be Giants, Viva Voce among others–has the Starlight Mints coming to the Doug Fir tomorrow evening. I am a big fan of the Starlight Mints, and can't wait for this show–only $10 for this line-up. See you there!

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Portland's Rainy Winters are here–so it's time for Jubelale by Deschutes Brewery

So, when it starts raining here and the days turn to 6 hours of brighness (greyness), there is something to look forward to as a beer drinker- Deschutes Brewery's “Festive Winter Ale”. It is a good winter brew, available from October through November. I am not sure how far the distribution goes outside of the […]

Portland State- Sustainability Speaker– Thursday, 09 Nov, from 4:45 to 6:00pm, in SBA 190.

“The Portland State University chapter of Net Impact is hosting a presentation by New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and Net Impact founder Mark Albion. Tag line: “Come hear one of the most dedicated social entrepreneurs talk about environmentally and socially sustainable leadership in the business world.” For more on Sustainability–

Beer Recycling at the Fred Meyer in Se Portland- Nice!

Well, this is me recycling my many cans and bottles at the local SE Fred Meyer “Can Do” Machine and “One Stop” Machine. Many were not accepted due to the machines' problems, but I did get about $7.70 from what did go through. For more on Beer– 

More First Thursday info in PDX – Casio City @ Backspace, Sickbay at Tiger Bar, Homonym @ Bar of Gods,

From A13: “first thurzday @ Backspace in the pearl with Casio City.come see the works of Ashley Montague, Mike McGovern and Jesse Reno. also peep the tiger bar for the Sickbay show. ….and also after first thurz. @ the Bar of the Gods in S.E. w/homonym. see ya there!” I've seen Jesse Reno's work a […]


First Thursday–Floating World Comics Grand Re-Openning –now by Backspace and the Portland Art Center

Message from Floating World Comics: “I'm very pleased to announce that Floating World Comics is moving to a bigger and better location next week. Our new shop will be at 20 NW 5th Ave suite 101, next door to the Portland Art Center, sharing a corner with Upper Playground, Just Be, Backspace, Ground Kontrol, etc… […]

Pyramid's Crystal Weizen–Champion beers often unbottled, unnoticed | 11/01/2006 | Champion beers often unbottled, unnoticed: “First, it's never been bottled; the only place you can find it is on tap at Pyramid Alehouses in Berkeley, Walnut Creek and Sacramento (also Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash.). Second, it's overshadowed by another prize-winner, Pyramid's best-selling Hefeweizen (HHH), which is bottled and sold almost […]