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Archive | May, 2007

Tuesday Night at Towne Lounge – The Mattoid by way of Nashville/Helsinki

About THE MATTOID: An ever roving cast but one solid constant, the Mattoid (Ville Kiviniemi) hails from the cold morelle land of Finland. After traveling the countries of Western Europe, Mexico, Thailand, India, and Egypt the Mattoid decided to spread his message amongst his fine American friends. A few years back he resides amongst the […]

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Weekend stuff: Bar of the Gods (BOG) tonight- DJs and strange movies…and whiskey

Every Thursday is a good time at the BOG- participants include Seoul Brother Number 1, Homynym, Atom 13, Moss, etc…No cover Also from Seoul Brother #1 This Friday at Beulahland, 118 NE 28thMusic and Movies… Sweet Sweet Soul is the theme (i think)No Cover!!!Just Good Times and Good Music!!!9:30ish til 2:30ish And This Saturday at […]

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Survey: Portland drivers most courteous

Portland drivers are more likely to offer full five-finger waves than any other drivers in the country, according to the second annual In The Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey, commissioned by AutoVantage, a national auto club. The most courteous city is Portland, followed closely by Pittsburgh, Seattle/Tacoma, St. Louis and Dallas/Fort Worth, according to Norwalk, […]

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Wed. May 2nd – Rock at Ash Street Saloon | House and Indie with Flutterby at the Saucebox

Ash Street Saloon | Live Music 7 nights a week:Wed May 2Music at 9:00pm $4 Westfold Meyercord Will Bradley Remmy If you are downtown, you have two good options of entertainment (among many) tonight…I met the Meyercord guys last week at a BBQ…great PDX people…go support them as well the other bands and of course […]

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BREAKING: John Edwards to join Veto Rally Tonight in Portland!

BlueOregon: BREAKING: John Edwards to join Veto Rally Tonight in Portland!: I turned on CNN for a mometn to see that John Edwards is here…then looking through Google, found this “breaking news” “Fresh off a jam-packed public town hall today in Portland (more on that later), Senator John Edwards just announced that he's going […]

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Portland Farmers Market – Park Blocks Opens tomorrow

Update: 2009 Portland Farmers Market: Video, Pictures & Updates Yes- it's that time of year! Portland Farmers Market: Saturday at PSU – 8:30 am — 2:00 pm Wednesday Downtown – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Thursday Eastbank – 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm click here for Directions click here to search for projected product avaliability by […]

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Attention Portland Coffee Shops! – Portland Mercury Blogtown rant

The Portland Mercury | Blogtown, PDX | Attention Portland Coffee Shops!: “Newsflash: Some people like to drink coffee/do homework/read/catch up on email/eat a pastry after 9 pm. Yet you—dear Portland coffee shop—close at 8. Or 7. Why is this?” Nice rant on the lack of late-night coffee (really non-bar is the truth) things to do […]

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