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August 3: Rock & Rose Does its First, "First Friday" Show

A message from Jeff/Rock&Rose: The show begins at 6:00 pm, will go to 9:00 pm or a bit after.  The artist we're showcasing, soso, is going to be doing a live art painting that is scheduled to begin at 7:00. We will be providing free beer and wine to guests 21 and over with ID. […]


August 2nd–Want to Hang With the "Cool Kids" of MusicFestNW and the LifeSavas?

Sent over from MFNW: On August 2nd at Stumptown Downtown (128 SW 3rd Ave) MFNW will be hosting an art show from 6pm to 9pm to celebrate all of the posters created for MFNW 2007. Artists featured include Laura Atkinson, Molly Bedford, Erik Blad, Brian Brown, Jeffrey K Cooper, Guy Burwell, Phantom Chicken, Thomas Cobb, […]

We Are All Going To Die VI (from "highly radioactive waste"!!)

Dear God: Please help…I am frightened…”an undetermined amount of highly radioactive waste” has spilled in Oregon–Hanford, Oregon to be exact. But it's OK I'm sure b/c ” Wiegman said the situation did not meet the criteria for an emergency declaration.” Yeah, highly radioactive waste in the water-supply…no emergency…We Are All Going To Die!

August 1st: Death Cab for Cutie…is a Cutie at OfficePDX

I've been waiting for this for a bit now…and it is finally here! From WED AUG 1 / 7 PM to 11 PM / OFFICE ANNIVERSARY PARTY Join OFFICE for our annual customer appreciation party (21+ over only) where attendees can delight in: Delicous vintage-inspired cocktails by Echo SPONSORED BY NEW DEAL VODKA Musical […]

We Are All Going To Die!! V (from fruit-flavored meth)

If “Movie Rage” and Mustard Gas Weapon-leaks didn't frighten you enough, KATU serves up the new scare-fest–Fruit-Flavored Meth. That's right! They are not going to sit by and let FOX take all the Meth Glory! EUGENE, Ore. (AP) – What may be a marketing ploy among methamphetamine manufacturers has shown up in Lane County: fruit-flavored […]


The Great PDX "Art Personage", Mark Rothko, on OPB Tonight

If you are not going out to see Kurt Vogel Russell kick a$$ in The Thing at Aalto Lounge or drink/party like it's 1997 at Beulahland tonight …and you just happened to catch the cursed Portland art on Antiques Roadshow, stick around for this (yep, strung it all together). From PORT: Simon Schama's Power of […]

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

If you are one of the last people on the internet to have not gone to this site, do it before Google fully rejects their map-usage: My neighborhood (Laurelhurst)= highly walkable

July 30th Daily Stank Image Bank: Mountain Bike Oregon

There are no images here for this “Daily Stank Image Bank”â¬Å¾¢. We could not possibly top the breathtaking pics Jonathan put up of Oakridge over at “If you're having trouble adjusting back to work after a weekend of riding paradise, check out the gallery or sit back and enjoy the 122 image slideshow below.”


August 3rd: "Get Yourself Education" Art Opening at Jace Gace

Message from Nathan at Jace Gace: Caleb Freese and Justin Gorman from Build Production will be attacking our walls this August. Together, with their astute color sense and intricate large scale prints, our walls will be an aesthetic feast for the eyes! The reception is Aug 3rd 6pm-12am. And it will be up the 3rd-31st. […]


Monday, July 30th–"It has a curse on it"

As I watched the 2AM rebroadcast of Foreign Exchange (total=4 viewers), I continued to see that the next Antiques Roadshow will be a Portland Affair …and some lady was scared to sell her cursed art. So, looks good! Antiques Roadshow “Portland, Or – Hour 3” ANTIQUES ROADSHOW concludes its sojourn on the banks of the […]

2006 Winners

Make Some Clothes Out of Junk and Win $500!

That is the premise behind Junk2Funk. Well, the premise is sustainability and recycling, but that is what you do to get the $500 baby! Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest Call to Artists Entry deadline October 17, 2007 (Portland, Oregon) ­ It is time once again to tear apart those trash bins in hopes […]

pied cow

July 29 Daily Stank Image Bank: Pied Cow

Random Pics from the old Pied Cow Coffeehouse/Hookah Bar. It has one of my favorite patios in SE PDX, and usually a good beer special to go along with an assortment of coffee and treats. Click Thumbs for Larger Sizes: Pied Cow Coffeehouse 3244 Se Belmont St Portland, OR 97214 (503) 230-4866 Get Directions: To […]

Doug Fir

Another PDX Love-Fest with The Predictable Criteria Included

Yep, another article on Portland. This one is from CNN. Let's go down our checklist for these articles. Coffee (check) Rain (check) Voodoo Doughnuts (check) Powell's Books (check) Doug Fir (check) McMenamins (Bagdad– check -What no time for Kennedy School?) What?!! No Pearl!? Oh, that blows the formulaic article right there. And, what about IKEA? […]

Got my Coffee

July 30th: Monday Movie Night at Aalto Lounge: "Man is The Warmest Place to Hide."

Yes, that is the tagline from “THE THING” (1982)….and I am not going to make the obvious joke. So, come out to see Mr. Simon Goetz play “The Thing” at Aalto Lounge tomorrow. 8PM, Free From IMDB: An American scientific expedition to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic is interrupted by a group of seemingly […]

July 30 Beulahland's 10th Anniversary Party–1997 Prices!

Message from Atom 13: ………Oh it's on……beulah's 10 year anniversary…rollin' the prices back to '97 and partay'n like we're newborn babies.. deejay's: Pete Moss, Homonym, Duke of Destiny, Yo's, Katie Kasum, Norto, Phantom Hillbilly, Seoul Bro #1, Sketchy B and myself. Multi Media Meltdown tomorrow nite starting around 8………for real. prices from '97…beers were like […]

Oh No! The Angelinos are Going to Flood in for Sure!

Last week, the question was whether the Pearl was a community, shopping area, or another city. Apparently–to the Angelinos–It's the exact kind of place they love (More Hummers to invade shortly). Here are a couple excepts from article: Portland's pearl The revitalized district is home to many interesting boutiques, galleries and cafes, and the legendary […]


July 29: Kickball in Colonel Summers Park around 5ish

It's Sunday…and that means Kickball in the Col. Summers Park (SE 20th and Belmont). Pictures below from the Park. Click Thumbs to enlarge:

Local Cut/WW Delivers the Goods on PDX POP NOW! at City Hall

Local Cut comes through again–this time with a run-down PDX POP NOW! at City Hall City Hall's front porch turned into a mini-happening Wednesday, with three bands, a stage, and some fans going about their business pretty much ignored by rush-hour downtown Portland streaming past. No matter how loud headliners Old Time Relijun, the Watery […]

TOP 7 Posts of the Seven Days

Here are the top-viewed posts of the Last Seven Days (in no particular order). IKEAnsanity – The Story by Brian Brewcaster August 9th – Another Pillow Fight in Pioneer Square We Are All Going To Die IV (from mustard gas!) July 22 Daily Stank Image Bank II: HarryPotter Line July 22 Daily Stank Image Bank: Geek […]

New Show at the Rererato

July 28, PORT Has the Low-Down on Movies and Art Tonight

From PORT (great site): Rererato presents Zzzzz… (Between the Sheets), a group show exploring sleep and dream related art. The opening reception this Saturday features several local Portland bands, and promises not to be a sleepy affair. Opening Reception • 4-9pm • July 28 Rererato • 5135 NE 42nd Ave. • Tonight! Don't miss […]

JOBS: Do You Like The Environment and Want To Get Paid?

If you like the environment and want a J-O-B so you can get P-A-I-D; here are three possibilities. I do not believe you will be allowed to drive your hummer to the workplace(s). Environmental Building Supplies seeks Professional Sales/Project Manager Community Energy Project seeks Weatherization Workshop Coordinator (pdf) Trimet is hiring a Sustainability Intern(pdf)

We Are All Going To Die IV (from mustard gas!)

Ok, Unlike “We Are All Going To Die” II and III, this is very disturbing (I is bad also). KATU, you got me. Bush, we found the Weapons of Mass Destruction…and…they are in Hermiston. This cannot stand! Mustard gas weapon leak contained at Hermiston depot HERMISTON, Ore. (AP) – Workers at the Umatilla Chemical Depot […]

We Are All Going to Die III (from "Movie Rage")

KATU–You are Priceless. Not since the Naked Man story and Pic have you given us such a…ummm…well, another disturbing pic and ridiculous story. The Point of this story I think is something like: You need a gun at a knife-fight Don't step with Kung-Fu when Biggie's on his celly NEVER, EVER, EVER go see the […]


Three More Hours to Make Out with a Dog at "Pets in the Pearl"

Amy's got the full scoop at the Pearl Insider (–even Pearl Dogs drink martinis. Kissing Booths, Pet Readings and More This weekend's Pets in the Pearl is shaping up to be a quite the event. In fact, one of the most popular pooches on the planet, Zelda, will even be making an appearance…READ MORE

July 28 – DoubleDutch Productions Presents: 'The Party of the Century' in P-Town

07/28/2007 9:30 PM PARTY OF THE CENTURY!! (with 'worst flyer of the century', need help?) Mount Tabor Legacy 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, Oregon 97215 Cost:$15.00 DoubleDutch Productions Presents: 'The Party of the Century' in P-Town… to show 'em we still know how to bring the house down! Featuring~ Wild Child Girls, Hot Fire-Dancers, a […]

Division/Clinton Street Fair is Happening Now!

The parade starts at 11:00 AM at 49th and Division and proceeds down Division to 21st, where it turns left to Clinton and ends at 27th and Clinton with a short performance by The Last Regiment.After the parade, stroll both streets, take a ride on the trolley, stop for refreshments, check the businesses and vendors, […]

Last Thursday July-31

July 28 Daily Stank Image Bank- Last Thursday in July

It ain't Burning Man yet, but the Alberta tryouts are on. Here are some pics from last Last Thursday. Jì°SUS, Police, Clowns, Dolls, Fire Trucks, Jugglers…yep…check, check, check, check, CHECK FOOL! Click thumbs for larger sizes


Tonight: Under The Sea with Dj Girlfriends and Dj Freaky Outty

From Coco of PRA Under The Sea with Dj Girlfriends and Dj Freaky Outty Body: THAT'S RIGHT WERE GOING UNDER THE SEA AND ALL DANCEY!!!! Wear swim trunks with a tank and your dunks, Dress up like a captain or sailor, Cuddle up with your favorite cuddle fish! Let's get all Trashy and Splashy! Party […]

Friday Follow-Ups: Nike is "concerned" About Dogfighting

Follow-up to an earlier post on Tuesday (Nike suspends release of Vick shoes) It appears that Nike has taken another step towards getting rid of Michael Vick. And, even though my headline is poking fun at Nike; I do think they are going about this in the right way. It really (really, really) looks like […]

Is it Intervention-Time for Mayor Tom Potter?

I mean, we know you like your beer, but a whole keg….how do I get this job again? “Mayor Potter on Thursday (7/26) kicked off the 20th annual Oregon Brewers Festival, tapping the official wooden keg at the opening ceremony at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The Festival, running from July 26 through 29, is one […]

A Portland Invitation to "Our Dear Friend", Mr. Kevin Rose

Mr. Kevin Rose, We (royal WE) in Portland love Digg, Diggnation, Pownce and the peanut butter in your Iphone. We know you love our city as well. We have heard that you would like to do a Diggnation in the PDX. The PDXPIPELINE will provide you a venue in a lovely dive bar, Pabst blue […]

Bikers Eat Tacos Like E.T. Eats Reeses (pieces, never the butter cups)

Por Que No If you bike, it's like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Bike Fair all in one today. That's because Por Que No is giving you free tacos today! It has already been reported here and here and maybe other places, so you better get there early. “In celebration of the return of summer, and with […]

Amneisa Brewery and Dingo on Tall Bike

July 26 Daily Stank Image Bank: Last Thursday on Alberta & Clowns

Tonight is Last Thursday on Alberta. Here are some pics from a couple months back. In three of these pictures (bike jousting), the clown house is the subject. According to, tonight is the last time you will be able to see their performances. Jonathan has more pics of them at his site. “Yes folks, […]