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Send in the clowns....wait they are already here

Send in the clowns….wait they are already here

Edit from JC: Ladies & Gentleman, let me introduce a new contributor, slackermark Yes, the Clown House, on the corner of 25th and Alberta, hosted their final Last Thursday event with special guest stars The B:C Clettes. The girls had the crowd jumping and rumors were abound that Portland's very own Sprockettes would be performing. […]

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Myspace is a Cracked-Out Fifth Grader with A.D.D.

No offense to cracked-out fifth graders who have A.D.D. and are trying to read this as they load their pipes–but yo, get some help! For some odd reason, Myspace knocked out about 300 or PDX PIPELINE's friends this weekend (even some of our “top friends”?!!). Anyone who uses the space knows the code issues they […]

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Greg Oden Sand Sculpture Portland Oregon

Daily Stank Image Bank: Top 9 Searches Landing at PDX Pipeline Today: Greg Oden, Piercing, Plan B

This is what people typed into google or yahoo (msn, etc) and came to the PDX PIPELINE from 5PM yesterday to 5PM today (Midnight GMT is what WordPress uses). So, let's take a look… greg oden Greg Oden…really honored….I need to put more info about you to direct those people to right place/info (but it […]

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Reminder: Lovely Canadian Bicycle Showgirls Coming to PDX for Last Thursday on Alberta

Reminder: Lovely Canadian Bicycle Showgirls Coming to PDX for Last Thursday on Alberta

From my August 14th Post: NEWSFLASH! The B:C:Clettes, those lovely bicycle showgirls from Vancouver, BC, are going on tour in August! Yes, we will be bringing our bicycle-inspired performances up and down the west coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles and back on our 2007 B:C:Clettes VELO:CITY Tour, leaving a trail of glitter and bike […]

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iPhone Pic of Portland State Vikings Tickets

Daily Stank Image Bank: Portland State Vikings Tickets

To continue to appease the Mac gods and Steve Jobs (“our dear leader”), another picture taken with an iPhone (not bad at all). These are my season tickets to the Portland State Vikings. Also, you have deliscious Endangered Species DARK Chocolate also–“10% of net profits donated to help support species, habitat and humanity“–bought at the […]

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The Last Town Chorus

the last town chorus at the hawthorne theatre

The Last Town Chorus play the Hawthorne Theatre October 4th. Although not exactly a band The Last Town Chorus is the revolving ensemble led by singer/writer/lap-steel-guitarist Megan Hickey. I'm not sure if it's her voice or how she wrangles the lap steel but she is very beguiling. And others have been beguiled too – “She […]

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KNRK gas guzzler

the northwest institute for social change, a dj set podcast

Unlike terrestrial radio, Moose Radio doesn't suck gas nor trample the earth… Phil Busse invited me to DJ a set for his burgeoning endeavor, the Northwest Institute for Social Change. Here's their blurb: “For the past two months, we have hosted 13 college students from around the country—from Boston University, Princeton, Reed. They have been […]

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Old Time Relijun

old time relijun delivers the goods

Portland's Old Time Relijun gets the props big time – "Unless I read them wrong (and I may; the music itself is the opposite of describing it: it's wet, and bloody, and it smells like fresh earth and red cinders, and it's a good goddamn time, is what it is) Old Time Relijun's theory is […]

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The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation --Portland Clinic

September 8: HempStalk is Back On Folks!

From the Willamette (Weak): Smoke 'em if you got 'em, because Hempstalk is back on! The third annual event, organized by The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation (THC…right on!), was canceled last May when Portland Parks and Recreation decided against allowing public parks to be used by pot-smoking partyers.. But after a meeting Aug. 6 between […]

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The Wanteds at Ash St Saloon

August 22: Free Show at Towne Lounge Tonight –The Wanteds!

Message from Tommy/The Wanteds: hi. FREE show. 10pm towne lounge (SW 20th place, white building…old mortuary building)…think “detroit rock club” meets “six feet under”…or kinda like the dirtbombs having a sex session with brenda from said show. ok. whatever. the wanteds with stuart valentine and bEe (after and before). did i say FREE?? <3 […]

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We Need Trees

AT&T Responds to 300+ Page Billing Statements

Last week, Julian posted about the 300 page iPhone bill. How did AT&T respond to the reports of 300+ page billing statements iPhone users received for their first billing statement? Well, today I received a nice little SMS message from AT&T on my iPhone: “AT&T free msg: We are simplifying your paper bill, removing itemized […]

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