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AIGA presents Urban Forest Project Gala Social Event

September 19: AIGA presents Urban Forest Project Gala Social Event

AIGA's SOCIO XV/ Celebration Gala What is it? The Urban Forest Project brings the community together to celebrate collaboration, problem-solving, and sustainable design and business choices during the week of Earth Day. This year, the initiative will culminate in a celebration of this year's work on the project, at the yearly AIGA gala social event. […]

Multnomah County Library

Books in PDX: Gabriel Boehmer's City of Readers, a guidebook focused on reading in Portland

Hi, I am a PDX book-blogger (you can also find me at Books Are My Only Friends) and I will be bringing Portland book-related action to PDXPipeline. It seems fitting by start with Gabriel Boehmer's City of Readers, a guidebook focused on reading in Portland. I was initially dubious about this book, thinking it would […]

Send in the clowns….wait they are already here

Edit from JC: Ladies & Gentleman, let me introduce a new contributor, slackermark Yes, the Clown House, on the corner of 25th and Alberta, hosted their final Last Thursday event with special guest stars The B:C Clettes. The girls had the crowd jumping and rumors were abound that Portland's very own Sprockettes would be performing. […]

Hive at Plan B Bar, Portland Oregon

And The Lord Said, On Day Seven, I Will See Hive at Plan B Bar

Actually, I think he took a rest…but he had had a very productive week, so we understand. You were not nearly as productive, and it is still pre-season football…so GO SEE HIVE, now at Plan B! Info from questions asked to Ms. Chris: i. where are you moving from? Lola's room at the Crystal after […]

There are over 3,000 Portlanders on StumbleUpon! Come Join us!

There are over 3,000 Portlanders on StumbleUpon! Come Join us! From my page: “Inspecta-Dexta is here for Friends, Business, Community” I speak English, German, Dutch. The first few PDXers I pulled from the page. Portland (3138 people from here) MacSidhe coopmax Augen hamstercam03 chickinvest

Myspace is a Cracked-Out Fifth Grader with A.D.D.

No offense to cracked-out fifth graders who have A.D.D. and are trying to read this as they load their pipes–but yo, get some help! For some odd reason, Myspace knocked out about 300 or PDX PIPELINE's friends this weekend (even some of our “top friends”?!!). Anyone who uses the space knows the code issues they […]

Greg Oden Sand Sculpture Portland Oregon

Daily Stank Image Bank: Top 9 Searches Landing at PDX Pipeline Today: Greg Oden, Piercing, Plan B

This is what people typed into google or yahoo (msn, etc) and came to the PDX PIPELINE from 5PM yesterday to 5PM today (Midnight GMT is what WordPress uses). So, let's take a look… greg oden Greg Oden…really honored….I need to put more info about you to direct those people to right place/info (but it […]

Reminder: Lovely Canadian Bicycle Showgirls Coming to PDX for Last Thursday on Alberta

From my August 14th Post: NEWSFLASH! The B:C:Clettes, those lovely bicycle showgirls from Vancouver, BC, are going on tour in August! Yes, we will be bringing our bicycle-inspired performances up and down the west coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles and back on our 2007 B:C:Clettes VELO:CITY Tour, leaving a trail of glitter and bike […]

We Are All Going To Die!! Part 11 or possibly 12 (from the Katu Kool-aid?)

Dear Portland: Just because I make fun of Katu—and really, all local news everywhere in the country is pretty much the same—I don't hate Katu…they provide me some enjoyment and good material. The whole “We Are All Going To Die!!” series would not be possible without Katu's “Spirit of the Northwest” :) Tonight, Katu is […]


iPhone Pic of Portland State Vikings Tickets

Daily Stank Image Bank: Portland State Vikings Tickets

To continue to appease the Mac gods and Steve Jobs (“our dear leader”), another picture taken with an iPhone (not bad at all). These are my season tickets to the Portland State Vikings. Also, you have deliscious Endangered Species DARK Chocolate also–“10% of net profits donated to help support species, habitat and humanity“–bought at the […]

Monkeytek DJ

September 1st–PDX DNB: Various Bass PDX is Back! Now at BRANX

This was sent over by my good friend MonkeytekDJ: VARIOUS BASS PDX deep last winter, we began our various party so we would have a night to play whatever we wants we personally get bored hearing or playing the same thing all night. basically, the idea is to bring a mixed genre party into portland […]

Holocene Portland Funbook-1

This Weekend: Mad Music & "There's gonna be all kinds of literary and film stuff too"

Fom Aaron at BlackBird Presents: This weekend @ Holocene! Last year was a total (bleep) freakout. There's gonna be all kinds of literary and film stuff too. Rob Walmart is playing from the Van! This thing is selling pretty quick, you can get tix @ ***FRIDAY 8.31.07; doors at 5:45*** THE BLOW (12:45 am) […]

Just Another Yahu(Matisyahu insults women) (Edwin Decker)

I normally try not to rant it up too much here, but this week has brought some things to light that I feel should be posted: Portland, Do you miss Misogyny? Well, then you are in luck. Matisyahu is playing tonight with 311, and I 100% agree with what Mr. Decker has to say (below) […]

The Last Town Chorus

the last town chorus at the hawthorne theatre

The Last Town Chorus play the Hawthorne Theatre October 4th. Although not exactly a band The Last Town Chorus is the revolving ensemble led by singer/writer/lap-steel-guitarist Megan Hickey. I'm not sure if it's her voice or how she wrangles the lap steel but she is very beguiling. And others have been beguiled too – “She […]

Kristin from AiPD: Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Charger?

Krisitn, from the Art Institute of Portland is tackling idea/question/project/conversation: Is it really possible to have an eco-friendly cell phone charger? A group of students at AiPD think so. I have been tasked, along with 3 other students, to develop a concept for a sustainable product or service and then brand it from the ground […]

Cool Moon Ice Cream Skywriting

"The dust will fly on Cool Moon Ice Cream's two-month build-out ASAP after Labor Day weekend!"

This message came in from the Cool Moon Ice Cream crew. You have to love these people–they know how to promote and they made the coolmoonesest thing I've seen in Oregon this month. For picture-version gigantus, go to Info on the Cool Moon Ice Cream Skywriting Hi All! The dust will fly on Cool […]

Breathing in exhaust fumes & extremely loud noise = my I-205 Bridge Biking Experience

I realized about halfway to Washington on the I-205 bridge bike path that I wasn't having much fun. My girlfriend and I decided it would be a fun idea to bike from Oregon to Washington on the I-205 bike bridge this weekend. So we strapped our bikes to the car, drove to Sandy Blvd, then […]

Clever Cycles

Daily Stank Image Bank: The Bike Commute Challenge starts next week!

From The BTA: Challenge yourself to rediscover the benefits of biking to work – and of friendly competition for a good cause – by joining in the 2007 Bike Commute Challenge, our annual month-long bike-to-work competition for Oregon and SW Washington workplaces.   It starts September 1st and runs for the whole month. Last year […]

Public Notice

Willamette Week's MusicFest NW and Nike Have Aligned The Stars For Your Enjoyment

Hot off the press for you: WILLAMETTE WEEK's MUSICFEST NW AND NIKE PRESENT MUSIC SERIES DURING FESTIVAL: SEPT. 6, 7, 8, 2007 Portland, OR — Willamette Week's Musicfest NW is partnering with NIKE to present three extraordinary daytime shows during the 2007 MFNW festival held in Portland, OR. These special shows will take place at […]

August 27: FREE Mini-golf–You Need to Go Now. Good Day Oregon?!

Fom mini-golf masters: Hey, Yes, Glowing Greens, Blacklight Adventures is offering free 18 holes of golf on the best indoor miniature golf course you may ever see. Now comes the hard part, to get this free game of golf at 509 SW Taylor, Downtown Portland Oregon you need to be at our doors as […]

KUFO Hummer

Those of you searching for KUFO on Google and Rockfest (today)

Thanks for stopping by…currently Google logging: Google search for (spot 3) Google Search for KUFO 101 Portland (spots 3 and 4) Google Search for KUFO 101 PDX (spots 1 and 2= love) Google Search for KUFO PDX (spots 1 and 2) That's called Hummer/Bummer Karma…

Valentine Thong-5

August 26: Thongs + Plan B Bar + Hotdogs Wrapped in Bacon = The Best Sunday of August

First, Rockfest…I wish I could support it, but I can't support KUFO, it's urban death machine, it's lying ways, and hate of Portland…sorry. Not blaming you if you do go to what looks like a good show. But, to bribe you away to support a great cause instead–I'm giving prizes, and so are others. Next–I […]

KNRK gas guzzler

the northwest institute for social change, a dj set podcast

Unlike terrestrial radio, Moose Radio doesn't suck gas nor trample the earth… Phil Busse invited me to DJ a set for his burgeoning endeavor, the Northwest Institute for Social Change. Here's their blurb: “For the past two months, we have hosted 13 college students from around the country—from Boston University, Princeton, Reed. They have been […]

Jason Says:"Our band is playing SEXPDX @ CLINTON ST THEATER ON SATURDAY "

Message from Jason over at Floating World Comics: Hello friends. Our band is playing Saturday nite at 9pm as part of the SEX PDX film fest at the Clinton St. Theater. What a cool stage, right? We'll have psychedelic cinema projected onto ourselves. Come early to see Jacques' 'CANDY VON DEWD' on the big screen […]

Old Time Relijun

old time relijun delivers the goods

Portland's Old Time Relijun gets the props big time – "Unless I read them wrong (and I may; the music itself is the opposite of describing it: it's wet, and bloody, and it smells like fresh earth and red cinders, and it's a good goddamn time, is what it is) Old Time Relijun's theory is […]


August 25: Mickey Avalon at Dante's! "The Dirty Beck"

Kanaly just hit me up on the knowledge that Mickey Avalon will be at Dante's tomorrow… Oh, and he just bought four tickets, and he called him “the dirty Beck”. I don't know what that means, but I'm in–and if you aren't seeing the other 20 (exageration, but the weekends are rocking these days) things […]

The First MusicFest NorthWest Panels Have Been Announced: YouTube Music & Barsuk Records

Do you need the answers to these questions? It's your CD. What do you do with it now? It's your band, but when does it become too much to handle by yourself? Who do you get to help you and what are they suppose to do for you? What is DIY now? How has it […]

August 25: Crash Parlor, Glass Elevator & Super Duo Sellout at The Redroom

From D-money: Julian, Blurb for pdxpipeline: Crash Parlor plays its very first gig in Portland, this Friday, August 24th, 11:30pm at the Red Room (2530 NE 82nd Ave). Crash Parlor's memorable songs find their influence from the entire genre spectrum: alternative, funk, jazz, ska, pop, rock, and bluegrass, to name a few. However, each song […]

Acme to Plan B-3

Daily Stank Image Bank: It's Plan B Bar's Weekend–Soap Box Derby and Bangaroo

I met with Jeff, the owner of Plan B (formerly Acme) a month or so ago and shot these pics…then, I liked what he's doing over there I went again…and again, and took more pics… Jeff told me a lot of funny things–he's an interesting person to speak with for sure. One that I remember […]

wow and flutter

August 26th: Fulton/Reeves Project, Wow, Flutter at Rotture

My good friend, Digital Dave, is playing a show over at the Rotture on Friday. Perhaps, after you win the hottest thong in Portland, you can check them out.  Message from Dave:   Hey! Come see us! Sunday the 26th at Rotture. 315 SE 3rd Avenue! Oregon Art Beat will be there to tape us. […]

The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation --Portland Clinic

September 8: HempStalk is Back On Folks!

From the Willamette (Weak): Smoke 'em if you got 'em, because Hempstalk is back on! The third annual event, organized by The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation (THC…right on!), was canceled last May when Portland Parks and Recreation decided against allowing public parks to be used by pot-smoking partyers.. But after a meeting Aug. 6 between […]

The Wanteds at Ash St Saloon

August 22: Free Show at Towne Lounge Tonight –The Wanteds!

Message from Tommy/The Wanteds: hi. FREE show. 10pm towne lounge (SW 20th place, white building…old mortuary building)…think “detroit rock club” meets “six feet under”…or kinda like the dirtbombs having a sex session with brenda from said show. ok. whatever. the wanteds with stuart valentine and bEe (after and before). did i say FREE?? <3 […]

We Need Trees

AT&T Responds to 300+ Page Billing Statements

Last week, Julian posted about the 300 page iPhone bill. How did AT&T respond to the reports of 300+ page billing statements iPhone users received for their first billing statement? Well, today I received a nice little SMS message from AT&T on my iPhone: “AT&T free msg: We are simplifying your paper bill, removing itemized […]