Trimet Riding Etiquette (Tri-Metiquette): #1 – Priority Seating Areas

Edit: Sept 24th, 13:37 We will now be using the term “Tri-Metiquette”.

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Trimet Portland, OregonAlright folks, I'm fed up with the riding etiquette that some individuals display on TriMet's MAX & bus services. Since I have my finger on the Trimet pulse (I do ride twice a day…), I thought I'd start a series of posts titled: TriMet Riding Etiquette. Or, as I would like to call it, a series of posts about “Tri-tiquette.”

So the first post in this series is about the priority seating area. TriMet buses have a priority seating area which is located at the front of the bus. Where is it on the MAX? Observe:

Trimet Riding Etiquette (Tri-tiquette): #1 - Priority Seating Areas, Portland, Oregon

Keep in mind, this picture was taken on the always-crammed morning commute. I was sandwiched in a sea of individuals and had to slide over to the area the photo was taken. There were plenty of elderly people on the max this morning… but, as you can see, a young lady felt like she needed to sit in the priority seating area.

Trimet Max Portland Oregon

This takes me to Tri-tiquette Rule #1: priority seating areas are for elderly & handicapped individuals, not for selfish young people who don't feel like it's necessary to respect those around them. If I had the balls to ask that lady who was sitting there a question, I would have asked, “How would you feel if your grandmother and you got on the MAX and you saw some young people sitting in the priority seating area?”

Trimet MAx Schedule Map, Portland, Oregon

Respect your elders, folks. Let those who might need some extra help sit in that priority seating area; that's what it was designed for.

Christian Bullock, aka “C-Block” aka “Pearls”, reporting from just outside of Gresham

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