Trimet Riding Etiquette (Tri-Metiquette): #2 – Stay in your designated place until the train is stopped when getting off

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Next up in my series of Tri-Metiquette posts: rule #2 – stay in your designated place until the train is stopped when getting off the train.

You know what I mean – the train begins to roll from a previous stop and an individual feels the need to get up and claw his/her way through the swarm of people so he/she can be directly in front of an exit for the next stop. Usually, when someone does this (which is all too frequent), several things happen:

  1. When the train starts braking, the person isn't quite in front of the exit, so they are hurled into a passenger and attempt to grab anything possible… usually someone instead of a railing
  2. The muscle spasm. Right as the brakes are applied, the person's body spams. This has resulted in toe stepping-on'ings, elbows to the chest & other such incidents
  3. The domino effect. This person needs to get through, so everyone else needs to move for them, which results in several people not being able to hold onto everything so when the brakes are applied, a cascade of muscle spasms can be seen (and, if close enough, most likely felt)

Let me offer some advice for those who feel like they need to proceed to the exit before the train starts stopping or is stopped:

You will be able to exit.

Trust me on this. Honest to goodness you will be able to get off at that stop. It'll be more convenient for you waiting until the train is stopped. You won't be bumping into people, you won't get those dirty looks from those who need to move to let you by. Just remember this: wait, train stop, get up and get out.