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Archive | January, 2008

worksound Portland

Feb 1: First Friday | Collection of works by 10 Female artists of PDX and San Francisco

Sent over from our good friends at Worksound: Accoutré Collection of works by 10 Female artists of PDX and San Francisco. JACLYNN FRONCZAK painting SARAH KAMSLER painting AJNA LICHAU video (san francisco) NICOLE LINDE drawing KRISTIE MACPHERSON painting CARRIE MOORE drawing AMBER MOSS-JENSEN sculpture VALERIE WALLACE painting collaborative installation and performance by CHELSEA HEFFNER,TRICIA MARTIN […]

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Jan 30: Andrew Michael Warnecke Presents a series of short film @ the Mt. Tabor Legacy

They are going to show the first three episodes of Lady Wasteland. Here is a post Dave Allen/Pampelmoose wrote about Lady Wasteland when it premiered: lady wasteland, a webisode series straight outta portland December 4, 2007 — The Moose Webisode 1 of 7 is ready for online consumption. Here's a little blurb about what lady wasteland […]

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Jan 31: Last Thursday | Goodfoot Art Show

From Michael Fields: The goodfoot will have an art opening last Thursday, Jan 31 from 5-11pm, show will be up until Feb 25. The artists this month are David Whelan, Drew Anderson & Michael Fields. David Whelan has been working in Portland for the past ten years, exhibiting his art on a mobile picture gallery […]

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Cougarama, Tiger Bar, 317 NW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97209

Jan 30: Cougarama | What goes together better than older women and younger men?

Yeah…ummm…from Jen Lane at Barfly: What goes together better than older women and younger men? Parties and Wednesday nights? Miss Jen Lane and deejaying? Cheap and booze? You'll find it all at BarFly's newest weekly party, COUGARAMA! Cougarama officially launches on Wednesday, February 13th, but stake your territory now, during our weekly warm-up sessions to […]

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Slabtown Bender 1

Feb 1-3: Slabtown Bender 2008!

FRIDAY 2/1 Doors at 6 pm $10 at the door Wristband Holders Always Free and VIP The Pity Fucks (PDX) — “Caterwauling walk-of-shame with a heavy down beat, Bridgeport's bridge-burners, The Pity Fucks arrive on the scene eager and willing to pursue wet dreams of future ex-wives. (feat. members of: Reptilian Civilian/The Nightslaves/The Cheap Dates)” […]

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Portland Music Award Winners Are Announced

The inaugural Portland Music Awards '08 held at Roseland Theater on January 28th is proud to announce the winners: (Update 2009: Portland Music Awards: March Fourth, Floater, Ben Darwish | Crystal Ballroom) Outstanding Achievement in Talent Buying: Alicia J. Rose Pioneer Award: Terry Currier Best Record Store: Music Millennium Best New Band: The Dimes Outstanding Achievement […]

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Jan 28 Reminder: The Portland Music Awards

From earlier post: Jan 28: The Portland Music Awards — final lineup and changes! January 21, 2008 — themixtressThe Recent Press Release For the 2008 Portland Music Awards: The 2008 Portland Music Awards January 28, 2008 at Roseland Theater has confirmed its final line-up of performers: *Art Alexakis (Everclear) *The Dimes *Ohmega Watts *Debra Arlyn *Josh […]

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Red and Black Cafe, Portland, Oregon

Jan 27: Red and Black | Reopening Party

They've been back a little while now, and they are finally having a party! From the website: Free house coffee, plus vegan pastries and bagels. LIVE music by NIAYH, the Coney Island Cartel and more TBA. Soft serve provided by the good folks at the Blossoming Lotus. Hey, while you're at it, come get a […]

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tanya boobies

Jan 27: B-Side 2 Year Anniversay

Jan 27, 2008 is the second anniversary of B-Side. Go down there and give your congrats to Joel and Tanya. B-Side 632 E Burnside St. Portland, OR 97214 Article from The B-Side is Genius The door you've been looking for by Sam Soule for February 2005 Sometimes you've just got to say what […]

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Danava, Portland, Oregon,

Jan 26: Danava and Rabbits at Kelly's Olympian

It's a big night for Kelly's. Here is a message from Danava: uh, well I'm close to certain that Rabbits will go on round 11 and we'll hit round 12-12:30………$5  info from Wikiwpedia about Danava: Dusty Sparkles and Buck Rothy met in Quincy, Illinois in the mid '90s. Dusty was allegedly trying to get Buck's […]

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rose city rollers, portland, oregon

Jan 26: Rose City Rollers vs. Seattle

The Rose City Rollers season opens tonight against Seattle. There are new players as well as returning favorites. Here is information from their website: After-Party @ Rotture 315 SE 3rd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97214 503-234-LOVE After-Party MAP <!– After-Party @ Plan B 1305 SE 8th St Portland, OR 97214 After-Party MAP –> When: JANUARY 26th […]

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Decemberists Article in the Seattle PI

Good article about Portland's own Decemberists in the Seattle PI yesterday. Here is an excerpt: Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy would like to write a novel some day. But for now, Meloy has found fulfillment penning songs that draw on 19th-century literature — musical tales of dastardly deeds, maidens in distress and Civil War-era romance. The […]

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The Oregonian on Indie Music and me trying to be smart...

The Oregonian on Indie Music and me trying to be smart…

Sent over from Dave Allen/ 'Indie': rockin' the lingo Friday, January 25, 2008 “With indie rock topping the charts, showing up on critics' best-of lists and generally becoming mainstream, the definition of “indie” has become a larger question in music circles. We asked a few folks in the Portland music scene what, exactly, makes “indie” […]

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Jan 25: Untraceable Opens Today

Here is some information from Wikipedia about the film: The film was shot in and around Portland, Oregon. A temporary studio was constructed in Clackamas, Oregon where all non-location photography was done, mostly interiors, including the FBI's cyber division, Marsh's house, the FBI building elevator, several basements, etc. A scene set on on the east […]

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My Fathers Place, Portland, Oregon, Hamburger

Portland Hamburger Action: Yakuza, Stanfords, My Father's Place | The Hamburger Cow

Just got an update from the fine people/(person?) at Portland Hamburgers. Here ya go: Burger, burger, burger….This weeks burger heat at Portland Hamburgers. Yakuza SpecialSauce and Hamburgler pick up two new recruits to begin the tour of Japanese restaurants Burger Skills: Hamburger Fashions Joy Kampia O'Shell is a fashion genius. Stanfords BurgerMeister and the Hamburgler […]

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tri-met, portland oregon max,

Daily Stank Image Bank: "Blood on The Max"

C-Block sent this iPhone picture over to me. Perhaps it was “Some Guy” upset about the Fairless Square “fare increase disguised as a solution”. Come on “Some Guy”, our fair transportation system threatened by blood….“Like THAT's going to happen!” "I snapped this photo this morning. It looked like freshly-caked blood. This wasn't ketchup nor was […]

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Jan 22: North45 | 4th Firkin Tuesday…TODAY!!!

From Josh over at North45. 4th Firkin Tuesday…TODAY!!! How many first and last Thursday's can this town have? We'll this Tuesday involves beer. Really good beer. Make sure swing down TODAY, January 22nd, as we'll be hosting the brewmaster from Bridgeport Brewery to tap into one of only 5 Firkin kegs of their new seasonal, […]

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