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Rooftop Movies in Portland, Hotel deLuxe

July 31: Rooftop Films at Hotel deLuxe | Rainy States | "Top Down"

I went to one of these rooftop screenings a couple years back, and it is a lot of fun. From what I see now, they have greatly expanded the offerings (both in food/drink and now music!). This picture is from the email I received. I took a couple pics myself. Together, they prove it is […]

Amneisa Brewery and Dingo on Tall Bike

Last Thursday on Alberta Goes Car-Free

Well, Not quite, but according to Jonathan at BikePortland, there is more movement in that direction. I think it is a great idea and if the city can't officially make it happen (yet), then this community-style experiment is a good start. Excerpt from BikePortland: Johannesson also has a creative idea for dealing with any cars […]

August 1: Thirty-One, Portland's "Affordable Art" Show | First Friday

From Marshall: Last year, an art show called “Thirty!” brought out crowds that lined up around the block waiting to get in to a standing-room-only space to see 900 small paintings created by local Portland artists. In the four-hour opening, over 700 of the paintings were sold – that's almost three paintings per minute throughout […]

August 1: First Friday Portland | Destroy Store | East Burnside

A message from Adam at Destroy Store: Hey Guys. It seems like it's been forever since we've done one of these considering we took off the last First Friday, but I promise you, we are coming back stronger than ever with the upcoming show this Friday. So we're making up for last month by bringing […]

July 25: Hollywood Theatre | Grindhouse Film | Shaolin vs Wu Tang

“Wu Tang will survive.” Someone should ask this man how he found this. From Dan of Grindhouse: On Saturday July 26th only at 7:45 at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an incredibly rare 35mm screening of SHAOLIN VS. WU TANG! SHAOLIN VS. WU TANG (1981) It's Shaolin shadow boxing vs. Wu Tang […]

July 12: Running of the Bulls/hitters 2008 | Portland | North 45

Just like last year, the  MeetinPortland (MIPL) people are having a “Running of the Bullshitters” party tomorrow starting at North45 Pub. It's not quite Spain, but you also won't get gored. Here are the rules and this year's agenda: Look here for more July 2008 activities in Portland Come celebrate this years' Festival of St. […]

Greg Oden

July 18-20: Sand In The City Portland | Pioneer Square

———– 2011 Update: Sand In The City Pictures & 2011 Info | Over 350 Sand Sculptors, Pioneer Square ———————- Yoshida’s Sand in the City is one of the best summer events in Pioneer Square. It brings out creatives from some of Portland’s great companies, and all for a good cause–Kids on the Block. Click here […]

kids Of Widney High

July 10: Kids of Widney High in Portland | Floating World Comics & Backspace

The Kids of Widney High are on their West Coast Tour and will be in Portland tomorrow performing at Backspace. Before that performance, they will be at Floating World. Click here for more Portland events in July Message/Press Release from Jason of Floating World: This very special tour—the first time that many of the Kids, […]

Pioneer Courthouse Square Garden Show

July 12: Keen Shoes Festival | Portland Pioneer Square | Free Stuff

Keen footwear is putting on a festival in Pioneer Courthouse Square to celebrate its Stand Environmental contest. Good for Keen putting up $75,000 for this contest and now putting on this part to promote the cause of sustainability. Oh, and they are giving away free gear! Also, interested to see what the “HybridLife Lounge” is. […]



An Interview with Pasha, Portland's Gypsy Photographer

Pasha is self-taught, proving again how a tool can transcend its definition. Her lens penetrates the surface of her subjects like a razor-sharp scalpel, revealing a staggering depth of emotion, transforming both what is photographed as well as those who view the finished work.  Born on a kitchen table from the womb of a self-proclaimed […]

Pix Patisserie, Portland, Oregon, Bastille Day

July 12: Bastille Day at Pix Patisserie | Portland Pillow Fight

The Bastille Day celebration at Pix is one of the best summer Portland events. Here is the info from the website: BASTILLE DAY 2008 Join Pix Patisserie on July 12 for our second annual Bastille Day Celebration! Last years fabulous success has inspired us to make this party even bigger and better. We've scheduled a […]

edge of belmont

July 5 | First Friday Art Show | Klutch | Edge of Belmont

KLUTCH!. A message/PR from Shannon at Edge of Belmont: Trinity, a three-person show, explores where the razor's edge and pop culture collide. Dan Ness, Jeremy Okai Davis, and Klutch bring a street sensibility that imprints what art strives to be—fun, provocative and insightful. Jeremy Okai Davis' portraits are striking and playful—catalog models, strippers and dudes […]

Portland Wresting

July 6: Portland Pro Wrestling | St Johns Sports Arena | Free Hamburger

A message from Stuart of PDX Wrestling: Here's an idea if you haven't filled your calendar following the July 4th festivities. Pro Wrestling in St Johns July 6 See the stars of PDX Wrestling in St Johns Sunday July 6 @ 6pm! ST. JOHNS SPORTS ARENA – 7269 N. Leavitt @ N. Ivanhoe First 100 […]

832 N Beech St, Portland, OR, 97227 Unicycle and Amnesia Brewery

July 12: Mississippi Avenue / Street Fair | Portland 2008 | Pictures & Video

One week away until the 2008 Mississippi Street Fair (or Mississippi Avenue Street Fair). This is probably my favorite of all the street fairs in Portland. Judging by the traffic already coming this way to last years post(s), it is one of Portland's favorite festivals as well. Update: 2009 Mississippi Avenue / Street Fair Info […]

Artist Greta R.

July 4: Jace Gace Will Be Packed | Overkill II

If we go by the results of last year's Overkill, Jace Gace will packed with art and packed with the beautiful people. Some pictures from last year: Opening reception JULY 4th 6:00pm-10:00pm Click here for more Portland July 4th events Click here for more July art shows and other events in Portland, Oregon And, for […]

Portland Skyline

Want to contribute to PDX Pipeline?

Since this site began, many people have contributed posts. Some have contributed several. Some have contributed just a few. Perhaps, you would like to as well? If so, write pdxpipeline at gmail dot com and tell me what you are interested in. Best, Julian

RockStar - Art Invite TLE

July 3: Rockstars with Chris Haberman at Tender Loving Empire | NW Portland

Another First Thursday show with our man from Amsterdam, Chris Haberman. From TLE: First Thursday is this week! And the weather's perfect for it! If you're in town, put TLE on your list of pit stops and check out new work by Chris Haberman in his show entitled “Rockstar”! Or stay and hang out for […]

Portland Pop Tomorrow, Holocene July 5th

July 5: Pop Tomorrow | Portland Band Fundraiser | Holocene

A message from Angelo of Portland Pop Tomorrow: Hi. This is Angelo from Pop Tomorrow! Holocene on July 5th…I know this is short notice, but I figured I'd check. We are trying to raise money for our next comp of all Portland bands (such as our first one that came out last year). We'll also […]

July 8: Ra-ta-tat-tat, Ratatat Like That | Holocene

And I never hesitate to…nevermind Holocene has Ratatat a week from today (edit: less than a week!). This is possibly the best show so far this month in the PDX. Info: Ratatat E*Rock – [Live] DJ Hot Air Balloon In lieu of the series of exclamation points which could just as easily serve as notice […]

July 3: Floating World Comics Anniversary | First Thursday

From Jason at Floating World: FLOATING WORLD COMICS PRESENTS: TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY! NEW ART BY: JOSEPH CROSS, EVAN MEISTER & BLAISE LARMEE DIAMOND COMICS #2 RELEASE PARTY! 50% OFF REMODELING SALE! Wow has it been two years already? In that time Floating World has successfully become a part of the art community in Portland and […]