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2008 Santacon in Portland: "NOT in any way a family friendly, kidsafe pro-christmas thing." | Daily Stank Image Bank

Santacon, Portland, Oregon, defending the public from santas
Jason Quigley Photography
portland, Oregon, USA

We are getting close to Santacon 2008. This picture is from 2005 and Jason sent this information about it:

This shot was taken during Santacon, in 2005, outside of Mary's club downtown. The bike cops followed us around all day just to make sure Santa didn't get too crazy. They were actually pretty cool about the whole thing, despite getting harassed all day by drunk people in Santa suits.

You can view a lot of great Santacon pictures and information from last year here. This message was sent from Drunken Rampage about the upcoming Satacon on December 6:

December is almost upon us, so time to start the early prep for Santa. Wash out those windex bottles (it takes about four weeks to rinse the taste out, so start ASAP), order anything you need shipped to you, break in those boots, get that STD test out of the way and brace yourselves. It's going to be a bumpy year.

December 6, last west side stop of the MAX blue line. Drunken Rampage folk are working on other projects at the moment, so we are not as up to date on the details of Santacon as usual (or if we are, we are sneaky, sneaky people who ain't talking). But noon, on the 6th, bring cash, yada yada yada…just rember: Dress. Like. Santa. Or Santa will piss on your costume.

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0 Responses to 2008 Santacon in Portland: "NOT in any way a family friendly, kidsafe pro-christmas thing." | Daily Stank Image Bank

  1. spenard santa December 1, 2008 at 13:01 #

    the spenard santas and a contingency of red will be in portland on the 6th for the express reason of spreading x-mas cheer. the rumors of a change of date are just inexperienced organizers peeing in there unprepared pants. HO HO HO

  2. Dj Boss clause December 2, 2008 at 18:27 #

    Santa afterparty in the N/NE will be at chances at MLK.
    Super santas meet up there at 9 for a santa’ed up DJ
    spinning all the fav dance santas time

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