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Brent Weinbach at Bridgetown Comedy, Portland

Bridgetown Comedy: Brent Weinbach | Berbati's Pan | January 4

Guess what people? After Wednesday, it will be 2009 and the show will go on. Specifically, it will go on this Sunday at Berbati's. Until Wednesday, here are Portland New Year's Eve Events From Andy of Bridgetown Comedy: I'd like to thank the brave few who wouldn't let Snowpocalypse 2008 keep them from seeing the […]

New years in portland oregon

new years in portland oregon

There are a lot of great New Year events taking place tomorrow night. Also, thankfully it is the end of cigarettes in bars, so smoke them while… Here are twenty or events happening in the PDX. Included are a bit extravagant to free, 21+ and all ages. Like last year (every year), there is free […]

New Years North Portland Ladytron

North Portland New Years Dance Party: Ladytron, Sugar Short Wave

This is the second North Portland New Years party I have seen other than the Wonder Ballroom Shanghai Nights event. I'm sure there are several others, so send them in if you have info. More Portland New Years events here From Anonymous I PDX: -Ladytron December 31, 2008 @ 2410 This new years we have […]

Portland New Years - Slabtown

Slabtown New Years Event | Cover-Free Rock 'n' Roll Party

Another free New Years event. It looks like one good part of the economy is that there are are a few no-cover shows. More free (& non-free) Portland New Year events here From Slabtown: We don't know about you but here at Slabtown 2008 wasn't “all that”, a feeling we suspect a lot of you […]

New Years at Mt Tabor Legacy | Out Like That Presents: Kiss This!

By Meagan Kate At 7pm on Wednesday night, the Mt. Tabor Legacy opens its doors to some of the hottest, sweatiest girls in Portland. Out Like That Presents: Kiss This! Organizer Mel Shapiro says that Out Like That began as the title of a Pride event, which turned out to be a bigger success than […]

New Year's Eve Jazz with Carri Bella at West Cafe

Still looking for something to do on NYE? How about a little classy, jazzy action? More Portland New Years event info here From Carri Bella: New Year's Eve Jazz with Carri Bella at West Cafe Join jazz vocalist Carri Bella with Steve Blackman on guitar and Craig Snazelle on bass for sassy swing, hip bossa […]

Doug Fir Portland, Oregon

Doug Fir & Jupiter Hotel New Years Package | Fir Ball

Just a small bit of info on the musicians for the Doug Fir New Years party. However, there is information on a party package you can get with the Jupiter hotel below. Have fun. More 2008/2009 Portland New Years event info here From Doug Fir and Jupiter Hotel Come celebrate new year's eve at the […]

Portland Karaoke Chronicles: Snow Day Knoweth Chopsticks Not

It's been a slow week for most people. Those pesky holidays and something about the weather. But there ain't no party like a Chopsticks party, cause a Chopsticks party don't stop. (Until 2am) I don't think a chasm to hell opening up in the parking lot would stop that place from running. Hardened karaoke singers […]

Dark Lady party, Portland, Oregon

Dark Lady's Empire of Pleasure New Year's Eve Event | "Spankings & Treats"

This is probably the most unusual New Years party you'll see here (really…has to be). Dark Lady is having an event, and well, the event details kind of speak for themselves…Buffet…ha…“you can't bang on an empty stomach”. From Dark Lady: Darklady's Empire of Pleasure New Year's Eve Produced by Darklady Productions, Inc. The snows are […]


Bossanova New Years Party, Portland, Oregon

Roaring 20s New Years at Bossanova | "Most Decadent" Party

Bossanova is having a rather nice New Years event. If you don't remember (or know of ) Bossanova, it is a very large venue with a great stage. More 2008/2009 Portland New Years event info here From Phil: You are cordially invited to attend a most decadent and opulent New Years Eve festivity. House of […]

Atom 13 on the Booze Cruise

New Years Eve at Beulahland With Atom 13 | No Cover

Atom 13 is back at Beulahland this year again. The message below is from last year, but it basically is the same again as far as what I was told by A-One-Trey the other night. I also stopped by Beulahland last NYE and took some pics. Good times were had and…NO COVER. More New Years […]


Concept Entertainment New Years Events: Grand Central, Gypsy, Thirsty Lion | All Ages

Concept Entertainment sent these flyers over to the Pipeline. Click past the jump to see all the events including Thirsty Lion, Duke's, Gypsy, Dixie, The Zone and Grand Central Bowl. Some are ALL-AGES. More Portland New Years Eve events here Thirsty Lion…

Old town Get Down

Old Town Get Down New Years Party | Groundkontrol & Backspace

As was previously mentioned, Ground Knontrol and Backspace are throwing a New Years Party again. Here are the official details from Art: More 2008/2009 Portland New Years event info here “OLD TOWN GET DOWN” 2008! Willamette Week and Rockstar Energy Drink have teamed up with Backspace and Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade to bring you the […]

Peacock Lane Car Portland, Oregon

Portland Snow Days Part 5: Snowpocalypse Kills Christmas

Christmas Day and Christmas Eve can always be difficult to find things to do. Snowpocalypse (and son Snowmageddon) are not making things any easier.  At least Portland New Years Eve Events are not canceled! We'll try to gather some useful event info for all of you stranded due to flights being canceled, Amtrak issues, and […]

Everybody, It's a Dance Party: RockBox Turns Two

By Meagan Kate Every third Friday of the month, Holocene turns into a hot, sweaty room full of jirating Portlanders. They call it RockBox, though its synonames include HotBox and SweatBox. Rightfully so. Last Friday night, RockBox celebrated its second birthday at Holocene. Dedicated RockBox-ers trekked through the snow and ice to see DJ Kez […]

New Years Fireworks by Holocene

New Years Party at Holocene | New Years Resolutions

OK! At some point this event killing snow-show must end and Portland New Years parties begin. Here is one from the Holocene. Hot Mess is going to be there. That means it will be packed, hot, sweaty, dance party action…just what you want on New Years. More 2008/2009 Portland New Years event info here Pictures […]


Snowpocalypse Updates: Trimet, State of Emergency | Daily Stank Image Bank

Bagdad Snow SE Hawthorne St. Portland, Oregon 97214 Taken on December 22, 2008 Photo By General Malaise Well, since almost all Portland events and parties are canceled, here is info on the only Portland event right now that is still on…and on: 12-23-2008————————— 7:00ish Cant's stop the Blaze show! 6:00ish Trimet update and it is […]

Snow Gnome

Portland Snow Day Part 4: Snowmageddon, Son of Snowpocalypse

Snow Gnome Portland, Oregon Taken on December 18, 2008 Photo By VisioLuxus Oh, the weather outside is frightful. This picture is from 4 days ago. Take a moment of silence now. That gnome is now gone. It might be time to pray like our NW siblings in Seattle. Mike Vogel has video of the Mad […]

Snowpocalypse, Portland, Oragon

Snowpocalypse Update: Show Changes and Cancellations

Update 12:00 AM 12-22: Snowpocalypse Snowmageddon is causing cars to deevolutionize into dinosaurs Update 6:00PM 12-21: Will Radik is still KJing at Chopsticks Express tonight. Read his Portland Karaoke Chronicles here. Update 4:45PM 12-21-2008 From Dan of Grindhouse: The Hollywood Theatre has closed today, so the screening tonight is canceled. It's out of my hands.  […]

Winter Bakfiets

Portland Snow Day Part 3: Bad Things Come in 3s | Snowpocalypse Update!

Winter Bakfiets Portland, Oregon Taken on December 20, 2008 Photo By Bart King Ok, this is getting out of hand. Max is down, flights canceled, buses delayed. Will we all have to resort to Bakfiets for travel in Portland? there are were a lot of events in Portland this weekend. You should call ahead as […]

Portland Karaoke Chronicles: Thawing Out The Awesome

By Will Radik Thursday night I ran Chopsticks karaoke like it was my job, because it was. Per usual, the evening started off with a few people singing in rotation for the first half hour, with me filling in some gaps. A large group of what seemed like karaoke conscientious objectors had taken over the […]

Black Christmas, NW Film Center, Portland, Oregon

NW Film Center Presents "Black Christmas" | December 19, 20, 21, 26

The NW Film Center's Black Christmas series begins tonight and runs through Sunday. If like Film noir, this is a perfect way to spend this Smowpocalyptic weekend. More Portland Events & Parties This Weekend here Grindhouse Film Festival: Silent Night, Deadly Night | December 21 From NW Film Center Christmas, at best, has certainly lost some […]

Grindhouse Film Festival. Portland, Oregon

Grindhouse Film Festival: Silent Night, Deadly Night | December 21

This Sunday night at the Hollywood Theater, the Grindhouse Film Festival is back! This time, they're bringing us Silent Night, Deadly Night, a classic Christmas-themed horror film. More Portland Events & Parties This Weekend here The last Grindhouse Film Festival was a collection of trailers and I had an amazing time! Of course, a few […]

Portland Events & Parties This Weekend | December 18, 19, 20, 21

There are going to be quite a few good events going on this weekend in Portland. We'll add some more on Friday. Thursday, December 18 Portland Karaoke: Get to Know Your KJ | Chopsticks Express Roots Brewery: Epic Ale Release Party | Works of Ezra "Samurai Artist" Meetin Portland Mingler at Blitz Bar | December 18 Art Spark […]

Rockbox at Holocene, Portland, Oregon

Portland Dance Party: Rockbox Two Year Anniversay | December 19

Rockbox is one of the longest running and most successful dance parties in Portland. More Portland Events & Parties This Weekend | December 18, 19, 20 From Rockbox (myspace): Holocene is proud to announce the second year anniversary of Rockbox. Friday November 21st, marks the two year anniversary of Portland's most consistently fun dance party. “Everybody, […]

Roots Epic Ale, Portland, Oregon

Roots Brewery: Epic Ale Release Party | Works of Ezra "Samurai Artist"

Good times will be had at Roots brewery tonight. Plus, friend of the pipeline, Ezra the Samurai Artist's works will be on display as well. More Portland Events & Parties This Weekend | December 18, 19, 20 From Ezra: Roots brewers hand-smoked 55 pounds of Munich malt over cherry wood soaked in Glenlivet Scotch, cognac and […]

Portland Comedy

Uncles: Three Portland Natives Bring Their NYC Based Sketch Comedy Act Home | December 19, 20

There is apparently a lot of comedy in Portland this weekend. In addition to the Bridgetown Comedy show with Tig Notaro & Natasha Leggero at Berbati's, the Uncles are performing four shows (2 each night) this weekend at Someday Lounge. More Portland Events & Parties This Weekend | December 18, 19, 20 (Update: Due to Snowpocalypse […]

red rose and snow

Portland Snow Day Part 2: Revenge of Snowpocalypse!! | Daily Stank Image Bank

red rose and snow, Portland Northeast Portland, Oregon Taken on December 17, 2008 Photo By 1newriver The Snowpocalypse returned for a bit today, though this was more of a Sleetpocalypse. The news shows have Snowploalypse returning again on Sunday. Snowpocalypse does not die, it multiplies! Below are more pictures and tweets about this arctic event […]

80s rock scream by greggoconnell

Portland Karaoke Tips: Get Primed!

By Will Radik (who will be KJing at Chopsticks Express tomorrow evening) Some people have apprehensions about singing karaoke, especially if it's their first time. Stage fright is common in any performance situation, but a little preparation goes a long way. Here's a little karaoke primer to start you on your way and help shake […]

Andy Dick and Natasha Leggero

Bridgetown Comedy: Tig Notaro & Natasha Leggero | Berbati's Pan | December 20

Update: Due to Snowpocalypse 2008, show has been moved to Mt Tabor Legacy and FREE. It is 8:45 and you still have plenty of time before the show starts! I received this email last week, I knew who Tig Notaro of “Sarah Silverman Program” fame was but did not know of Natasha Leggaro. Then, I […]

ART SPARK Portland

Art Spark This Thursday: Oregon Cultural Trust | December 18

Thursday brings another Art Sparks event. This one is at the Artists Repertory Theatre. If you are involved in the “creative class” here in Portland, this is great way to meet others. More Portland Events & Parties This Weekend | December 18, 19, 20 From Art Spark: Art Spark is a swinging good time. Cynthia Kirk […]

Blitz Bar, Portland, Oregon

Meetin Portland Mingler at Blitz Bar | December 18

Meetin Portland has their December mingler on Thursday. December 4 years ago, Pipeline attended its first Meetin Portland event. It was a great time and MIPL has grown a tremendous amount since then. Plus, they are actually having this one in SouthEast which is very rare. Plus, Foosball! More Portland Events & Parties This Weekend […]

Storm and The Balls

Wonderball With Storm & The Balls Holiday Party | December 19, 20

The Wonderball is coming up soon. This year has two nights of Wonderball-ness with Storm (Large) and the Balls. Friday's show is all ages, and both have Mayor-elect Sam Adams, who has apparently never seen a party invitation he did not like (like us). You can buy tickets online here (ticketmaster). Wonder Ballroom's New Years […]