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Adidas – Etnies Holiday Party: What Would Barack Do? | Daily Stank Image Bank

Adidas Etnies Holiday Party at My Father's Place
WWBOD? (What Would Barack Obama Do?)
Overhead of three Santa's Helpers being ogled by a dude while Obama looks on
Adidas – Etnies Holiday Party
My Father's Place, 523 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Taken on December 8, 2008
Photo By m8ryx_pdx

I stopped by the Adidas-Etnies Holiday party with a ladyfriend and expected to pull a Wildcard if I wasn't let in. However, it was nothing but niceties and free Pabst. As one commenter (Matt Savage) posted here earlier:

..I haven't consumed that much PBR in like… 3 days… It was a good time, followed by burgers at Slow Bar!

From m8ryx_pdx about the party:

Etnies, an LA skatewear company, heard that Adi had eliminated their budget for holiday parties. Word got around, and others of us who'd had out party budgets zeroed decided to crash it. And did we. Etnies was good-natured and sported all the PBR we could consume. And some good times. More pictures m8ryx_pdx  at his blog.

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0 Responses to Adidas – Etnies Holiday Party: What Would Barack Do? | Daily Stank Image Bank

  1. willradik December 11, 2008 at 16:10 #

    Santa’s helpers are gorgeous. I’d ogle the hell out of them, too. I’d be like, “Come here, baby. Let me ogle you all night long.”

  2. Sweet Jackie December 12, 2008 at 11:37 #

    I was there!

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