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Portland April 2009 Events from PDX Pipeline

Portland April Events: Music, Art, Protests, Flash Mobs

You might notice that we have slowed down a bit the last few days. We are working hard on a new site (and this Portland Jobs site), so not much time to post many announcements. That being said, there are many great Portland events this first week of April & we wouldn't want to leave […]

Beau Breedlove Unzipped

Beau Breedlove at Fantasy For Adults | April 4

I just got this message from Fantasy For Adults (Only). I was not aware that Mr. Breedlove was on a media tour. Here is your chance to meet the man who makes all the boys, men (many ladies and some political officials) hot. Update: looks like we'll be there with Melissa Lion to interview/take pics […]

Beat Off Batle, Holocene

Beat Off Battle at Holocene | April 1 + Free Tickets

The Beat Off Battle takes place tomorrow at Holocene. It starts at 9PM and costs $5. Want to spend that $5 on drinks instead? Thanks to Eric, we have a couple pairs of tix for this show to give away. If you want a pair, leave a comment below or email us & we'll set […]

El Grito Del Bronx at Miracle Theater

El Grito Del Bronx at Miracle Theater | April 3-25 | Win Tickets

(details on how to win tix at bottom of post) Posted By Nathalie Weinstein El Chupacabra, Nuyoricanism, and Coqui are a few new words you can expect to pick up at the opening night performance of El Grito Del Bronx, a play by Migdalia Cruz playing in April at the Milagro Theatre, 525 S.E. Stark […]

Cisco Ad in Pioneer Square

Flash Mob: Cisco Umbrella Dance | April 1 in Pioneer Square

Cisco Umbrella Ad Pioneer Courthouse Square Portland, Oregon Update 04-01: Click image above to watch the Umbrella Cisco Ad shoot More Portland April Events here It's springtime in Portland and that means wabbit flash mob season, or in this case–ads depicting flash mobs. This one appears to be done by Cisco instead of T-MOB. I'm […]

Ratatat at Crystal Ballroom | March 30: Portland, Oregon

Posted By Teresa Huarte This past September I was one of hundreds of people standing in a line that wrapped around the entire block of the Wonder Ballroom. I was waiting to see Ratatat perform during Music Fest Northwest, and the performance was well worth the wait (and the ice cream bars passed out to […]

Radish Underground, 414 SW 10th Ave, Portland, Or, 97205

Radish Underground in Pictures | Portland, Oregon

Posted By Nathalie Weinstein Shop co-owner Celeste Sipes with an item from the store's Spring collection Radish Underground 414 SW 10th Ave, Portland, Or, 97205 Photo by Nathalie Weinstein Bracelets made from metal spinal columns and feathered party hats are only some of the treasures you'll find at Radish Underground, a boutique and gallery space […]

Elton John & Billy Joel Coming to Portland | Rose Garden

Update: Concert moved to February 10, 2010 Posted By Julian Chadwick Earlier this morning, I went over to the press cconference of a “major concert announcement” at Rose Garden. Let me say this–coffee cake–delicious. They sent out the announcement invitation on Friday, & the general consensus from people on twitter (I'm looking at you Steph […]

Better Living Show,  Portland

Portland Music, Events, Parties | Sunday, March 29

Better Living Show Portland, Oregon March 28, 2009 Photo by GeoffK Lots of events happening this Sunday. Below are several from Leigh Feldman and Pipeline. We recommend the ones in red. If you are out (or have been out) this weekend and took pictures, send them to us at pdxpipeline @ gmail dot com. We'll […]


aisha, Portland Cello Project

The Portland Cello Project : Ashia at Virgo and Pisces | March 28th

Posted By Megan Bradley Fans of The Portland Cello Project would do well to keeps their eyes and ears out for the member's many side projects. As they build audiences for their solo work, you can often catch them for free these days. Wednesday night at wine bar The Press Club on 26th and Clinton […]

Aysia Wright, green loop, portland, oregon

Interview: Aysia Wright of Green Loop | Better Living Show

Stacy was able to get an interview with Aysia Wright of Green Loop even though she has to be super busy with the production that is Better Living Show. This event has a lot going on this weekend, so here are some links to navigate through it (and other weekend links): 75+ Portland Weekend Events: […]

SWAN Day PDX at Better Living Show: March 28th & 29th

Posted By Meagan Kate Saturday kicks off the second annual Support Women Artists Now Day celebration (or SWAN Day, as the kids call it). The event's collection of imaginative minds and bright eyes is something that Portland thrives on; we are a city of artists and of those who appreciate creativity. It will not just […]

2009 Portland Farmers Market Sausage

2009 Portland Farmers Market: Video, Pictures & Updates

Posted By Julian Chadwick Update: 2010 Portland Farmers Market Opens This Weekend + Pictures, Video & Expansion In addition to enjoying all of these events in Portland this weekend, you should really go the South Park blocks tomorrow for the Second Portland Farmers Market of 2009. I was all over the Farmers Market last Saturday […]

7th Annual Vampire Masquerade Ball

Portland's 7th Annual Vampire's Masquerade Ball | March 27, 28

Posted By Kimberly Gehl This Saturday night is the 7th Annual Vampire Masquerade Ball, a night of celebrating the romanticism of gothic culture and the gothic aesthetic. While vampires strongly represent the premise of the night, the Vampire Masquerade Ball is about bringing together all who appreciate gothic/industrial culture, including romantic goth, death rock, fetish, […]

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Massive 5: Supreme Caliente | March 28 @ Crown Room

Massive IV: Fashionably Bananas February 28th 2009 Crown Room, Portland, Oregon You probably know of Leigh Feldman if you subscribe to his weekly Portland Events email or you see it on here every week (75+ Portland Weekend Events: March 26-29 ). Leigh's monthly super-party takes place tomorrow night. Pipeline is a sponsor and even offering you […]

Better Living Show Portland, Oregon

Portland Sustainability: Better Living Show | March 27-29 @ Expo Center

Posted By Stacy Day (Photo by Study in Light, full set here) Update: Interview: Aysia Wright of Green Loop | Better Living Show Portland is the Most Sustainable City, according to SustainLane . But you already knew that. Portland pioneered sustainable living when the only green we were known for were our hills + smoking some. But […]

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75+ Portland Weekend Events: March 26-29

Leigh just sent out his weekly email of Portland weekend events. It is reproduced below. You can receive the email as well by writing Leigh at There are many listings so we have put events in red that we think will be good, well attended, or should be interesting. Also, we give out free […]

The Illusion, Porltand, Oregon

Portland Theater: The Illusion at Public Playhouse | Last Weekend

This is the last weekend to the Illusion. Unfortunately, we slacked and didn't get someone out to cover this. However, I have heard nothing but positive reviews. This last weekend will most likely be packed, so you I suggest buying the tickets online/beforehand. Tonight is also Thursday discount night. From Public Playhouse: Public Playhouse closes […]

Goodfoot First Thursday, Portland, Oregon; Jesse Reno

Last Thursday at Goodfoot Lounge: Jesse Reno & Mike Fields

As usual, the Goodfoot Lounge is having a great Last Thursday art opening. Both of these artists are talented and I have seen their work several times. Jesse Reno's shows are not to be missed, and it is always great to see him on display on the high walls of Goodfoot Upstiars. Mike also runs […]

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Get Mortified, Friends!: Someday Lounge | April 3, 4

Get Mortified, Friends! By Meagan Kate Middle school was bullshit. I think we can all agree on that fact. During this horrific phase in my life, I wrote a lot of sappy journal entries about how my parents didn't understand me and never would. I mentioned in these hastily scribed pages that I was absolutely […]

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Frank Zappa Party at Fez Ballroom | Dingo The Clown | March 26

We are  giving away a couple pairs of tickets for this show (and many others shows thisweekend) to our Facebook and Myspace friends. Follow those accounts for weekly ticket giveaway info. Frank Zappa Party at Fez Ballroom | Dingo The Clown | March 26 Still looking for a good event to kick off your weekend? […]

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Ladies Of The Night, The Wanteds & The Bits: March 26 | Rotture

Posted by Julian Chadwick I've seen The Wanteds many times and PDX Pipeline has even done a show or two with Tommy/The Wanteds. It is always a great performance. I have not seen Ladies of the Night, but have heard good things about them as well. The Wanteds are worth $5 alone, so two more […]

OMSI After Dark: A Field Trip for Adults | March 25-July 22

Posted by Kimberly Gehl If you're looking for something fun to do tonight, you should head over to “OMSI After Dark”, a special night for adults 21+ to explore the wonders of museum without the distraction of children. In addition, new local food and beverage companies are present every month to explain the science behind […]


Today: Decemberists Record Release & CD Signing | Music Millennium

Posted by Jeff Jacobson For years I have tried to avoid the lahar of hype The Decemberists have generated. Acclaim seems to erupt from every media outlet I encounter. Friends spew praise. The worship is thick and frothy, threatening to trap within its tumbling currents any who choose to wade in. So, I've been cautious […]

Aalto Lounge

It's Jakes Birthday! Caves, They Live, DJ Nightscool | March 25: Dunes

Posted by (& photos by) Julian Chadwick If you have spent time at Aalto Lounge or Bye N Bye, you have probably met one Portland's most beloved bartenders-Jake of Caves. Tomorrow is Jake's birthday and Caves are playing at Dunes. Go have a good time and buy that man a drink*. From Gatsby/They Live: It's […]

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PSA: Portland Jobs, Portland Twitter, Portland Creatives, Portland Tech

Posted By Julian Chadwick As we know, Portland's unemployment rate is growing & it is becoming much harder to find good jobs. A few months back, I started a  twitter account (@pdxjobs) to syndicate good & interesting jobs I found across the nets. Luckily, we live a great community here in Portland and many people […]

Boy Eats Drum Machine at Rotture, Portland, Oregon

The Weekend is Over:View | Portland Music | Boy Eats Drum Machine

Boy Eats Drum Machine Rotture, Portland, Oregon Taken on March 20, 2009 Photo By Stephanie El-Hajj By Stephanie El-Hajj Boy Eats Drum Machine, aka BEDM, aka Jon Ragel, is super high-energy and has great stage presence. You wouldn't know to look at him, he's mild mannered as Clark Kent, but put him on stage with […]

rindhouse Film Festival presents Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Grindhouse Film Festival: "Kung Fu Jesus" | March 24 | Hollywood Theater

Usually Grindhouse Film festival is on Saturday nights and on Tuesdays I am sitting at home watching the 24/7 Seinfeld channel. Amazingly, I haven't seen this kung fu movie yet, but how can one pass up “a kung fu Jesus, and a death-match between a cat and a cobra“. Sorry Jerry, not this week. From […]

City of Portland Safe Routes to School Program Rally

The Weekend is Over:View | Portland Pictures | March 19-22

A roundup of pictures, videos, and comments by PDX Pipeline & others… Do you have PICTURES or VIDEO of Portland? Email them or add them to our Flickr group and Vimeo group. City of Portland Safe Routes to School Program Rally Portland City Hall Taken on March 20, 2009 Photo by From wittcogmbh: Outside […]

Wieden Kennedy 24/7 concert

Wieden Kennedy 24/7 Concert | Daily Stank Image Bank

The Portland Brass Quintet & Friends Wieden Kennedy 24/7 Concert Portland, Oregon Taken on March 21, 2009 Photo By Christine Taylor Message from Christine: Last night is was a full house with standers-by. A truly exciting way to see such performance, amongst the contemporary beauty of the W+K building, which is also home to PICA […]

Portland Farmers Market

Spring in Portland: Farmers Market Opens Saturday, March 21

Posted By Julian Chadwick We already have the Farmers Market opening in the list of Portland Weekend Events, but I wanted to share the info I received in a Facebook message from them. I took this picture at the first day of PSU Farmers Market in 2007, so it might look similar in weather and […]

boy eats drum machine + Diamond Liars

Tonight: Boy Eats Drum Machine + Diamond Liars Album Release Party

Posted By Stephanie El-Hajj What it is: Diamond Liars CD Release Party for "Sweaty Money" Why I'm going: Boy Eats Drum Machine "boy eats drum machine is the solo work of native portlander, jon ragel. he is a songwriter, producer, singer, turntablist, and also plays saxophone, guitar, synthesizer, organ, and several percussive nick nacks. as […]

Portland Skyline

75+ Portland Oregon Weekend Events: March 19-22

Leigh just sent out his weekly email of Portland weekend events. It is reproduced below. You can receive the email as well by writing Leigh at There are many listings so we have put events in red that we think will be good, well attended, or should be interesting. Also, starting today–we are giving […]