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Ben Folds comes to Portland @ Roseland, May 15

Rocking the Piano with Ben Folds @ Roseland | May 15

(Related: 75+ Weekend Events in Portland + Free Tickets | May 14-17) Posted by Nathalie Weinstein The Fine Art of Piano Dancing: Ben Folds returns to Portland You have to love a man with a piano. Like Elton John and Billy Joel before him, watching Ben Folds rock out on a piano is a spectacle to […]

Portland Weekend Events

75+ Weekend Events in Portland + Free Tickets | May 14-17

Leigh just sent out his weekly email of Portland weekend events. It is reproduced below. You can receive the email as well by writing Leigh at There are many listings so we have put events in red that we think will be good, well attended, or should be interesting. Reminder: Also, we give out […]

twitter thai food in portland

The BEST Thai Food & Restaurants in Portland | 25+ Suggestions

(Click here for info on the BEST Portland Restaurants, Bars, Food, Drinks & More) It's food week on PDX Pipeline. On Tuesday, we answered the question of where to find the best Indian food in Portland. We are also looking for the best Pizza in Portland today on twitter. If you've lived in Portland for any […]

Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers Link Dump

Posted by Andy Popp Brandon Roy makes his  ALL-NBA debut  on the 2nd Team. With Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul in front of him, he's still a long way away from the ALL-NBA 1st team. Celebrity bloggers Kevin Pelton and Henry Abbott break down the good and the bad from Batum and Bayless […]