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Mount Tabor Park Anniversary Party | August 1 & 2

Mount Tabor is old. How old? So old it knew Burger King while he was still a prince. So old it knew Clark before he got Sacajawea pregnant the first time. So old it reads the Willamette Week (oh noes…approaching trouble town). There is a huge party to celebrate this oldness starting tomorrow. From the Mount […]

August 1: Portland Fremont Festival

Related: Portland Events List [youtube=] Fremont Fest Parade '06 Portland, Oregon Shot by tiglath Posted by Reuben Smith Kick off August with Festive Style! Every Saturday deserves an activity packed, family-friendly, street fair. This week's is the Fremont Fest, an annual day of summer time fun that will include a parade, live music, a sidewalk […]

Last Weekend: Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead @ Coho Theater

Related: 75+ Portland Weekend Events & Parties: July 30-August 2 Posted by Kristen Imes An Hour and a Half Filled with Death, Sex, Drugs, Violence, and Homosexuality? Good GRIEF! Snoopy killed Woodstock and in turn, is, well, killed / "put down" / call it what you will. Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, […]

Bowerbirds and a Bounty of Beards @ Mississippi Studios | August 1

Related: 75+ Portland Weekend Events & Parties: July 30-August 2 Posted by Mike Harper Riding on the touring current of their recently released album, Upper Air, Bowerbirds will fly through your soul with their soulful folk tunes like sunlit dust landing on the wind. Crossing between sincere hymns and call-and-response, the collective vocals of this […]


Bikes + Beer: 7th Annual Livers & Blisters Ride | August 1

Posted by Mike Harper There's nothing better than a cold brew on tap after a nice long bike ride. There's nothing better than a cold brew after a short one either. Hell. Beer just goes well with bikes no matter how long the ride. That's why this city is so great. We've got breweries and […]

Portland Weekend Events

75+ Portland Weekend Events & Parties: July 30-August 2

Leigh sent out his weekly email of Portland weekend events earlier today. It is reproduced below with some additions by Pipeline. You can get the email and your chance to win hookups for shows and deals by emailing leighfeldman3 @ gmail and asking to join There are many listings so we have put events in […]

Mike Daisey

Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) Presents Mike Daisey: August 1 @ Wieden+Kennedy

Posted by Christine Taylor Years ago (before we knew of the scandal), I helped J.T. LeRoy, do some research for one of his novels. One of the best monologues I ever heard is, ‘Truth', by the controversial artist Mike Daisey. This monologue reflects his own 'open & honest' history of lying and telling the truth […]

Pipeline Pick: Starlight Mints @ Doug Fir Tonight + Video

Posted by Julian Chadwick [youtube=] Starlight Mints @ the Granada Theater Dallas Texas 6-25-09 Shot by granadamusiclive I have been looking around, but can't find any quality video of the Mints new tour on the interwebs. Hopefully, Brewcaster and I can change that tonight. Either way, you can see that they put on a fun […]

Tillamook Oregon

Tillamook 100th Anniversary Party in Pioneer Square | July 31

Downtown Tillamook, Oregon Photo by Julian Chadwick OH BOY! It is only going to ONLY be 92 on Friday. That's like the arctic after yesterday's insanity. Is 10AM too early for wine and cheese or beer and cheese? If you have to work tomorrow, take off. This should be an interesting site. From Press Release: […]


NW Portland Fire, NW 21st & Glisan

July 29: Portland Fire Pictures | NW 21st & Glisan

Scott Fish ( sent these pics over to us a bit ago of the Portland fire on NW 21st & Glisan. From Scott: Here are some photos from the fire that was on NW 21st and Glisan. There were about 4 hook and ladder fire trucks and quite a few ambulances.  The fire dept closed […]

"The Pack: vol 1" Goodfoot book release/ art opening

The Cool Last Thursday: Goodfoot Book Release/ Art Opening

(Pipeline is giving away one of these books! See bottom of post for details!) Well, it is going to be 100+ tomorrow during Last Thursday. Even though it might have the trappings of people auditioning for Burning Man, I don't think anyone wants to have the temperatures of the desert as well. Therefore, you can […]

Third Eye Theatre presents Dylan Hillerman's Grand Guignol| Running through August 1st

Posted by Kimberly Gehl You walk into the Back Door Theatre, a small and intimate space; the perfect atmosphere for you to guiltlessly divulge in some deliciously satisfying voyeurism. An eerie, but oddly comforting (is it familiar?) music plays in the background as you wait for the show to start. You are impressed to discover […]

nas and marley, roseland

Damian Marley & Nas @ Roseland | July 31

(Win a pair of tickets to this show. Details @ the bottom) Posted by Nathalie Weinstein Two big talents, one small venue, one night only Two of the biggest talents in hip-hop and reggae will appear at one of Portland's smaller venues this Friday night as Nas and Damien "Junior Gong" Marley tear up the […]

July 30: BUMPS Premiere @ Clinton St Theater: "bizarre atmosphere of alienation and teen sexuality"

Posted By Jeff Guay [vimeo=] BUMPS trailer "This shit is a true story" begins local non-budget filmmaker Bob Moricz' latest feature, a digital interpretation of real events which led to as many as eighteen high school girls, none older than sixteen, agreeing to get pregnant and raise their children together in their small town in […]

Deeley Ceelay

Review & Pictures: PDX Pop Now! 2009

Posted by Mike Harper Despite the fires of hell winking down on Portland via the noonday sun this entire weekend, people refrained from hiding in air-conditioned bars and apartments and popped up for PDX Pop Now! Fest at Rotture in multitudes. Over 24 hours of live local bands played over the expanse of 3 days, […]


July 29: Portland Singles Meet, Mingle and Sweat at Singlelicious PDX Punk Rock Boot Camp

Singlelicious is at it again this Wednesday and we got you a deal as well. Read below for info. As always, Pipeline posse members will likely be sitting inside to enjoy the AC of the Bonfire next door. Join us if you want to gain some of those calories back after working so hard.;) Related […]

Google Mapping / Street View Bike Camera | Daily Stank Image Bank

Google Maps/Street View Camera Bike Seattle, Washington Taken on July 23, 2009 Photo by  Slightlynorth It appears that Google is bike trail mapping Seattle, but why not here in the best bike city in America? Has anyone seen on of these in Portland? Does anyone have more info about it? Buehler? Slightlynorth / Shawn sent […]

Movies in the Pearl, Portland, Oregon

Movies in the Pearl @ Bridgeport Brewery | July 29-August 26

“Movies in the Pearl” begins Wednesday. This is the latest entry in free summer movies in Portland. They still haven't released a full schedule (added the full schedule after the jump), but there will be early works from NW Directors including: Gus Van Sant, Jim Blashfield, Will Vinton, Joan Gratz, Todd Korgan, Mitchell Rose, and […]


Portland Tattoo Exhibit (Skinvisible) @ Portland Art Museum | Daily Stank Image Bank

Malice, Rachael Reckless Skinvisible @ Portland Art Museum Taken on July 25, 2009 Photo by pkimphoto Related posts and info from PDX Pipeline: Portland, Oregon Tattoo Pictures, Designs & Info | Best Portland Tattoo Shops Portland Pictures Portland Tattoo Exhibit & Party | Skinvisible @ Portland Art Museum Interview & Photos With Malice: Let Her […]

MOA PR Band Image

10-Day Portland Festival of Visual Art, Music & Performance | August 14-23

We usually don't put up events this far out, but we are this time because a) it is going to be fantastic and long, so start planning for it b) PDX Pipeline is a sponsor & c) they are looking for help with video so comment/email if you can help. From Press Release: THE MANOR […]

Oregon Brewers Festival Pictures | Daily Stank Image Bank

There is only one day left of the Oregon Brewers Festival. Here are some updates (from twitter) and pictures to get you excited to go…or just to make you laugh. :) Do you have pictures from the Oregon Brew Fest or other Portland events? Add them to our Flickr goup for posting on the site… […]

Portland Weekend Events

Portland Sunday Events, Festivals & Parties: July 26

From the large weekend list compiled by Leigh Feldman & supplemented by Pipeline. There are many listings so we have put events in red (or blue = linked!) that we think will be good, well attended, or should be interesting. Reminder: We give out free tickets every week to our Portland Facebook Group including to […]

Star Wars In Concert Yoda

Star Wars Concert Date & Info | Multimedia Event | Portland Rose Garden

There was a large press conference for this Star Wars concert at the Rose Garden on Thursday and while we like Star Wars as well, we were working on this huge list of weekend events and all these free tickets. That really means we were drinking and just now getting to it. Don't worry, tickets […]


Slick Rick @ Roseland Theater | Daily Stank Image Bank

Slick Rick Roseland Theater Portland, Oregon Taken on July 24, 2009 Photo by greenwoodimages Great shot of The Ruler. Arian has many more images from Slick Rick/Rahzel/Beatnuts concert here. Related Posts & Info from PDX Pipeline Portland Pictures PDX PIPELINE Flickr group Portland EVENTS LIST


Tonight: Massive Dance Party @ Crown Room

[youtube=] Massive II Crown Room, Portland, Oregon It's last Saturday and that means the “Massive” monthly dance party is tonight. This event is produced by Leigh Feldman of Life is a Party and always has a large crowd of young attractive people dancing and partying it up. Don't like to dance? There is also a […]

BarFly 10th Anniversary Party

June 26: BarFly's 10th Anniversary Party @ Plan B

There are many Portland events in this list, but none might top the reckless partying taking place at Plan B on Sunday. I saw Kyle “Mr. BarFly” Ritter on Wednesday night and he said there will be wading pools, gigantic fans, water guns and water balloons to keep everyone cool. They also have music, comedy, […]

Tonight: Ink Sci Fi Thriller Premier @ Hollywood Theater +Fried Pies

[youtube=] Ink Official Trailer 1 (HD) From DoubleEdgeFilms Somehow in all the mayhem of the week, I forgot to post this great event tonight. It is not too late for you to make/change plans to see this film. Also, Whiffies is going to hook you up with Fried Pies if you make it out tonight. […]

Portland Event Bingo

Portland Weekend Events Bingo Card

Kaebel from Sequential Art Gallery sent this message yesterday. It is a cool idea and if you get bingo from this and send me proof, I will mail you a Pipeline button. Click the bingo card to get a larger version. Related Info from Pipeline 75+ Portland Weekend Events, Parties & Free Tickets | July 23-26 […]

Rocket by Christine Taylor

Portland Tattoo Exhibit & Party | Skinvisible @ Portland Art Museum

Posted by Sherri Montgomery Celebrating the Art of Tattoo at Skinvisible It was only a matter of time before the growing mainstream acceptance would lead to an art installation and gala event at the Portland Art Museum. Come check out the ongoing, temporary exhibition and enjoy a day devoted to the art of tattoo. Marking […]


Free Portland Tickets: July 24 – August 1 | Doug Fir, Holocene, Someday Lounge, Roseland, Cinema 21, Hollywood Theater, Rotture

Every week, Pipeline gives away many tickets to great shows all around Portland (and sometimes outside of Portland). We usually reserve many/most of these for friends of ours on Facebook & in our Email list. Today, we are showing everyone the tickets we are giving away and anyone can enter to win. However, you will […]

Portland Weekend Events

75+ Portland Weekend Events, Parties & Free Tickets | July 23-26

Leigh sent out his weekly email of Portland weekend events earlier today. It is reproduced below. You can get the email and your chance to win hookups for shows and deals by emailing leighfeldman3 @ gmail and asking to join There are many listings so we have put events in red (or blue = linked!) […]

Survival of The Illest Tour @ Roseland + WIN Tickets | July 24

(Win a pair of tickets to this show. Look at end of the post for details) Posted by Sara Moskovitz Survival of the Illest Tour with Slick Rick, Rahzel, The Beatnuts [youtube=] Rahzel Iron Man 80's babies beware: This could be one of the livest hip hop shows to embrace a Portland stage 2009 has […]

Tonight: Pre-Zine Symposium Party @ Holocene | Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)

Posted by Mike Harper [youtube=] I See Beyond the Black Sun – NYC Excerpt from “I See Beyond the Black Sun” – Performance ritual with Arrington de Dionyso and Malinda Ray Allen at TheaterLab in NYC – March 20th, 2009. The Independent Publishing Resource Center ( is having a pre-Zine Symposium shindig of a night […]