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2nd Annual Northwest Eggnog Competition: Bacon + Eggnog = Happy Holidays | November 18

This Wednesday brings the second annual Northwest Eggnog Competition to Portland. It's free and looks like a great time.

Here is some official information (from Oregonlive):
Beginning at 6 p.m., patrons will sample concoctions made by bartenders from 23Hoyt, Besaw's Cafe, Jo Bar & Rotisserie, Muu-Muu's and a handful of others.

Those in attendance, plus judges from local distilleries, will cast their votes, and the winning recipe will appear on Elephants' Web site,

And here's the smack-talk information from Pipeline friend and Uptown Billiards' bartender Jen Winklepleck:

Yours truly is representing Uptown Billiards in a bartending throwdown to find out who's eggnog reigns supreme! Come watch me go head to head with the likes of Saucebox, Teardrop, and other big hitters, as we woo and amaze guest judges and of course, you, the oh-so-incredible public, with our imaginative and tasty eggnog recipes.

Mine is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!!! (One word: BACON…that do anything for ya?)

It will be held at Elephant's Deli on NW 22nd Ave this coming Wednesday, November 18, 2009 from 7-9pm. It's open to the public, so if you're ready to kick off your holiday season with the finest of cholesterol-filled adult beverages, then by all means get your asses down there!

If anything…come give me some kudos…I wanna annihilate these b*****!
Happy Holidays from your favorite local bartending goddess.


One Response to 2nd Annual Northwest Eggnog Competition: Bacon + Eggnog = Happy Holidays | November 18

  1. Pekio November 17, 2009 at 20:33 #

    i just love saying the word ‘Winklepleck’.

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