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First Friday: "Portland Places" – New Illustrations By Aaron Voronoff Trotter @ Caffe d'ARTe

First Friday is tomorrow and this is one of the more interesting for fans of Portland and Portland architecture. Aaron has prints, coloring books, greeting cards, etc as well. Check them out at

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From Aaron / Press Release:
Portland Places
New Illustrations by Aaron Voronoff Trotter

FIRST FRIDAY ~ October 1st
at Caffe d'ARTe | 1615 NE 15th Ave | 6-9pm

My goal is to draw the most important icons of Portland, to find the image that represents Portland to everyone. My drawings are documentary artifacts that capture a visual record of the city's iconic landmarks. Without the aid of a photograph, I draw on location, sketching out the composition. Later I embellish the details.

My attention to architectural detail is related to my past and future work as an archaeologist and technical illustrator. I am also influenced by graphic novels and comic books. My recent experiments with crosshatching style is inspired by early Renaissance printmakers, most notably Durer and Mantegna.

~Aaron Voronoff Trotter

Also: Greeting Cards now for sale at:

  • Local Discoveries 1627 NE Alberta Street
  • Downtown Library Store 801 SW 10th Avenue
  • Radish Underground 414 SW 10th Avenue
  • Mcmenamins' Kennedy School 5736 NE 33rd Ave.

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  1. Albert Kaufman October 1, 2010 at 20:13 #

    Great show, thanks for the tip!

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