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Tonight: Glorious Mustachioed Weirdo Darwin Deez @ Holocene | Sunny Dance-Pop

From our sponsors at Holocene:

Holocene presents…
Darwin Deez |  Fol Chen |  Friends

8:30pm | $10.00 advance | $12.00 day of show
TICKETS: Portland Mercury

Glorious mustachioed weirdo Darwin Deez takes the stage with his infectiously sunny dance-pop.

Darwin Deez is a p(r)op master. He plays a 4-string electric guitar in his own invented, secret tuning. His band was formed in 2003 in New York City. Their current live set features his original songs, harsh electronic noise, and bouts of synchronized dancing set to custom pop mashups.

“For the sake of a good soundbite, we'll call it Reverse Darwinism, akin to dredging the lake and finding a three-titted, five-eyed mutant piscine flapping around at the bottom of it. It makes no sense. It simply shouldn't be. And boy, is it weird lookin'. All the same, there it is: survival of the strangest at work. Whenever we cast our nets into pop music's unplumbed depths, we're always liable to discover a couple of these freakish anomalies who persist out of sheer bloody-minded uniqueness. As much as Darwin Deez can fit into any category, he fits into this one.” – NME


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One Response to Tonight: Glorious Mustachioed Weirdo Darwin Deez @ Holocene | Sunny Dance-Pop

  1. Liz January 27, 2011 at 13:43 #

    How did I miss this? I need to pay more attention!

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