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Fourteen 30, Portland, Oregon

A Room With More-than-one View: Fourteen30

By Nash Young I walk into Fourteen30 Contemporary, and everything fits: the high ceiling, white walls, paintings, braided hair strung from the floor to ceiling. I won’t mention how much the braided hair costs, you have to experience the gallery for what it is: a staging ground for emerging artists. “It’s intimidating at first,” gallery […]

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Brody Theater, Portland, Oregon

The Brody Theater Opens on Broadway

BY Nash Young “Please make mistakes,” Brad Fortier, comedian and educational director at The Brody Theater explains, “they’re essential to this art, because a lot of those mistakes can become very brilliant comedy if we utilize rather than minimize the mistakes.” Fortier talks casually with students, “Improv training really opens a different way of being […]

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Scrabble Every Tuesday at The Gotham Tavern

*Julian Chadwick edit/shout-out: Oregon Literacy noticed my inabilities and is now contributing :) * Neighborhood: North Map: 2240 N. Interstate Ave, Portland, Or, 97227 Scrabble- It's free and it's every Tuesday at The Gotham Tavern Oregon Literacy hosts free scrabble games every Tuesday evening at The Gotham Tavern, located at: 2240 N. Interstate ave. from […]

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metro-fi, metrofi wireless advertisements, msn, portland oregon,

Daily Stank Image Bank: Metro-Fi + MSN + Newt Gingrich = BFF?

Last night, between wiping away the Seahawk tears, I was able to again get on Metrofi/Metro-Fi at the Thirsty Lion. While looking at the PDX PIPELINE and other sites, I was thrown a series of pop-ups, blinking ads, and banners very similar to Myspace, except a little more… Well, let's take a peak. First, would […]

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Live Journal logo

Are you on LiveJournal? New community = Portland Stuff

I created a new community over there b/c some(most) were less informative than jerky. So, if you are emailing me your stuff, continue on, and we do our best to get it up. However, now you have the option of posting to this place as well if for some reason we miss it over here… […]

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Portland, indie music capitol of the USA

portland's mississippi studios vs the state of oregon

Portland, indie music capitol of the USA; pay your unemployment taxes even though you didn't employ musicians. Ok readers (especially in the rest of the world,) I usually try not to get too granular about the Portland music scene unless I'm excited about a band or 2. Here's an exception – a 1960 OR state […]

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The Gold Cross of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, portland oregon

Oct 5, 6, 7: Go Holy Trinity! Greek Festival Starts Today

From the best church website I think I might have ever seen… 56th Annual Greek Festival October 5, 6, 7 10am to 10pm Friday and Saturday Noon to 8pm on Sunday Welcome to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church(–yep)! Our Vision at Holy Trinity is to manifest in the metropolitan Portland area the Body of Christ, […]

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A bag taking up a seat on TriMet

Tri-met Riding Etiquette (Tri-Metiquette): #3 – The Seat Next To You, What's More Deserving: Your Bag or A Human Being?

Tri-Metiquette #3 is a tricky subject. Obviously, non-verbal communication happens when someone places their bag / stuff / dog (I've seen it!) on the seat next to them. However, what kind of non-verbal communication is going on here? I believe it's different for every individual. Let me explain

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Sept 24: Commissioner Sam Adams is holding open houses around Portland to ask residents what their traffic priorities are.

Sent over from Michelle at BTA: BTA Friends, You have an opportunity to speak up for bike safety in your neighborhood on Monday. Commissioner Sam Adams is holding open houses around Portland to ask residents what their traffic priorities are. If you care about the ease, safety and enjoyment of bike riding, please go and […]

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Bemont Bike Shadow and Fizzy K in Radio Flyer

Sept 6: 2007 bicycle film festival kickoff event presented by Vice Magazine @ Holocene

*Welcome to a new contributor, babylawnmower* Vice Magazine, home of the scathing Dos and Don'ts feature among other sarcasm-laden cultural commentary tidbits, is hosting (in conjunction with Dewar's) the kickoff event for the 2007 Bicycle Film Festival this Thursday, September 6th at Holocene. The evening will start off with a debate entitled “Bikes or Cars?” […]

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AIGA presents Urban Forest Project Gala Social Event

September 19: AIGA presents Urban Forest Project Gala Social Event

AIGA's SOCIO XV/ Celebration Gala What is it? The Urban Forest Project brings the community together to celebrate collaboration, problem-solving, and sustainable design and business choices during the week of Earth Day. This year, the initiative will culminate in a celebration of this year's work on the project, at the yearly AIGA gala social event. […]

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Multnomah County Library

Books in PDX: Gabriel Boehmer's City of Readers, a guidebook focused on reading in Portland

Hi, I am a PDX book-blogger (you can also find me at Books Are My Only Friends) and I will be bringing Portland book-related action to PDXPipeline. It seems fitting by start with Gabriel Boehmer's City of Readers, a guidebook focused on reading in Portland. I was initially dubious about this book, thinking it would […]

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Portland Security Cameras

Surveillance Cameras in Portland, Oregon

Just stumbled (StumbleUpon Portland?) across this…wow Surveillance Cameras in Portland, Oregon “Between 11 March 2003 and 15 March 2003, Bill Brown of the New York Surveillance Camera Players was in Portland, Oregon. Brought to the “Rose City” by the independent arts group Red76, Bill began his stay by making maps of locations of surveillance cameras […]

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burnside bridge

Albina Community Bank: "extend opportunity to the under-served wherever the need exists"

I've been using Albina Community Bank for a year or more after leaving the bad, inattentive, non-community-based, and slow (in my opinion) service of Washington Mutual. Besides the fact that I have never waited more than a couple minutes at this bank (all locations), they really support Portland. I mainly used the Sandy branch, but […]

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Farmers Market-2

Why Eat Local? 10 Reasons (freshness, nutrition, safety)

Great Article from Portland Online: Why Eat Local? While much of the food we eat today comes from around the globe, Oregonians have access to an abundance of food grown and produced here in the Northwest. By choosing local foods, you support the regional economy and environment, as well and enjoy the wealth of good […]

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KPOJ Radio Hybrid-1

HUMMERGATE III: Putting the *FU* back in KUFO 101?

Contact CBS RADIO: MEDIA CONTACTS Karen L. Mateo Vice President, Communications ( 212) 846 7638 Dana McClintock Senior Vice President, CBS Communications Group (212) 975 1077 This is KJOJ's Hybrid on display at Friday's 5th Ave Street Fair (aka The Next Big Thing). I encourage you to call or write/email them to thank […]

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Reminder: Chalk It Up is Going On NOW!

Before you head over to Heather's B-day Bash at Ash St, go by and look at Chalk It Up in Pioneer Square There will be many fun things for people of all ages to enjoy. Attendees are encouraged to watch local artists as they create beautiful chalk drawings from scratch on large matte boards. With […]

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Donate to Oregon Literacy

August 4th Chalk It Up For Literacy This Weekend in Pioneer Square

About Chalk It Up For Literacy Chalk It Up for Literacy is an annual event that generates funds and awareness for Oregon Literacy's valuable programs and services. The main feature of Chalk It Up (CIU) is the artists creating literacy-themed chalk art in a free, family-friendly atmosphere. Now in its 5th overall year – and […]

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Livers and Blisters-1

Livers and Blisters- Supporting Causes Through Drinking and Biking

During my hard-working Saturday of Geek Fair, beer drinking, Voodoo Doughnuts eating, Sushi Takahashi Ninja Bombing, I met the “Livers and Blisters” people at Roots Brewing. They are doing some great things. Here is a message about the event: We started doing the ride after John and I talked about doing a fun ride with […]

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