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Win Tickets ($50): Devendra Banhart w/ Rodrigo Amarante @ Crystal Ballroom | Folk, Latin

For his Nonesuch debut, Devendra Banhart chose the title Mala, literally the Serbian word for “small,” but used colloquially in Eastern Europe as a term of endearment-“like sweetie pie,” Banhart explains. It was a placeholder during most of the recording, a working title offhandedly inspired by a ring his fiancée, the Serbian photographer and artist Ana Kras, had given him with that word on it. But the name stuck, and it proves to an apt one for an album so intimate in scale and open of heart.

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Nov 3: We Have Music and other Happenings Around P-Town Tonight

Here is some going one…and probably more added later: November 2, 3: Battles at Hawthorne Theatre & Ghostface Killah at Roseland; FREE MP3s Oct 26- Nov 3: circus me around–dance + architecture + light + sound Like or Interested in Buddhism: 3 Events —"I assure you it will be a monumental experience." Nov 3: Seoul […]

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The Wanteds at Ash St Saloon

Oct 25: Kelly's Olympian –The Wanteds, Fells Acres and Texas League

Message from Tommy/The Wanteds: (Show is) at kelly's olympian. 426 SW washington. show starts at 10pm. and fells acres and texas league are opening. we're almost done with our new EP and will be busting out some new material for this show… hope to see ya! -tommy

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12th floor of Spalding Building, Portland, Oregon 97204: portland rainbow taken by C-block with his iPhone for PDX PIPELINE

Daily Stank Image Bank: Portland Rainbow in Downtown

October 16, 2007 “Portland Rainbow” taken by C-block/Ambassador Pearls with his iPhone We Portlanders really do live in Eden :) Place taken: 12th floor of Spalding Building, Portland, Oregon 97204 Picture and following description from Wikipedia: The Spalding Building, formerly the Oregon Bank Building is a historic office building in downtownPortland, Oregon. Since 1982, it […]

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Metro-Fi view on cell phone at the Thirsty Lion, Portland, Oregon, 97204

Daily Stank Image Bank: Metro-Fi + Microsoft + Pop-up Ads = BFF

From a bit back: Update: OPB discovers that Metrofi is crap unless you are Kristian Foden-Vencil ( or at the Thirsty Lion) And now–JAX (   So, I was at Jax ( the other day and connected to Metro-Fi while they reset their modem…here is what you see. I took these shots using the Macbook/Apple […]

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OCT. 4TH – First Thursday: XX POWER!

This October we have a very special show dedicated to female artists in Portland. The show features new paintings, collages, illustrations, comics, zines, sculptures, mobiles, and embroideries from some of this town's most exciting artists – all of which happen to be female. Poster image by Bobbie Sue Headlining the show are Bobbie Sue, Rikki […]

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Sept 26: New Plazm + Dave Matthews = "Too whiny. Do I feel like listening to him? Not really."

Romana sent this info about Plazm's party… Read more about these PORTLAND subjects here on the PIPELINE: ace hotel (4) stark (7) music (157) downtown (34) dj (27) film (26) Hey Hey- Just wanted to send you our information. Should be a hot little party. Take a look. Thank you very much. PLAZM #29 RELEASE […]

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Metrofi Ad Van

Update: OPB discovers that Metrofi is crap unless you are Kristian Foden-Vencil ( or at the Thirsty Lion)

You can Digg this here By the way, I like college football. So, after work yesterday, I went over to the Thirsty Lion to watch Rutgers “play” Navy. Amazingly, I was able to connect to Metrofi there and be directed to their lovely 1 megabyte page on my cell phone. Are they owned by […]

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First Thursday: "I am lazy and I have other priorities on Thursdays"

Now to be honest, I have never ventured down to First Thursday. Mostly because I am lazy and I have other priorities on Thursdays. Tonight though, I want to put plug in for March Fourth Marching Band. They are playing at Mark Wooley's EPONYMOUS Gallery at 817 2nd Ave around 8 PM. March Fourth Marching […]

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August 27: FREE Mini-golf–You Need to Go Now. Good Day Oregon?!

Fom mini-golf masters: Hey, Yes, Glowing Greens, Blacklight Adventures is offering free 18 holes of golf on the best indoor miniature golf course you may ever see. Now comes the hard part, to get this free game of golf at 509 SW Taylor, Downtown Portland Oregon you need to be at our doors as […]

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Portland Security Cameras

Surveillance Cameras in Portland, Oregon

Just stumbled (StumbleUpon Portland?) across this…wow Surveillance Cameras in Portland, Oregon “Between 11 March 2003 and 15 March 2003, Bill Brown of the New York Surveillance Camera Players was in Portland, Oregon. Brought to the “Rose City” by the independent arts group Red76, Bill began his stay by making maps of locations of surveillance cameras […]

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August 16: Alfonso/Carlton From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in Portland for Niche Film Festival

Message sent over a bit ago on Alfonso/Carlton and the Niche Film festival: Thursday Nite August 16th, this will be a Niche Promotions Night… Here's the details in a nut shell…7pm $10 dinner and the menu is incredible located on 3rd ave between Taylor and Salmon…in the courtyard btwn Bangkok restaurant and the Parking garage… […]

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Kufo 101 Stupid Hummer

HummerGate Part 4: Downtown Portland Is NOT an Urban Warfare Zone

I just started working downtown again a couple weeks ago. I've noticed some changes since I worked here a year ago: There is an insane amount of construction going on (i.e. the “next big thing”) Because of this construction, traffic is worse than ever. There seems to be less parking (I walk and trimet here, […]

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Reminder: Chalk It Up is Going On NOW!

Before you head over to Heather's B-day Bash at Ash St, go by and look at Chalk It Up in Pioneer Square There will be many fun things for people of all ages to enjoy. Attendees are encouraged to watch local artists as they create beautiful chalk drawings from scratch on large matte boards. With […]

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August 4th: Do Not Cry At Heather's Birthday Party

Tonight is Heather's (aka I Make Ash Street Happen) Birthday. She's a great person–so of course–she having a great party. Here is a message from Jen Lane (aka I Make Barfly Happen): Even if you missed Jedediah's Mustache Ride, your Saturday night will be alright if you take your sweet self on down to the […]

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Atom 13

Reminders: 1st Thurs, 5th Ave St Fair, Stumptown Party…and then there is Friday

Tonight/Thursday, August 2nd 5th Avenue Street Fair — Old Town/Chinatown • August 2 • 5-10 It's First Thursday…did you not know? Stumptown Downtown is having it's Art Opening Party Tonight with THE COOL KIDS and LIFESAVAS ATOM 13 and 3M at the BOG Friday: Rock And Rose and Rontoms = 'soso' Jace Gace is educating […]

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August 3rd: Tube is Having it's Monthly Sweat-Fest aka "Hot Mess"

From Leigh: So, we don't have free beer, but we do have a bunch of sweaty people getting down once a month at our FREE party – Hot Mess. I know Rock N Rose is doing something and PDX Pop is this Friday night, but for all those too lazy to cross the river they […]

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Donate to Oregon Literacy

August 4th Chalk It Up For Literacy This Weekend in Pioneer Square

About Chalk It Up For Literacy Chalk It Up for Literacy is an annual event that generates funds and awareness for Oregon Literacy's valuable programs and services. The main feature of Chalk It Up (CIU) is the artists creating literacy-themed chalk art in a free, family-friendly atmosphere. Now in its 5th overall year – and […]

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August 2nd–Want to Hang With the "Cool Kids" of MusicFestNW and the LifeSavas?

Sent over from MFNW: On August 2nd at Stumptown Downtown (128 SW 3rd Ave) MFNW will be hosting an art show from 6pm to 9pm to celebrate all of the posters created for MFNW 2007. Artists featured include Laura Atkinson, Molly Bedford, Erik Blad, Brian Brown, Jeffrey K Cooper, Guy Burwell, Phantom Chicken, Thomas Cobb, […]

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Picture from Portland Online

We're All Going to Die! II (from heat)

I just saw this over at the Portland Tribune. It looks like we will now die from the heat for sure. If you like to cool off on hot days in the Ira Keller Civic Theatre Forecourt Fountain in downtown Portland, you won't be able to for the next few days. Someone put a lot […]

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Go to City Hall at 5:30…It is Commanded!

I know it is no Ikea opening and all, but this new annual PDX POP NOW! tradition is a great thing. PDX Pop Now! and Portland City Hall Present: Old Time Relijun | The Watery Graves Wednesday, July 25, 2007 Outdoors in front of Portland City Hall 1221 SW Fourth Ave. 5:30 p.m. — 8:30 […]

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pillow fight in portland, pioneer square

August 9th – Another Pillow Fight in Pioneer Square

In the effort to insure Portland has a constant flow of feathers, there will be another Pillow Fight on Aug 9th: Next Pillow fight: When: Thursday, Aug. 9 Time: 6pm Where: Pioneer Courthouse Square (701 SW 6th Avenue) show up with a pillow concealed any way you can think of.. like a humpback, pregnant belly, […]

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July 25th- PSU Noontime Speaker Series- Jovan Babic (Serbia and Montenegro)

Tomorrow will be another installment of the PSU Lecture Series: Wednesday, July 25, "Non-Culpable Ignorance and Just War Theory," Jovan Babic (Serbia and Montenegro) Jovan Babic is professor of philosophy at Belgrade University, Serbia and Montenegro. In 2000, a MacArthur Foundation grant brought him to the U.S. to collaborate on a writing project on the […]

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Taken y Robert Groshon at City Grille

July 24 Daily Stank Image Bank: Portland City Grille Killing You Softly

I like the City Grille Happy Hour. Good food, cheap price, great view! However, this is kind of scary: Dirty Dining visits a fine dining spot known for its view and happy hour menu, but its not tops with the health department….Watch Video 72! Nice Job Spicoli! Go to Flickr for larger version of photo […]

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5th Avenue Street Fair — Old Town/Chinatown • August 2 • 5-10

This 5th Avenue Street Fair looks very interesting….such as: Ride the Next Big Thing shuttle! It's free! Catch the Next Big Thing shuttle to travel between the Street Fair, the Pearl District & Pioneer Courthouse Square. Enter to win a VIP ride on the first Green Line train Stop by the TriMet booth and enter […]

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Drag Queens Everywhere!

I was handed a flyer for this event at the Pride Parade, but I forgot (plus I was busy watching hot kickball) …from the looks of these pics, it was very interesting/fun/entertaining “On 7/22/07 the Portland Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center staged a drag queen chorus line in Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland. The […]

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July 10, 2007 - Bodacious (gumbo Americano)

July 17th – Noon Tunes, Mt. Tabor Concert, Morrison Hotel, Tear Drop

Things going on today: Noon Lecture at PSU on Hitchcock Film “Birds” Noon Tunes in Pioneer Courthouse Square: Black Tangerine Mt. Tabor Summer Concerts: Donna Jose & the Side Effects(country blues/folk rock) Morrison Hotel Opens Tear Drop Opens in the Pearl

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Metrofi Ad Van

July 16: Daily Stank Image Bank– Metrofi Van

I've been seeing these van(s) a lot this week, but is MetroFi really ready for this advertising? MetroFi's coverage is still garbage as from what I see and hear… Metrofi Ad Van Uploaded on 15 July 2007 By PDX Pipeline See more photos, or visit PDX Pipeline's profile. oregon, portland, metrofi

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Greg Oden

2007 Sand in the City Pics: Greg Oden, Bart Simpson, Snoopy

Here are around thirty photos of Yoshida's 2007 Sand in the City event in Pioneer Courthouse Square. The pieces are up until Monday I believe. Greg Oden  Click Thumbnails to see different sizes.

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Live Tattooing and Body Piercing tonight at Dante's

According to the post i saw, there will be live Tattooing (possibly interesting) and Body Piercing (could be very interesting) tonight at this event.

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Sand Sculpture

July 12 Daily Stank Image Bank –Sand in the City by kirstenpdx

Great Pics of Sand in the City from kirstenpdx of Sand in the city kicks off Friday!

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Friday the 13th, Potter goes drinking, Various at Acme, PIB, Sand in the City

Friday the 13th- a special day for many, and here is ways to make it special for you..First, maybe you will be able to join Mayor Potter at Widmer Brewery for an “nooner”. Other things to do besides watching Jason stalk people VARIOUS at ACME More Sound than should be heard by any rational person […]

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Bike to Work Day

Great Article at Low-car dieter has rough first day on the bike

Low-car dieter has rough first day on the bike Posted by Jonathan Maus (Editor) on July 11th, 2007 at 9:42 am Olivia Rebanal and her daughter Philly. (File photo) Overlook neighborhood resident Olivia Rebanal was one of 27 Portlanders who kicked off a month on a Low-Car Diet Monday at Pioneer Courthouse Square. More… 

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