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BBQ Ribs

East Burn BBQ Wednesdays – “EastBurnbecue” | Beer, Food, Live Music, All Summer

From our sponsors at EastBurn: EastBurnbecue Wednesdays All Summer | 5-9PM East Burn 1800 East Burnside Portland, OR 97214 (503) 236-2876 | More info: Cost: $10 gets you a loaded plate of food. Starting Wednesday, June 6th, and every Wednesday through Summer, join us here at EastBurn as we turn the patio and annex space […]

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Goodfoot Lounge, Portland Oregon  French Fries

The Best French Fries in Portland | 25+ Suggestions

French Fries Takeaway from Goodfoot Lounge Portland, Oregon Photo by capnleela As you might have seen, we have been polling Twitter and Facebook for months on suggestions of where to eat, drink and go out. You can see all those here: Portland Bars, Food, Drinks & More This week, we asked a question that Don Ortega […]

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twitter thai food in portland

The BEST Thai Food & Restaurants in Portland | 25+ Suggestions

(Click here for info on the BEST Portland Restaurants, Bars, Food, Drinks & More) It's food week on PDX Pipeline. On Tuesday, we answered the question of where to find the best Indian food in Portland. We are also looking for the best Pizza in Portland today on twitter. If you've lived in Portland for any […]

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Portland Twitter Question- Best Indian Food

What is the BEST Indian Food & Restaurant(s) in Portland? 25+ Suggestions

(Click here for info on the BEST Portland Restaurants, Bars, Food, Drinks & More) We're been asking our Portland Twitter followers advice and suggestions happy hours, tattoo shops, Bloody Marys, local beers, music venues and more the last month. The PDX Pipeline doesn't have much advice on food & resturatnts in Portland, so we are having […]

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Laughing Planet Cafe in the Ecotrust Building

BY Arthur Smid The Laughing Planet Cafe needs no introduction in Portland, but with the opening of their seventh store, it's high time for Richard Satnick to take a bow. The success of the Laughing Planet Cafe is thanks to wholesome food at affordable prices, and it's opened doors for west coast farmers. Laughing Planet […]

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Harvest Festival | People's Coop | September 17th

The People's Coop hosts a weekly farmer's market in SE Portland.  This week only the farmer's market is expanding into a full blown Harvest Festival.  Beer, square dancing, and pie eating. I'm in heaven. On Wednesday September 17th, our year-round Farmer's Market will not only be bursting with the season's finest harvest, but celebrated with […]

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Bacon Cheese Hamburger, Belmont's Inn, 3357 Se Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214

Daily Stank Image Bank: Belmont Inn Burger

A couple of burger reviews (sort of) of mine are up at Portland Hamburgers. One was this delicious, nutritious Belmont Inn burger. The other was something from Hubers that should not be in the same family. Go over and choose which one is most likely to cause a sudden heart attack. More (semi-)Daily Stank Image […]

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My Fathers Place, Portland, Oregon, Hamburger

Portland Hamburger Action: Yakuza, Stanfords, My Father's Place | The Hamburger Cow

Just got an update from the fine people/(person?) at Portland Hamburgers. Here ya go: Burger, burger, burger….This weeks burger heat at Portland Hamburgers. Yakuza SpecialSauce and Hamburgler pick up two new recruits to begin the tour of Japanese restaurants Burger Skills: Hamburger Fashions Joy Kampia O'Shell is a fashion genius. Stanfords BurgerMeister and the Hamburgler […]

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Scrabble Every Tuesday at The Gotham Tavern

*Julian Chadwick edit/shout-out: Oregon Literacy noticed my inabilities and is now contributing :) * Neighborhood: North Map: 2240 N. Interstate Ave, Portland, Or, 97227 Scrabble- It's free and it's every Tuesday at The Gotham Tavern Oregon Literacy hosts free scrabble games every Tuesday evening at The Gotham Tavern, located at: 2240 N. Interstate ave. from […]

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Repost– Hamburger Casting Call: Become a Portland Hamburger/"Hamburgler"; Vegans/Vegetarians welcome!

From the site that makes me and others drool on a daily basis; go check out these recent posts and search for places that you might want to eat a burger at….oh yeah, and perhaps you too can become a Portland Hamburger/Portland Hamburgler: Recent Posts Interview: Karen Bernards Mean Gene's Burgers Zell's Art: Hamburger Cakes […]

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Oct 25: "A quick n' dirty reminder that SLIDELUCK POTSHOW is taking place in Portland at the Ace Hotel"

From Meldel (Cut and Paste) and Slideluck PotShow  Greetings!   A quick n' dirty reminder that SLIDELUCK POTSHOW is taking place in Portland at the Ace Hotel.  This NYC-based arts event is having its inaugural slideshow potluck and we want you are invited!       The idea is that everyone brings something delicious to […]

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The Gold Cross of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, portland oregon

Oct 5, 6, 7: Go Holy Trinity! Greek Festival Starts Today

From the best church website I think I might have ever seen… 56th Annual Greek Festival October 5, 6, 7 10am to 10pm Friday and Saturday Noon to 8pm on Sunday Welcome to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church(–yep)! Our Vision at Holy Trinity is to manifest in the metropolitan Portland area the Body of Christ, […]

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October: Apple Fun is Everywhere

As the rain rolls into Portland, the temptation is to retreat into the coffeeshop, the bar and the bookstore. You must resist this and take advantage of the amazing apple-eating opportunities before you. Apple tasting: Start off Oct 5-7 at your local New Seasons, which is serving up 20 varieties of organic apples including rarities […]

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Sept 27: final twilight farmers markets of 2007.

Update: 2009 Portland Farmers Market: Video, Pictures & Updates This Thursday, September 27th, is the last day that the twilight farmers markets at Eastbank and Ecotrust will be happening this year. Both markets open for business at 3:30 pm and tear down starting at 7:30 pm. So before you put your cute on and head up […]

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Lesson of the day: Do Not Cross the Odwalla/Calistoga Stream

Form my post today at Portland Metbloggins: It's been a while since I watched G-bustaz, so I forgot about stream-crossing. Today, I remembered when I crossed the Odwalla/Calistoga MINERAL WATER stream. Do not do this. You drink the Calistoga straight or with a some juice (my preferred method), but never, ever, ever, EVA cross that […]

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iPhone Pic of Portland State Vikings Tickets

Daily Stank Image Bank: Portland State Vikings Tickets

To continue to appease the Mac gods and Steve Jobs (“our dear leader”), another picture taken with an iPhone (not bad at all). These are my season tickets to the Portland State Vikings. Also, you have deliscious Endangered Species DARK Chocolate also–“10% of net profits donated to help support species, habitat and humanity“–bought at the […]

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Cool Moon Ice Cream Skywriting

"The dust will fly on Cool Moon Ice Cream's two-month build-out ASAP after Labor Day weekend!"

This message came in from the Cool Moon Ice Cream crew. You have to love these people–they know how to promote and they made the coolmoonesest thing I've seen in Oregon this month. For picture-version gigantus, go to Info on the Cool Moon Ice Cream Skywriting Hi All! The dust will fly on Cool […]

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Last Thursday-1

August 16: New Spanish Restaurant Opens on Alberta

I like the Tapas, and Giorgio is a great restaurateur, so good stuff From the Portland Business Journal: Pearl District restaurateur Giorgio Kawas is teaming with chef Peter Schun to open lolo, a Spanish tapas restaurant and bar on North Alberta Street. The new restaurant opens Aug. 16 and will feature finger foods, Spanish cocktails […]

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August 11: Reminder — Portland Etsy Art and Craft Summer Sale in the Park Blocks

Good food, good art, good cause = good times From Website: Portland Etsy Artists present our artwork in the Portland State Univ. park blocks Located next to the popular Portland Farmers Market You can't miss out – the yummy local food, the Etsy presence and all the amazing artwork! How can you miss it! sponsored […]

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Farmers Market-2

Why Eat Local? 10 Reasons (freshness, nutrition, safety)

Great Article from Portland Online: Why Eat Local? While much of the food we eat today comes from around the globe, Oregonians have access to an abundance of food grown and produced here in the Northwest. By choosing local foods, you support the regional economy and environment, as well and enjoy the wealth of good […]

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pied cow

July 29 Daily Stank Image Bank: Pied Cow

Random Pics from the old Pied Cow Coffeehouse/Hookah Bar. It has one of my favorite patios in SE PDX, and usually a good beer special to go along with an assortment of coffee and treats. Click Thumbs for Larger Sizes: Pied Cow Coffeehouse 3244 Se Belmont St Portland, OR 97214 (503) 230-4866 Get Directions: To […]

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Bikers Eat Tacos Like E.T. Eats Reeses (pieces, never the butter cups)

Por Que No If you bike, it's like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Bike Fair all in one today. That's because Por Que No is giving you free tacos today! It has already been reported here and here and maybe other places, so you better get there early. “In celebration of the return of summer, and with […]

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jace gace-1

July 25 Daily Stank Image Bank III – Jace Gace Waffle/Grilled Cheese

Overkill is still going on over at Jace Gace, so I stopped by to see the work without the madness. I had the grilled cheese waffle and was rather pleased with the waffle, beer, and my photo taking ability ;) Pics from Jace Gace Overkill Show Waffle Overkill by Simon Goetz

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July 26: Oregon Brewers Brunch and Parade –KAZOOS

I'm not sure where I got this–it was just in my calender–but it looks GREAT! July 26: Oregon Brewers Brunch and Parade Ã‚  …and the starting point is Rogue Ales Public House, 1339 NW Flanders, Portland. Traditional brunch starts at 10 am. At 11 am, brewers and beer lovers set out for an old fashioned sidewalk […]

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Taken y Robert Groshon at City Grille

July 24 Daily Stank Image Bank: Portland City Grille Killing You Softly

I like the City Grille Happy Hour. Good food, cheap price, great view! However, this is kind of scary: Dirty Dining visits a fine dining spot known for its view and happy hour menu, but its not tops with the health department….Watch Video 72! Nice Job Spicoli! Go to Flickr for larger version of photo […]

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Rated 4.1 out of 5.0

July 22 Daily Stank Image Bank V: Voodoo Doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnuts 12 reviews – Write a review 22 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97204 (503) 241-4704 Get Directions: To here – From here After going to Geek Fair, Roots Brewing, and Sushi Takahashi, we went over to Voodoo Doughnuts, because…because it's freaking awesome and Geek Activities + Beer + Sushi + Doughnut= LOVE.

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Sushi Takahashi-3

July 22 Daily Stank Image Bank IV: Sushi Takahashi

Sushi Takahashi is one of my favorite places in Portland. I go there often as the food is good and priced super cheap. Wednesday evenings and Saturday are discount days on the already cheapness. Also, I like Saki ;) and the food is on TRAIN!!! Yesterday, After going to Geek Fair and Roots Brewery, I […]

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Party at Danny Glover's House in the Pearl

I ran across this just now. I constantly try to get Zach's Shack to create a “Danny Glover Dog”, but partying at Danny Glover's House–even better: “It's been 2 months since the 1st Pearl District After Party..we had 275 happy guest..Well if you thought that was cool…Now we have a $1.2 Million 3 level Townhouse […]

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Hot Lips Car

Hot Lips article – sustainable practices, local ingredients

From PortlandOnline: Ten years ago, HOTLIPS Pizza owner David Yudkin began adopting sustainable business practices to create a niche in a competitive market. Operating a sustainable pizza shop has created, "a better product and a better workplace," says Yudkin. One initiative, using locally grown food, has yielded myriad benefits for the company and the community. […]

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Morrison Hotel Opens Doors and Shuts Down Your Liver

Chris Joseph, owner of the Blue Monk, has a new project opening next week–The Morrison Hotel. Here is a note from Chris: Chris Joseph here. I'm the owner of Morrison Hotel we will open next week Tuesday! We are going to be offering Mediterranean street food and about 80 bottles of local and imported beers […]

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July 11–Artist Community (MilePost 5) Opens with free wine and food

In case you missed it, that was “FREE wine and food”–see you there! The Milepost 5 vision is that of a vital, empowering, supportive artists' community. It is a vision of opportunity where working artists across disciplines, at all stages of their careers, can afford to buy or rent — to live, work, and create […]

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Catfish, Music, and good ol' Americana tonight at Slabtown

My question to DJ HWY 7: Fish fry? Answer from DJ HWY 7 That's right. We'll be deep-fryin' catfish all night long up in Slabtown that night…… With hushpuppies and coleslaw to boot! Go's great with beer and summer. So come on down and gitcha some. And if you love it, you can come on […]

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The Chesterfield

Reminder: The Chesterfield/The Rocket Building openning tonight!

Pics and Info from earlier post

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