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Urban Tellers @ Portland Story Theater

Win Tickets ($40): Urban Tellers @ Portland Story Theater | Live Storytelling Event, Drinks, Appetizers

The May 11, 2013 show features 6 Urban Tellers: Jodi Sweetman, Barbara Jeppesen, John Gorman, Aaron Hartling, Tina Remacle, and Maura Conlon-McIvor. Real. True. Stories.

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Last Night: Cowboy Mouth @ Coho Productions | September 28

Posted by Tiffany Garner Stage readings are interesting things. They are a quick and easy way to get some theater into your life but they kind of leave you wanting more. I recently attended the stage reading of Cowboy Mouth at the charming CoHo Theater in NW Portland (2257 NW Raleigh St). Written in 1971 […]

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Tonight: "COMPANY" The Musical Opens This With Food Bank Fundraiser – Two Cans Get You In!

From our partners at JANE a theater company Fall is here and theater season is upon us! JANE a theater company, in partnership with BrunDog Productions, is proud to announce that its lush, Broadway-style production of Stephen Sondheim's beloved musical "COMPANY" is back — and better than ever — with a new run Sept. 25 […]

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Chariots of Rubber is Back @ Interstate Firehouse | August 20-29

I was bummed that I missed Chariots of Fire at Theater Theater. I heard great things about it, the plot sounds pretty funny and the cast…well, that cast is built to party. Plus, there is this tagline: “There will be smoke, cars, carnage, singing, a live rock band, talking nipples, sign language, and blood.” Last […]

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Last Weekend: Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead @ Coho Theater

Related: 75+ Portland Weekend Events & Parties: July 30-August 2 Posted by Kristen Imes An Hour and a Half Filled with Death, Sex, Drugs, Violence, and Homosexuality? Good GRIEF! Snoopy killed Woodstock and in turn, is, well, killed / "put down" / call it what you will. Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, […]

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imago theater: desperation

Portland Theater: Imago Stage Two Original One-Acts | July 10-11 & 17-18

Posted by Sasha Burchuk Veterans of the Imago Theatre Stage Two Original One-Acts The lights go down and the theatre is drowned in darkness. The air is heavy with the sounds of whales. For half a minute you loose your sense of place. Out of this murky underwater midnight comes Bryce Flint-Sommerville's new play, Breaching. […]

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Portland Opera: Rigoletto at Keller Auditorium | May 14, 16

Portland Opera: Rigoletto at Keller Auditorium | May 14, 16

Posted by Saundra Sorenson A libertine, the tears of a clown, countless broken hymens… yes, it is Portland Opera's own staging of Rigoletto, and it is (to borrow a phrase overheard in Keller) superb. Like many self-respecting operas, Verdis's Rigoletto is political satire. But unlike, say, Mozart's Marriage of Figaro (which softened the edges of […]

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The Illusion, Porltand, Oregon

Portland Theater: The Illusion at Public Playhouse | Last Weekend

This is the last weekend to the Illusion. Unfortunately, we slacked and didn't get someone out to cover this. However, I have heard nothing but positive reviews. This last weekend will most likely be packed, so you I suggest buying the tickets online/beforehand. Tonight is also Thursday discount night. From Public Playhouse: Public Playhouse closes […]

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3rd floor Sketch Comedy, Portland, Oregon

"THE 3RD FLOOR: XXVI" – a sketch comedy spectacular: March 20, 21 | Miracle Theater

By Stephanie El-Hajj Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a comedy YouTube channel sans the loading between videos, or buffering interruptions, or annoying popups? Better yet, streamed…. LIVE? Ah, I can see you're intrigued. 3rd Floor, a Portland sketch comedy group comprised of the hilarious Michael Fetters, Melik Malkasian, Ted […]

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How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found | Portland Center Stage

[ Video=Cody Nickell draws winning name in our twitter ticket giveaway] “I don’t ever leave the stage,” actor Cody Nickell explains. “It’s an exhausting journey that this guy Charlie takes. I had to learn to pace myself, so I’m not exhausted at the end of the day.” Nickell landed in Portland with his wife Kate […]

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Twitter Giveaway: "How To Disappear" Tickets From Portland Center Stage

I saw “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found” at Portland Center Stage last week. I am not a theater critic, but I do know entertainment–and this is highly entertaining. The set is fantastic as were the performances. You will enjoy this show. In addition, we are giving away a pair of tickets to […]

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Portland Skyline

Portland Weekend: Art, Music, Film, Theater, Free Beer | February 5-8

Leigh Feldman just sent over his Portland Party email for the weekend. If you want to get this weekly email of Portland event information (You Should), email him at and tell him Pipeline sent ya. Events in red are known to be good* From Leigh: So much going on this week at the end […]

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Fall of the house, portland, oregon

Fall of the House: Season Four Opener | Portland Theater

By Meagan Kate As a lover of improvisational comedy as well as twenty-somethings with filthy mouths and webisodes – I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy the season four opener of Fall of the House last Friday. I wasn't prepared, however, for how damn good the show would be. The improv series surrounds […]

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Fall of the house, portland, oregon

Fall of the House is Back at Action Adventure

The first episode of Fall of the House Season 4 starts tomorrow night. If you miss this weekend, there are three more episodes left in this season–BUT really–see them all. Somehow, I missed the first two seasons of this show. But after seeing one last season, I will miss no more. It is hilarious, and […]

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Mortified, Someday Lounge

Everyone Loves Mortified | Someday Lounge: January 23, 24

Mortified is one of the best events this weekend in Portland. As you can see, it is loved by all the media in Portland except us. That ends this weekend when the Pipeline rolls on down to Someday and jumps on this praise wagon. We will not be DENIED from the praise list want to […]

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Apollo, Portland, Center Stage

Apollo Opening Night at Portland Center Stage | January 17

Apollo opens tomorrow night at Portland Center stage. If the mixing of Nazis, the space-race, and the civil rights movement doesn't pique your interest (what's wrong with you?), how about this bit of strangeness for Saturday's performance: Normally, Portland Center Stage has a strict no cell phone in the theater policy. But we thought that […]

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Labyrinth of Desire - image from

This play smells like musk: A review of The Labyrinth of Desire

posted by diana bayless The Miracle Theatre Group (525 SE Stark) is now in the middle of its run of an intimate-set play called The Labyrinth of Desire. The theatre is more known for its Spanish spoken plays, but Caridad Svich adapted a Lope de Vega play into an English-language script, and Devon Allen directs […]

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Reminder 2: Waiting for Lefty | Oct 5-20

From Julian Chadwick: Time is running out…and this is rather nice Theater & more @ Performance Works NW October 13th, 2007 — lindapaustin | Waiting for Lefty | Oct 5-20 Please join us for Clifford Odet's 1935 classic Waiting for Lefty at Performance Works Northwest Oct. 5th -20th. Part fist-pumping protest play and part old-fashioned […]

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