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Our sponsors @ Shanrocks:
I am Trivia Jock ShanRock, and my team and I create and host fun and unique pub quizzes in beautiful Portland, Oregon. It’s free to play, and the team victorious walks away with cash or prizes . . . and perhaps more importantly, glory! Have you tried the rest? Now try the best!

Willamette Week’s Best of Portland 2007, and the Portland Mercury’s Best Trivia Night that is! Also, I am thrilled to have been selected Best Entertainer In North Portland, Town’s Terrific-est TJ, and most recently, my La Merde Triviology was awarded the Portland Monthly title of Best Bar To Play!

About the Pub Quizzery

Triviology pub quizzes are free to play, last a couple of hours, and are composed of seven short rounds, giving teams instant gratification for their efforts. Team size can range from one – five players, with prizes for everyone on the winning team. Questions are thoroughly researched and cover a wide variety of topics. Here’s my standard format (play the sample quiz here!) 


Quizzes from ShanRock’s Triviology: fun & free, with prizes!

  • Mondays @ 9:00
    Hawthorne Hophouse
    4111 SE Hawthorne
    *Their happy hour starts at trivia time, and includes $3 wells and a $4 food menu of “exceptional pub grub” including poutine, people! Naturally, being a hophouse, they have a spectacular array of craft beers, too. This venue offers growlers & gift certificates for the TWO highest scoring teams!
  • Mondays @ 8:00
    15th Avenue Hophouse
    1517 NE Brazee
    *We’ve had such great booming success at the original Hawthorne Hophouse, that we’ve doubled the fun at their sister venue! Join us for fun, the happy hour, the prizes (gift certificates to the bar for the top two teams!), the cornucopia of beer flavors, and ShanRock!
  • Tuesdays @ 7:00
    2338 NE Alberta Street
    *Cruzroom represents Triviology’s exclusive engagement on Alberta! This unique bar has received glowing praises in the press – here’s the proof! I must confess I have spent many late night hours at the Cruzroom, eating their scrumptiously unique tacos and drinking their home-made, fruit-infused tequila and vodka … y’know, doing research!
  • Tuesdays @ 8:00
    Speakeasy @ 609 SE Taylor Ave.
    *Sneak on down to The Speakeasy for quizzery with Paul! He rocks the Triviology, and awards $30 in bar cash to the victorious team. Kids, that buys you a lot of booze & grub at this rad little bar! Come for the trivia, stay for the shuffleboard!
  • Tuesdays @ 7:30
    4901 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
    Compete for cash, only at Sewickly’s! In addition to prizes, the good people at this venue put up a buck for each brain that plays the pub quiz, and the victorious team wins the whole pot! And that’s not all . . . the champions also get to choose the drink special for the following Tuesday.
  • Wednesdays @ 7 p.m.
    Peter’s Bar & Grill @ 5701 NE Fremont St.
    *Peter’s is where Triviology began, just before the Trivia Boom of Ought Five. Three years ago, we retired that venue. And now, with Peter’s under fun and friendly new ownership, we have relaunched the original Triviology game! This is where the magic started, and it continues; Peter’s was voted your favorite Triviology Bar for 2014!
  • Wednesdays @ 8 p.m.
    Foggy Notion@ 3416 N Lombard
    Foggy Notion, “North Portland’s kick-ass music and pinball joint,” has twice won the coveted “Favorite Venue” trophy at Triviology’s annual Clash of the Trivia Titans! Uber-fun owner/bartender Mel dashes back and forth from behind the bar to answer trivia questions, while serving up home-made pierogies & cheap drinks (she has also been known to buy shots as a donkey prize for the lowest scoring team)! Join trivia jock Margaret for the fun!
  • Thursdays @ 7:00
    Bare Bones @ 2900 SE Belmont
    My trivia jockeys and I have spent several nights in this bar, researching & testing its grilled sandwiches & bourbon for you, just to make sure they are of the very best quality…SUCCESS! Join trivia jockey Paul here for booze slushies!
  • Thursdays @ 9:00
    La Merde
    @ 301 SE Morrison
    Congratulations to La Merde for being selected over all of my other venues as Portland Monthly’s Best Bar to Play in 2010! Perhaps the most coveted prizes in Triviology history are the La Merde T-shirts which read: “I Was ‘The Shit’ at Trivia Night!” So very rad! As an added bonus, enjoy the culinary stylings of the legendary Montage while savoring a finely crafted cocktail. ShanRock is your hostess at this venue.
  • Every Other Sunday @ 6
    East Burn
    @ 1800 E. Burnside
    After years of ShanRock’s thematic “lunar quizzes,” the people have insisted that once a month ain’t enough! Therefore, she has bowed to the will of the people: every Sunday at East Burn will now be a night of Weekly Geekery, in which you will be called upon to answer questions about beloved movies, books, TV shows that you have been looking for an excuse to revisit for the hundredth time. Check for the most recent updates on upcoming topics. And yes…we do take theme requests!