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First Thursday @ Seven Planet With Aerosol Artist Rai Villanueva

Posted by Meagan Kate Live art. Free drinks. Cheap clothes. Green space. Local aerosol artist Rai Villanueva (mentioned here last month) will be featured at tonight's First Thursday event at seven planet. Rai will begin working on a 7'x7' piece (one of the largest she's worked on) at 7pm; the finished piece (whatever it may […]

Old town Get Down

Old Town Get Down New Years Party | Groundkontrol & Backspace

As was previously mentioned, Ground Knontrol and Backspace are throwing a New Years Party again. Here are the official details from Art: More 2008/2009 Portland New Years event info here “OLD TOWN GET DOWN” 2008! Willamette Week and Rockstar Energy Drink have teamed up with Backspace and Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade to bring you the […]

Reggie Watts at Someday Lounge

Someday Lounge New Years Eve Party: Reggie Watts | Midnight Toast

Some nice Old Town New Years Eve party* action at the Someday. From Someday Lounge: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31 New Years Eve with REGGIE WATTS performing “Temporal Distortion”, with DJ DUNDIGGY, and BEN DARWISH —9pm, $18.00 advance $20.00 at the door What happens when we really listen? What happens when we decide as a species to […]

ladies of the rib at backspace, portland, oregon

First Thursday at Backspace | Ladies of the Rib | Group Show

Backspace has pulled together an all-star group of women for First Thursday's show. After/Before you stop by the Everett Station Lofts, be sure to go by this show (and Floating World Comics, Ground Kontrol, etc). Information from Anna Todaro (of the famous Core Art Gallery): Ladies of the Rib: with new paintings by Anna Todaro, […]

pdx pedicab, portland, oregon

PDX Pedicab Old Town Tours | Eco-Tourism | Every Sunday

"On this special audio tour of Old Town, you'll hear about the people who were here from the beginning–and made Portland their home." Portland has some great fall weather this weekend, and tomorrow should be even sunnier and warmer than today. There might not be many more Sundays like this for six months nine months […]

Brent Wear, Core Art Gallery

First Thursday at Core Art Gallery | Brent Wear | Also, VP Debate

Looks what's happening at the smallest art gallery (often surrounded by the biggest party) in Portland. Also, VP debate's on “Patrick's TV”. A message from Anna: This month in the Core, we will be showcasing new paintings by Portland Artist Brent Wear. You can usually find Brent working in his studio at the Egg, above […]

.... Really?

Hung Far Low Building: Daily Stank Image Bank | + Pok-Pok

Hung Far Low Building 112 NW 4th Ave Portland, OR 97209 Photo By sonoazure *Pok Pok is moving in there! Sweet** More (semi-)Daily Stank Image Bank photos here If you would like your picture to appear in the "Daily Stank Image Bank", add it to the Pdx Pipeline Flickr Group. Update: some info about Pok […]

Someday Lounge

Portland Radio Authority Electronic Music Benefit Show | September 21

From Saffron at PRA: PRA is moving to a new location! (www.leftbankproject.com) We're holding an electronic music benefit show to raise funds for building materials and an electrician.  The evening features live PA acts and DJs from local talents and our headliner who recently moved here from the UK.  See you there!! Moss (Pork Records, […]

kids Of Widney High

July 10: Kids of Widney High in Portland | Floating World Comics & Backspace

The Kids of Widney High are on their West Coast Tour and will be in Portland tomorrow performing at Backspace. Before that performance, they will be at Floating World. Click here for more Portland events in July Message/Press Release from Jason of Floating World: This very special tour—the first time that many of the Kids, […]


Someday Lounge-  The Next Big Thing - 5th Ave St Fair -

July 4: Old Town Fourth of July Event | Beer Garden, Contests, Music

Watch a live stream of the Waterfront Park fireworks projected on big screens, and since you are so close, you'll hear them as well. Here is an Old Town/Chinatown Portland Fourth of July Party. Click here for more Portland Fourth of July Events From Summer/Art of Politics: Announcing the Official Art of Politics Poster Launch […]

First Thursday, Core Gallery, Portland

July 3: First Thursday Portland | "Not for the Faint of Heart"

A message from Anna: Please join us this first thursday for a look into the Apocalypse… …As Portland Artists Troy John McCray and Tim Rickard base an art experiment on the seamingly inevitable idea of Global Warming. All I will say is that it involves Ice, Oil, Lasers, and Fog; and a really cool soundtrack!! […]

Spinnaface, Pala Lounge, Dj Magneto, Portland

June 14: Dj Magneto and Spinnaface | Pala Lounge

Just saw Manny/DJ MAGNETO down at the bike jousting in Colonel Summers Park. If you are heading down there, tall-bike jousting was still going on about 30 minutes ago. Anyway, Magneto and Spinnaface will be down at Pala Lounge tonight. Tonight's Flyer:

Rampage Arcade Game Screenshot

May 29: Unlimited Play at Ground Kontrol for $5

The day has FINALLY arrived! I have been looking forward to this for a couple weeks now. The last time I was at Ground Kontrol, I blew more than $5 in twenty minutes on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Rampage. Look out this time Shredder and cities of the world, I got five on it […]

Avalon, SE Belmont, Portland, Oregon, 97214

May 29: Lawn of the Limp, Portland's Hot Little Hands dance troupe

Lawn of the Limp Out of the depths of imagination comes Lawn of the Limp, a new whimsical offering from Portland's own Hot Little Hands dance troupe. Birthed from the fantastic storyboards of collaborators David Stein and Suniti Dernovsek, behold as the chimera of daydreams and gentle nightmares leap and writhe to the elaborate soundscape […]

March 28: Dave Allen and DJ Izm – tonight at East in Chinatown | MP3s

Me and Juliette Lewis in Japan with a photo-shopped DJ Izm muscling in…. DJ Izm and me spent Wednesday night in the Nemo shed working out a cool set that we'll road test at East in Chinatown tonight and then next week we'll really be rocking the house at a private party somewhere in downtown […]

Someday Lounge-  Portland, Oregon, 97209

March 16: A Benefit for Basic Rights Oregon | Someday Lounge | Backspace


Repeat After Me, Floating World Comics, Portland, Oregon

March 6th – "REPEAT AFTER ME" – Sean Christensen, Catherine Peach, Stefan Saito

“REPEAT AFTER ME” Sean Christensen AwesomeButTrue / Catherine Peach / Stefan Saito March 1st Thursday at Floating World welcomes back Sean Christensen, founder of the Awesome But True Electric Institute, an art collective that includes artists from Portland and a growing global network of artists from all over the world. For this group show he […]

Feb 9: Oh No They Didn't | Dave Matthews Tribute Band | Dante's Inferno

Wow…oh yes they did. Is Dave Matthews a musical genius or simply a musical prodigy? You decide tonight at Dante's Inferno. wow… Hailing from Buffalo, NY, this five-piece group brings not only the musical expertise to recreate one of the most exhilarating live shows on earth, but also brings an abundance of energy onstage night […]

Chris Haberman, Everett Lofts, Core Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Feb 7: Smallest Art Gallery In Portland | Chris Haberman

Here is another First Thursday show. The Everett Lofts are one of my favorite places to hit up on First Thursdays. No disrespect the traditional galleries that show on First Thursday, but Old Town's shows have a lot more energy and uniqueness. If you've been dodging First Thursday because of the perceived stodginess of the […]

Dr Sketchy's show at Dante's Inferno, Portland, Oregon

Jan 30: Dr. Sketchy's | "When Cabaret Meets Art School" | Dantes Inferno

It is Wednesday in Portland…really, what is there better to do than Dr. Sketchy's drawing class and Xotica GoGo?  From earlier post: You pay a little cash (goes to models), bring your sketchbook, and draw pictures of cabaret models. The show is put on by "London" of Suicide Girl fame. I wonder how one could […]

Jan 23: Cougar @ Tiger | DJ Meee-owww | BarFly | Free

From Miss Jen Lane/Barfly: See a real life cougar in ack-shawn at the Tiger Bar, when Miss Jen Lane of BarFly fame plays deejay for your aural pleasure. Come ready to dance! Wednesday, January 23rd 10pm-2:30am DJ Meee-owww a.k.a. Miss Jen Lane of BarFly Fame at Tiger Bar 317 NW Broadway Free!

Dec 31: Prince vs Michael Jackson | Berbati's | "I Wanna Be Your Lover" takes a swing at "PYT" | BombHipHop

From Berbatti's: Prince and associated artists go toe-to-toe on the dance floor against Michael and the Jackson family – this is the ultimate dance party! DJ's mix album cuts, remixes, rare tracks and classics from their extensive music collections to battle it out on the turntables. This face-off always promises to be a dance marathon […]

"Old Town Get Down" New Years Block Party, Portland, Oregon

"Old Town Get Down" New Years Block Party | "specials that we cannot legally mention"

Hmmm, unmentionable specials. Interesting. This was sent over from Stephan at Viso Beverages. "Old Town Get Down" New Years Block PartyWe all hate paying a $30.00 cover on New Years Eve, only to be let down after all of the hype. Well, here's your solution! VISO Beverage and Willamette Week are throwing a block party […]

Exotic Magazine, Sinferno, Datne's. Portland Oregon, 97204, Burnside,

Reminder Dec 16 | Sinferno at Dante's | "naughty or not!" with Exotic Magazine and Taboo Video

I've been to a couple Sinferno shows and had a good time. This one looks to be even better than the regular show. From earlier post: Dec 16 | Sinferno at Dante's | "naughty or not!" with Exotic Magazine and Taboo Video December 13, 2007 — Julian Chadwick |   Yeah…now this is one of […]

Exotic Magazine, Sinferno, Datne's. Portland Oregon, 97204, Burnside,

Dec 16 | Sinferno at Dante's | "naughty or not!" with Exotic Magazine and Taboo Video

Yeah…now this is one of those special Portland events for sure. Ah, the PDX…yep From Exotic Magazine: Please join us and Taboo Video to celebrate the holidays in Exotic style at Sinferno Sunday, december 16th @10pm. Santa will be there with his list, so get on it, naughty or not!

Caves Music, Portland Oregon,

Dec 8 | "Tonight is going to be a(nother) lesson in smash-nose dirt-kick partying"—Caves at Club Satyricon

Caves are playing tonight at Satyricon along with The Lives Of Famous Men, Nickel Arcade, Speaker Rhodes, The Real You, & A Pedestrian Life $8 | All Ages | 125 NW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97209 from an earlier post: Oct: 26 "Tonight is going to be a lesson in smash-nose dirt-kick partying"—Caves Album Release […]

Weltall, Bombs Into You, The Hand That Bleeds @ Backspace -  Saturday December 8th

Weltall, Bombs Into You, The Hand That Bleeds @ Backspace – Saturday December 8th

From Jared of Bombs Into You: Hey Julian – we have a show coming up this Saturday at Backspace.  Here are the details: Weltall, Bombs Into You, The Hand That Bleeds @ Backspace –  Saturday December 8th Address: 118 NW Couch, Time: 8pm, Cost: $5 links: www.bombsintoyou.com, www.myspace.com/bombsintoyou www.myspace.com/handthatbleeds


Dec 5 | JoeeIrwin at Tube | "Amazing", "The Most Fun",

Here is a hint if you want to get your event put on pdx pipeline; Talk about yourself in th 3rd person (do it all the time myself), use lines from Zoolander (I do that as well) and brag about yourself…in this case say you are “the most fun”. Also, buying me beer helps…really, really […]

Dr Sketchy's show at Dante's Inferno, Portland, Oregon

Dec 5 Reminder: "Costumes, Drinks, drawing and debauchery" at Dante's Inferno

*Edit: Message from Nicki about the event after the jump* From Earlier Post:   Dec 5: Draw Pictures of (or just look at) Hot Cabaret Models at Dante's—"When Cabaret Meets Art School" December 2, 2007 — Julian Chadwick |   I was told by MJ/Mirage (rumor has it she will be wearing a pink candy […]

Dr Sketchy's show at Dante's Inferno, Portland, Oregon

Dec 5: Draw Pictures of (or just look at) Hot Cabaret Models at Dante's–"When Cabaret Meets Art School"

I was told by MJ/Mirage (rumor has it she will be wearing a pink candy theme outfit) about this event Wednesday. You pay a little cash (goes to models), bring your sketchbook, and draw pictures of cabaret models. Apparently, it is done by “London” of Suicide Girl fame. I wonder how one could possibly get […]

KPSU Magazine party at Ground Kontrol, Portland, Oregon

Nov 27: KPSU Magazine's second issue with FREE PLAY at Ground Kontrol

From KPSU: Come celebrate the release of KPSU Magazine's second issue with FREE PLAY, performances by Copacrescent, Alan Singley & Pants Machine, and Deer or the Doe, and DJ stylings of KPSU's finest. LIVE MUSIC! BEER! ALL GAMES FREE ALL NIGHT! DJs! …and it's cheap!! Only $5 :) Come one, come all! Ground Kontrol Classic […]

Nov 23: Stuff From Around The Sun– Book Sale, Bagdad Theater, Someday Lounge + More

From Amy at Around The Sun Blog…there is more this weekend so take a look: Bagdad Theater & Pub is hosting a local comedy showcase at 10:20 pm. Ages 21 and over. For more information, visit Bagdad website. Someday Lounge is hosting The Fix starring Rev Shines of Lifesavas, Ohmega Watts, DJ Kez, and DJ Dun […]

Lady Bug Mecca at Pala Lounge, Portland, Oregon

Reminder Nov 17: "(She) be to rap what key be to lock"—Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), Freddy Fresh at Pala!

From earlier Post: Nov 17: "(She) be to rap what key be to lock"—Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), Freddy Fresh at Pala! November 12, 2007 — Julian Chadwick  There was a brief period in my life (mid 88- mid 91) where I mostly shunned hip-hop and only listened to Suicidal Tendencies, Flaming Lips, Chainsaw Kittens, Fishbone, […]