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Win T-Shirts ($56): PeteyX T-Shirt Timbers / Trail Blazers by Grafletics| Portlandia’s Put a Bird on It, Holiday Gift Idea

Grafletics embraces this mantra and pays tribute to it in an entirely new way. PeteyX is PDX: A character we created who loves the Blazers, Timbers, PDX Carpet and the City of Roses as much as we do.

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Fez Ballroom, Flyer

Electric Feel at the Fez: A Deeply Satisfying Dancegasm | February 21

By Kimberly Gehl She got the power in her hand…To shock you like you won't believe. The “she” is DJ Rhienna, whose new hot dance party “Electric Feel” has its second night this Saturday (‘Portland is better than Brooklyn' + Weekend Events: February 19-22 ) at the Fez. “I chose the name (after the MGMT song),” […]

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Imbibe, Portland, Oregon

OMSI Science Pub | Nanotechnology | September 22nd

The next OMSI Science Pub is at Imbibe on SE Hawthorne.  Grab a brew and learn something about nanotechnology on September 22nd. OMSI Science Pub Nanotechnology: New Science for Society and the Environment 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Happy Hour from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Come early for food and drinks! Imbibe Restaurant & Lounge […]

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NW Chocolate festival party | September 13th

On Saturday night, the NW Chocolate festival gala is happening at the Gerding Theater: Get down to the live dance music, delicately taste lots'n'lots of chocolate, enjoy drinks and performance art. This is the ultimate celebration of chocolate in all its forms accompanied by live music, beer, wine and all-night dancing and decadence. The party […]

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June 6: PNCA's MFA Show Opening at Worksound

From Modou: BETA — The first annual art exhibition of MFA students' work from The Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) and album release of Elie Charpentier's, “My Accurate Imagination” to be held Friday June 6, 6pm at Worksound Gallery. Portland, OR June 1, 2008 — Worksound Gallery is pleased to showcase the work of […]

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I have seen every Portland website

I was using the StumbleUpon browser the other day to discover new Portland websites, and got this message: You have seen all portland pages. Explore others… The URL I then switched to searching for “Pdx” pages, and got this message soon after. You have seen all pdx pages. Explore others… The URL Therefore, Portland people, […]

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Light Night Social

Jan 17: Downtown Bike Gallery | Beer, Wine, Snacks, and Blinkies!

Light Night Social at Downtown Bike Gallery (Thu Jan 17 – 6:30pm). Are you in the dark about night riding? Time to light —up! On Thursday January 17 (6:30-9:00pm), the Downtown Bike Gallery is hosting the Light Night Social. Lights are the law after dark, but we love them for the safety and fun they […]

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Panther 14KT God Nemo Design Pampelmoose

Panther drops new album, 14KT God

Photos by Ingrid Renan Portland's Panther began as a one-man project but on the new album, 14KT God, Panther is now a two-headed beast comprised of Charlie Salas-Humara (The Planet The) on vocals, cello, guitar, and keys and Joe Kelly (31 Knots) on drums. Twice the fun basically. For those of you non-Portland based readers […]

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Hot Mess, The Tube, 18 NW 3rd, Portland, OR 97209

Daily Stank Image Bank: Destroy Hot Mess at The Tube

After going to the Destroy Store for Charlie Alan Kraft's First Friday show, we went down to the Tube for Hot Mess. It was a good time, and there were a lot of people. It was packed by 11:45 or so when we ducked out to venture back to the Eastside for buckets of bourbon […]

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Lisa Nelson

Performance Works NorthWest in 2008

*Julian Edit: There is a lot of info here. Please go past the read more jump for all of it* Happy 2008! Here are some events and activities to start off the new year on YouTube, at PWNW, and around the city! On YouTube for videos of The Boris & Natasha Dancers & circus me […]

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Kiss My Ass Cake, Lelo in Nopo, Portland, Oregon

Jan 11: Ballot Measure 9 | Film Screening and Reception

This was sent over from LeLo in NoPo (thanks LeAnn) of cupcake baking fame: Ballot Measure 9: Film Screening and Reception Friday, January 11th, 2008, 7pm (cocktail reception 6:30pm), Q Center, 69 SE Taylor The Sundance-winning feature Ballot Measure 9 is the chilling chronicle of the historic battle we fought here in Oregon in 1992 […]

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Portland Bottle Recylcing

SE Hawthorne Fred Meyer Going Green

I just saw this over at the Daily Journal of Commerce (Portland, Oregon). It appears that the Fred Meyer in my neighborhood (Sunnyside baby!) will be LEED certified next year. Great! I look forward to taking back my cans to the most environmentally-friendly Fred Meyer in the U.S. Hawthorne Fred Meyer eyes LEED certification POSTED: […]

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Untraceable | Filmed in Portland | Coming out January 25th

I was watching the new Colbert Report (thank you!) and I saw an ad for Untraceable. I didn;t think it would be ready so soon, as I wrote this in the spring of last year: Untraceable filming info: Pictures, Videos, and News April 11, 2007 — Julian Chadwick |Untraceable, a film staring Diane Lane and Colin […]

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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Jan 7: Movie Night at Aalto Lounge | Overboard | "lots of sweaty 80's (trailer) s-e-x"

Just got an email from the M.O.B. himself about tonight's movie night. I got this lovely picture from The Daily Mail. I have to say that I am a fan of this movie, although I haven't seen it in many years. This is what I remember though. Kurt Russell and family trick Goldie Hawn that […]

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Various at Branx, Monkeytek, Ryan Organ, Meccaa, Coda

Jan 5: Various at Branx | Monkeytek | Ryan Organ | Mecca | Coda

I was at the last Various. So were a lot of people. There will again be so tonight. MONKEYTEK – Lo Dubs, Subfm, pdxindub,com RYAN ORGAN – Aleutian Audio, Offshore Reecordings, KPSU MECCA – Mad Kraft, NW Dub Alliance CODA – pdxdnb.com 10pm, 21 & up, $5. every first Saturday at Branx- 320 SE 2nd […]

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Boy Eats Drum Machine

Jan 3: Boy Eats Drum Machine at Doug Fir | Watch Video Here

Boy Eats Drum Machine is playing at the Doug Fir tonight. Here is an earlier post (plus video) about them by the Moose: boy eats drum machine live at nemo design August 19, 2007 — The Moose |  So Pampelmoose threw a party at the combined Moose and Nemo Design HQ warehouse last month. For those […]

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Caves Poster, Holocene, Portland, Oregon

Jan 4: Caves, Ohmega Watts, Gejius | Holocene | "smash-nose dirt-kick partying"

Just got this from Jake for their show tomorrow at Holocene. Should be good. I also beleive this is the second post today referring to an article written by NILINA (including the Hot Mess post). She's out on the scene. Show details: Holocene January 4th Caves ( Serial f##k ups) Gejius (Self-made audio stylist) Da'rel […]

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Sarah P Stumptown Art Show

Sarah's Opening (not that one, perv)

The Mayor of Belmont has written in about tonight's art show at Stumptown mentioned in the previous post. Julian, Portland-based illustrator Sarah Peters is having an art opening tonight at Stumptown Downtown (128 SW 3rd Ave.). Her moody and precise line illustrations of sinking ships, crisscrossed power lines, and nude women in compromising poses have […]

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Hot Mess Photo from Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon

Jan 4 = First Fridays = Leigh and Aaron + Hot Mess + The Tube

It's First “—days” in Portland. That means it is Hot Mess time again. Leigh wrote me that the party would get me laid (he used a general “you”, but I am sure it was pointed directly at me). It did not, but it did get me free HighLife (that's champagne baby)! Message from Leigh: HOT […]

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Sarah, arch-nemisis of Julian Chadwick

Jan 3: First Thursdays at Stumptown with My Arch-Nemesis

I was just informed that my Arch-Nemesis is having an art exhibit at Stumptown Downtown tonight (6-8PMish I believe) . More details about this developing story are coming later from the M.O.B.

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Media Arts Fellowship Offered to Oregon Filmmakers | Up To $15,000

From Jessica at the NorthWest Film Center: Media Arts Fellowship Offered to Oregon Filmmakers A fund has been established for Oregon filmmakers to provide financial support for production expenses to enable Oregon film or video artists to create or complete new work, or works in progress.  Media artists will be able to apply for up […]

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Life in Pictures, Floating World Comics

Jan 3: First Thursday | Stanley Kubrick Has Warped 19 Local Artists

From Jason at Floating World Comics: FLOATING WORLD COMICS PRESENTS: "A LIFE IN PICTURES" GROUP SHOW WITH 19 LOCAL ARTISTS, LOOSELY UNITED BY A STANLEY KUBRICK DOCUMENTARY THAT I ASKED EACH OF THE ARTISTS TO WATCH LAST MONTH. (b&w poster by Lukas Ketner) (color poster by Riley Parker) This January Floating World Comics is proud […]

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Happy 2008 | I'm Never Leaving Portland Again.

I was visiting friends and family in the “heartland” and the South this last week. In one of these “true American” cities, I told a gas station that their water-hose was running on the side of the building and it appeared that it had for quite some time. They didn't seem to care (it was […]

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Kiss My Ass Cake, Lelo in Nopo, Portland, Oregon

Jan 2: Candlelight Vigil in Response to Lemons v. Bradbury | "It's just another kick in the stomach. Again."

PDX PIPELINE isn't in the politics game. Yet, we are also not in the eliminating-people's-rights-based-on-foolish-bigotry game either (We are in the multi-dash game). So, I wanted to point out the stupidity and disgrace that was this ruling and a protest taking place tomorrow. Also, wanted to show you some rather nice cupcakes…Mmmmm…cupcakes. Below is an […]

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1001 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR, 97214- Holocene

Dec 31: Holocene | "All presale tickets are gone, online and everywhere else."

I just got this from Holocene. It looks like it will be packed. You have about an hour and a half to get over to buy one of the last 100 tickets. Here's some info about tonight's New Year's festivities at Holocene: All presale tickets are gone, online and everywhere else. There will be 100 […]

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Portland Tattoo, Tiny's Coffee Hawthorne, 1412 Se 12th ave, 97214

10 New Years Shows/Events in Portland

Update: 2008/2009 Portland New Years event info here And don't forget– Free Trimet Rides on New Years Eve "Old Town Get Down" New Years Block Party | “specials that we cannot legally mention” Dec 31: Muu-Muu's Restaurant & Bar | "Paying cover charges is for saps" Dec 31: "Mattress Monday was invented in 1868 by […]

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homonym at Bar of Gods in PDX, Portland, Oregon

Dec 31: Muu-Muu's Restaurant & Bar | "Paying cover charges is for saps"

If you are in the Northwest, another party without a Cover (I know, I know). This one, like at Beulahland, also features a 3M DJ. Message from Mr. Homonym: Free party at Muu Muu's for you Northwest heads Stop by and get some dinner before getting in your diaper and sash to howl at the […]

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Battleship Oregon Memorial, SW Oak and Waterfront Park, Portland, McCall's Restaurant, SW Main and Waterfront Park, new years day ride, pdx, oregon, se portland, bta, Brett Jarolimek Memorial Fund,

Jan 1: New Years Day Bike Ride and Potluck | Waterfront Park and McCall's Resturant

From the BTA Blog: This New Years Day, roll out of bed late and join us at noon for the 50-year-old New Years Day Ride! We'll start at the Battleship Oregon Memorial in Waterfront Park and will cruise on an easy, family friendly route around the river and through SE Portland, before returning to McCall's […]

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Portland Skyline, PDX PIPELINE

new years in portland, oregon

Happy New Years From PDXPIPELINE. Click here for Portland New Years info.

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Atom 13 on the Booze Cruise

Dec 31: Atom 13 at Beulahland | No Cover | Champagne Toast

Boom! The “No Cover” New Years Show. Message from A-One-Trey: spend your m$ney on drinks & drugs, not cover. or better yet. buy somthing that will last past that hangover tomorrow. what i'm saying is spend new years at BUELAHLAND. dress to show the new year how ya feel, REAL GOOD. and remember to vote […]

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Tiger Bar, Portland, Orgegon, Smoochknob, Smoochgirls

Dec 31: Smooch Knob | Smooch Girls | Tiger Bar

From Scarah Smooch: Smoochknob and The Smoochgirls Performing Tiger Bar 317 NW Broadway Portland, Oregon 97209 New Years Eve 12.31.07 Midnight Champagne Toast

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Drinking beer with Ted Easton in Portland @ the Hungry Tiger Bar 1

Dec 31: Mark Twain Indians, Throwback Suburbia, Black Mercies | Ash St Saloon

My good friends, Mark Twain Indians, are playing at Ash St Saloon New Years. If you see someone playing dominoes and drinking bourbons–that's probably me. Music at 9:30pm, $8 Ash St New Year Eve Bash New Year's Champagne Toast at Midnight! Throwback Suburbia Black Mercies Mark Twain Indians picture: Julian Chadwick and Ted Easton (Mark […]

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Dec 31: Mission Theater Playing the Oregon Ducks Sunbowl Game

From the McMenamins People: Monday, December 31 SUN BOWL: Ducks vs. South Florida Doors at 10 a.m..; game at 11 a.m. | FREE | 21 & over (with valid ID) Catch the big game on the big screen, with beer and food and fun. McMenamins Mission Theater 1624 NW Glisan Street Portland, Oregon 97209

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