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Fall-en Soldiers

"Fall-en Soldiers": Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden | Daily Stank Image Bank

Fall-en Soldiers Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden SE 28th Ave & Woodstock Blvd, Portland, Oregon Photo By pdxpixs Taken on October 12, 2008 Directions (Google map and Reviews) The garden is located on SE 28 Avenue, one block north of Woodstock, between Eastmoreland Golf Course and Reed College. Or take TriMet bus #19 Woodstock. This bus […]

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"Thirsty" | Benson Bubbler Love | Daily Stank Image Bank

Thirsty Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, Oregon Taken on October 1, 2008 Photo by MarkDM The "Benson Bubblers"—famous gifts from Portland's past By far the best known of all Portland's outdoor fountains, the legendary "Benson Bubblers" are ornate, bronze drinking-fountain bowls that provide free, fresh drinking water throughout downtown. The colorful history behind the Bubblers rings […]

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Park(ing) Day 2008 - Portland Oregon

National PARK(ing) Day 2008 in Portland | Daily Stank Image Bank

Park(ing) Day 2008 – Portland Oregon September 19, 2008 Portland, Oregon By The Impression That I Get PARK(ing) Day is a one-day, global event centered in San Francisco where artists, activists, and citizens collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spots into "PARK(ing)" spaces: temporary public parks. ( You can see more Park(ing) day pictures from […]

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An Interview with Pasha, Portland's Gypsy Photographer

Pasha is self-taught, proving again how a tool can transcend its definition. Her lens penetrates the surface of her subjects like a razor-sharp scalpel, revealing a staggering depth of emotion, transforming both what is photographed as well as those who view the finished work.  Born on a kitchen table from the womb of a self-proclaimed […]

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Kama Sutra Pampelmoose Nemo Design Photography Michael Cogliantry

May 2: Furry Kama Sutra – Anonymous Sex at Nemo First Friday

Nemo Design presents Furry Kama Sutra, a photography/Video exhibition by New York based photographer Michael Cogliantry, opening on May 02, 2008. The show will run through Tuesday, June 01, 2008 at Nemo Design: 1875 SE Belmont Street in Portland, OR. Furry Kama Sutra is the title for a new project by New York based photographer […]

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DJ Magneto in Atlanta, ERS-ONE

Daily Stank Image Bank | Dec 7 | First Friday at GoodFoot Lounge | DJ Magneto is Here and He Likes Burgers

From Portland Hamburgers Burger Tour: ERS-ONE/Magneto (Atlanta) You never know where the BurgerBlogger shows up these days (lots more coming soon). You can see him at the Goodfoot (2845 SE Stark) this Friday for his monthly night the “First Friday Super Jam” From PDXPIPELINE Daily Stank Image Bank: SPINNAFACE at the Goodfoot Lounge November 30, […]

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SpinnaFace at the Goodfoot Lounge with Manny/DJ Magneto, Portland, Oregon, 97214

Daily Stank Image Bank: SPINNAFACE at the Goodfoot Lounge

This if from Manny's/DJ Magneto first Friday show at the Goodfoot Lounge in October (the 5th). I didn't know who this guy was, Spinnaface, but recently ran accross his mypsace/website/videos. It is pretty funny stuff and some of the beats/tracks are good as well. Also, first Friday is coming quickly–which means Magneto (possibly Spinnaface?) will […]

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