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Electric cars in downtown Portland, Oregon

Electric Car Station in Downtown Portland | Daily Stank Image Bank

Electric cars in downtown Portland, Oregon SW Salmon between 1st & 2nd Taken on September 19, 2008 Picture By: Todd Mecklem From Oregon gets filling stations for electric car There are about 270 all-electric passenger cars registered in Oregon, state transportation officials say. The number pales in comparison to 26,338 registered hybrid vehicles. And […]

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Park(ing) Day 2008 - Portland Oregon

National PARK(ing) Day 2008 in Portland | Daily Stank Image Bank

Park(ing) Day 2008 – Portland Oregon September 19, 2008 Portland, Oregon By The Impression That I Get PARK(ing) Day is a one-day, global event centered in San Francisco where artists, activists, and citizens collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spots into "PARK(ing)" spaces: temporary public parks. ( You can see more Park(ing) day pictures from […]

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832 N Beech St, Portland, OR, 97227 Unicycle and Amnesia Brewery

July 12: Mississippi Avenue / Street Fair | Portland 2008 | Pictures & Video

One week away until the 2008 Mississippi Street Fair (or Mississippi Avenue Street Fair). This is probably my favorite of all the street fairs in Portland. Judging by the traffic already coming this way to last years post(s), it is one of Portland's favorite festivals as well. Update: 2009 Mississippi Avenue / Street Fair Info […]

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tri-met, portland oregon max,

Daily Stank Image Bank: "Blood on The Max"

C-Block sent this iPhone picture over to me. Perhaps it was “Some Guy” upset about the Fairless Square “fare increase disguised as a solution”. Come on “Some Guy”, our fair transportation system threatened by blood….“Like THAT's going to happen!” "I snapped this photo this morning. It looked like freshly-caked blood. This wasn't ketchup nor was […]

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DJ Magneto in Atlanta, ERS-ONE

Daily Stank Image Bank | Dec 7 | First Friday at GoodFoot Lounge | DJ Magneto is Here and He Likes Burgers

From Portland Hamburgers Burger Tour: ERS-ONE/Magneto (Atlanta) You never know where the BurgerBlogger shows up these days (lots more coming soon). You can see him at the Goodfoot (2845 SE Stark) this Friday for his monthly night the “First Friday Super Jam” From PDXPIPELINE Daily Stank Image Bank: SPINNAFACE at the Goodfoot Lounge November 30, […]

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SpinnaFace at the Goodfoot Lounge with Manny/DJ Magneto, Portland, Oregon, 97214

Daily Stank Image Bank: SPINNAFACE at the Goodfoot Lounge

This if from Manny's/DJ Magneto first Friday show at the Goodfoot Lounge in October (the 5th). I didn't know who this guy was, Spinnaface, but recently ran accross his mypsace/website/videos. It is pretty funny stuff and some of the beats/tracks are good as well. Also, first Friday is coming quickly–which means Magneto (possibly Spinnaface?) will […]

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2007 PAF Rosey Awards,  November 07, 2007 / 5:30 PM / at Gerding Theater in the Portland Armory

Daily Stank Image Bank: PAF's Rosey Awards at the Gerding Theater/Portland Armory

Some pics I took while volunteering at PAF's (Portland Advertising Federation) Rosey Awards. They aren't the best…As was stated in the Barfly Awards Pics Post, iPhoto and I just aren't the greatest friends yet. Still, you can get an idea of the size of the party and the style of the Gerding Theater (which is […]

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