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Smash Putt, Portland, Oregon

Smash Putt Miniature Golf Apocalypse Pictures + Win Tickets!

Smash Putt Portland, Oregon Taken on March 20, 2010 Photo by PDX Pipeline More pictures on Flickr here This might not look like a putt putt hole (and it is quite hard as well), but you if you take a close look there is a pink ball in the upper left corner. What's on the […]

Portland Pictures: "Jake The Crab" @ Jake's Famous Crawfish

“Jake The Crab” Jake's Famous Crawfish Portland, Oregon Photo by Kimberly Gehl Well, now that the purple octopus of Greek Cusina is gone, there appears to be a new king blow-up sea-life animal in town at Jake's. More Portland pictures on Pipeline here… Update: JakieInPDX has some more pictures here in the daytime and from […]


Portland Pictures: Almost Spring

Almost………. Willamette River Portland, Oregon Taken on February 27, 2010 Photo by Greg-0 Spring is “almost” here and the cherry blossoms are coming out. If you have Portland pictures, add them to our Flickr group here.

North Portland Anticon / Santacon

Picture: North Portland Santacon aka Anticon

North Portland Anticon / Santacon December 5, 2009 Photo by Brewcaster Related events and info from PDX Pipeline: 75+ Portland Weekend Events, Parties & Free Tickets | December 3-6 More Portland Santacon Info: December 5, 12 & 19 North Portland Anitcon Pub Routes on Urban Drinks: urbandrinks.com/crawls/usa/or/portland Gang-Themed Santacon on 82nd Street? | December 5th North Portland Santacon […]

2009 Porltand Halloween - East Burn

Portland Halloween Pictures: Part 2

Mugatu East Burn Portland Oregon Photo by PDX Pipeline Related info from Pipeline Portland Halloween Pictures | Part 1 2009 Halloween on Flickr including East Burn, B-Side, Bossanova, Holocene, tec Add your Halloween pictures to our Flickr group here More photos after the break…

NW Portland Fire, NW 21st & Glisan

July 29: Portland Fire Pictures | NW 21st & Glisan

Scott Fish (scottfish.com) sent these pics over to us a bit ago of the Portland fire on NW 21st & Glisan. From Scott: Here are some photos from the fire that was on NW 21st and Glisan. There were about 4 hook and ladder fire trucks and quite a few ambulances.  The fire dept closed […]


Portland Tattoo Exhibit (Skinvisible) @ Portland Art Museum | Daily Stank Image Bank

Malice, Rachael Reckless Skinvisible @ Portland Art Museum Taken on July 25, 2009 Photo by pkimphoto Related posts and info from PDX Pipeline: Portland, Oregon Tattoo Pictures, Designs & Info | TattoosofPortland.com Best Portland Tattoo Shops Portland Pictures Portland Tattoo Exhibit & Party | Skinvisible @ Portland Art Museum Interview & Photos With Malice: Let Her […]


Slick Rick @ Roseland Theater | Daily Stank Image Bank

Slick Rick Roseland Theater Portland, Oregon Taken on July 24, 2009 Photo by greenwoodimages arianstevens.com Great shot of The Ruler. Arian has many more images from Slick Rick/Rahzel/Beatnuts concert here. Related Posts & Info from PDX Pipeline Portland Pictures PDX PIPELINE Flickr group Portland EVENTS LIST

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Radish Underground, 414 SW 10th Ave, Portland, Or, 97205

Radish Underground in Pictures | Portland, Oregon

Posted By Nathalie Weinstein Shop co-owner Celeste Sipes with an item from the store's Spring collection Radish Underground 414 SW 10th Ave, Portland, Or, 97205 Photo by Nathalie Weinstein Bracelets made from metal spinal columns and feathered party hats are only some of the treasures you'll find at Radish Underground, a boutique and gallery space […]

2009 Portland Farmers Market Sausage

2009 Portland Farmers Market: Video, Pictures & Updates

Posted By Julian Chadwick Update: 2010 Portland Farmers Market Opens This Weekend + Pictures, Video & Expansion In addition to enjoying all of these events in Portland this weekend, you should really go the South Park blocks tomorrow for the Second Portland Farmers Market of 2009. I was all over the Farmers Market last Saturday […]

Boy Eats Drum Machine at Rotture, Portland, Oregon

The Weekend is Over:View | Portland Music | Boy Eats Drum Machine

Boy Eats Drum Machine Rotture, Portland, Oregon Taken on March 20, 2009 Photo By Stephanie El-Hajj By Stephanie El-Hajj Boy Eats Drum Machine, aka BEDM, aka Jon Ragel, is super high-energy and has great stage presence. You wouldn't know to look at him, he's mild mannered as Clark Kent, but put him on stage with […]

Live Video Stream of Portland Urban Iditarod

Portland Urban Iditarod: Pictures, Schedule, Video | March 14

The Urban Iditarod has been underway a couple hours now, with a couple more to go. The schedule was released only to participants last night. We received it last night, but no knowing what the ethics of publishing it was, waited until now to publish. They have already been crazy at Green Dragon and are […]

The Polar Express

Portland Snow Day Pictures: Grab Your Cameras | Daily Stank Image Bank

Polar Express And it turns out Father Christmas was driving it… Taken on December 14, 2008 (aka Portland Snow Day 2008) Photo By Guanatos Gwyn The Portland Snow Day 2008 was a good one for PDX photographers. Many, undaunted by the flury of frozen precipitation, donned their Portland Boots and got out there. You still […]

Pinhole Foggy Morning

Pinhole Foggy Morning: Oaks Park | Daily Stank Image Bank

Pinhole Foggy Morning Oaks Park, Portland, Oregon Taken on December 8, 2008 Photo By gumanow (buy Gary's book here) This is a beautiful picture as always by Gary (Santacon photo(s) and story by him). If you are wondering how to see this beautiful scene in person, Gary sent this over: (picture taken) just north of […]

North Portland Santacon 2008

2008 Portland Santacon Pictures & Updates | Daily Stank Image Bank

North Portland Santacon 2008 Taken On December 6, 2008 at 2.23pm PST Photo By Squid Vicious As, you probably know, Santacon was in Portland Saturday (as was Anticon). As always, Squid Vicious got a lot of great pics (set here), and sent over the following message about the North Portland Santacon (I mean anticon): It […]

Santacon December 6th Santa Suit $14.99

2008 Santacon: Santa Suits for $14.99 | Daily Stank Image Bank

Santacon December 6th Santa Suit $14.99 Walgreens / Eat Fresh Downtown, Portland, Oregon Taken on December 3, 2008 Photo By Squid Vicious Nice!. $14.99 is one sweet price. When Walgreens gets into the Santacon business (& the 5000 or so people coming here in the last few days for info), you know it is going […]

Waiting for my turn

Bishop's Barbershop: Waiting for my turn | Daily Stank Image Bank

Waiting for my turn Bishop's Barbershop (bishopsbarbershop.com) 2132 Ne Alberta St, Portland, OR Taken on November 8, 2008 Photo By Brewcaster (brewcaster.com) I've never had a haircut at Bishop's, but the sight of that champagne does make me think twice about betraying my $10/cut neighborhood shop. From Citysearch/Google: Great cut, free beer! 06/27/2008 Posted by […]

Pumpkins final stages

Portland Halloween: Pumpkin Carving | Daily Stank Image Bank

Pumpkins final stages Viv and I finally carved our pumpkins for Halloween. Portland, Oregon Taken on October 23, 2008 Photo By Mr. Lloyd Nice work by Mr. Lloyd and Viv. You can follow the happenings of Mr. Lloyd on twitter or on his blog as well. More Portland Halloween pictures here Portland Halloween Pictures from […]

THE Maple

Portland's Japanese Gardens: The Maple | Daily Stank Image Bank

THE Maple Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon Taken on October 23, 2008 Photo By pdxpixs “Portland's Japanese Gardens. Another view of this much photographed maple. There is a sense of magic under the canopy of this tree.” This is one of many great fall pictures of the Japanese Gardens floating around flickr, and one of my […]

Portland Halloween, Scream at the Beach

In Portland, even our Halloween Monsters have Tattoos| Daily Stank Image Bank

Make Up Artist: Matt Huntley Photo By Black Dog Photography Model: Brody Suicide Location: Scream at the Beach – Portland Oregon The arm sleeve, chest and knuckle tattoos really sell it. In Portland, even our Halloween monsters have tattoos. This is another very cool Scream at the Beach photo. You can see some other great […]

The Awakening

Scream at the Beach: The Awakening | Daily Stank Image Bank

The Awakening Scream at the Beach, Portland, Oregon Make Up Artist: Matt Huntley Photo By Jeff Mawer/metakephoto Scream at the Beach looks like a fun time (Zombie Apocalypse) and this picture really sells it. Jeff has another (disturbing-ish) photo of a Scream at the Beach character here. Here is an earlier post about Scream at […]

Kidical Mass 8

Bakfietsenstein: Halloween Bike Costume | Kidical Mass | Daily Stank Image Bank

Bakfietsenstein, Kidical Mass 8 Portland, Oregon Taken on October 17, 2008 Photo BY: wittco.gmbh More menacing Bakfietsenstein picture here Portland and bikes are BFF, so what could be better then accessorizing it with a costume for Halloween? this one was created for this month's Kidical Mass ride. wittco.gmbh writes this about the ride and picture: […]

pumpkin logo

Pumpkin Logo: Sauvie Island | Daily Stank Image Bank

pumpkin logo “loved the pattern on the bottom of this pumpkin @ Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch “ Taken on October 10, 2008 Photo By mccun934 We are halfway there to Halloween. Great image here of the pumpkin wonders of Sauvie Island. Here is some info from the Pumpkin Patch site: Q.How do I get to […]


Portland Halloween: Mexic-o-lantern | Daily Stank Image

Day 287/366: Mexic-o-lantern “I really don't know what to say about this.” Little Baja Patio and Garden Decor ( website ) 1510 E Burnside Portland, OR 97214 Taken on October 13, 2008 Photo By Rozanne Rozanne, I know what to say–that thing is awesome! I think I'll run over to Little Baja right now and […]

I am ready for you, Portland.

Sunny October in Portland | Bring on the Rain | Daily Stank Image Bank

I am ready for you, Portland. Bring on the rain!! Taken on October 4, 2008 Photo By Amy Nieto What a difference a week makes. Not many days ago, it looked like we were in for the dark days of winter having passed fall and gone straight into Octobuary. Now, we are in perfect fall […]

halloween cometh...BOO!!

Halloween at Fred Meyer | Daily Stank Image Bank

halloween cometh…BOO!! Fred Meyer, Portland, Oregon Photo By Melissa Toledo Taken on October 1, 2008 Portland Halloween parties & events here Portland Halloween Pictures from last year More Daily Stank Image Bank photos here If you would like your picture to appear in the "Daily Stank Image Bank", add it to the Pdx Pipeline Flickr […]