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OPB Pledge Drive Gift

OPB Pledge Drive | Go Green Package: Get that Tote Bag & Plant a Tree

I'm not a big fan of the OPB pledge drive (who is?).  But, at least it gives us Portlanders/Oregonians to get some good gifts. This one not only benefits OPB, but it benefits our environment and SOLV.  Plus, you get a couple of those sweet, sweet tote bags. Go Green Package: Plant a Tree in […]

pdx pedicab, portland, oregon

PDX Pedicab Old Town Tours | Eco-Tourism | Every Sunday

"On this special audio tour of Old Town, you'll hear about the people who were here from the beginning–and made Portland their home." Portland has some great fall weather this weekend, and tomorrow should be even sunnier and warmer than today. There might not be many more Sundays like this for six months nine months […]

sustainable industries forum, portland

Sustainable Industries Forum | Sam Adams, Burgerville | October 14

There are still a few days left to register for the Sustainable Forums conference here in Portland. Mayor-elect Sam Adams is a featured speaker and the CEO of Burgerville is a panelist. Obviously, we here are big proponents of sustainability in Portland not just because it is often the right thing to do morally and […]

Bagdad Theater, Portland

Candidates Gone Green | Bagdad Theater | October 1

Candidates Gone Green is happening on October 1st at the Bagdad Theater. Ã‚  Come learn about sustainability and energy from local political candidates. A Forum on the Future of Energy and Sustainability in Portland Featuring Randy Leonard, Charles Lewis, Amanda Fritz and others McMenamins Bagdad Theater Doors 6 p.m.; forum 7 p.m. 'til 8:30 p.m. | […]

Pioneer Courthouse Square Garden Show

July 12: Keen Shoes Festival | Portland Pioneer Square | Free Stuff

Keen footwear is putting on a festival in Pioneer Courthouse Square to celebrate its Stand Environmental contest. Good for Keen putting up $75,000 for this contest and now putting on this part to promote the cause of sustainability. Oh, and they are giving away free gear! Also, interested to see what the “HybridLife Lounge” is. […]

April 13: Ken Kesey and Other Great Notions: Book Discussion

Join David Sumner, director of Linfield College's Writing program and Wendy Willis, Social Sustainability program manager as Oregon Solutions, for a discussion of Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion. Interested readers are encouraged to pick up a copy of the book at the Popular Library information desk on the first floor in the Central Library. Sunday, […]

Sustainable Beer

Sustainable Brewing | Portland Beer Blog | by Abraham Goldman-Amstrong

Beer =Yum | Sustainable Beer = I'll have another | From the Portland Beer Blog: SUSTAINABILITY IN THE BREWING INDUSTRY By Abram Goldman-Armstrong Honorary Beer Scribe for Guest on Tap Beers once were marketed on flavor alone with straightforward ad slogans such as "finest malted barley." Now brewers across the country are touting sustainability as […]

Useful Links From Portland's Office of Sustainable Development

Portland's Office of Sustainable Development calls these “useful links”. I agree and therefore have copied and pasted them over here. More Portland sustainability (60) posts from PDX PIPELINE Useful Links – Printable Version CARBON REDUCTION Architecture 2030 National program rapidly transforming the US and global Building Sector from the major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions […]

PDX PIPELINE Facebook Group

Facebook: Come Join the PDX PIPELINE group and Other Portland Groups there…

On a daily basis, Facebook surprises me with how amazing a place it is and how much better it is than Myspace. It's not even a contest, and that is why it is now values at 12 Billion versus the 1/2 Billion Rupert paid for Myspace. I am not even sure the present value of […]


Reminder: "City of Portland Mayor Tom Potter and Commissioner Dan Saltzman join more than 50 area sustainable industry leaders in a send-off of the PDX Lounge Sustainable City installation. "

from earlier post: Oct 30: "City of Portland Mayor Tom Potter and Commissioner Dan Saltzman join more than 50 area sustainable industry leaders in a send-off of the PDX Lounge Sustainable City installation. " October 26th, 2007 — Julian Chadwick | PDX Lounge – Portable ‘Sustainable City' Trucks to Chicago WHAT: City of Portland Mayor Tom […]

Oct 30: "City of Portland Mayor Tom Potter and Commissioner Dan Saltzman join more than 50 area sustainable industry leaders in a send-off of the PDX Lounge Sustainable City installation. "

This is what is great about sustainability, the internet, and the future of business as we will make it. It is not about the red ocean (the ocean is blue), it is not about fighting; it is about community and coming together to make things happen for us, and those that follow us. I'm thrilled […]

Portland Fashion Week October 19 - 24

Oct 19-24: Portland Fashion Week is Coming Shortly — "Green Fashion"

From Eco-Chic over at our new LiveJournal Community (Portland Stuff): It's that time! Announcing the special collaboration between myself and online green fashion source Greenloop for the upcoming Portland Fashion Week (which I first mentioned last week in my exclusive interview with PFW's Executive Director). Take a gander at our press release and find out […]

Sept 24: Commissioner Sam Adams is holding open houses around Portland to ask residents what their traffic priorities are.

Sent over from Michelle at BTA: BTA Friends, You have an opportunity to speak up for bike safety in your neighborhood on Monday. Commissioner Sam Adams is holding open houses around Portland to ask residents what their traffic priorities are. If you care about the ease, safety and enjoyment of bike riding, please go and […]

Gotham PDX

Sept 15: Race Against Pollution for a Clean Willamette

Message sent over from Emily Bartha, Conservation Organizer for the Sierra Club Clean Willamette Campaign: Race Against Pollution for a Clean Willamette Come out to Sellwood Riverfront Park this Saturday from 2-5pm to join the festivities as we rally for a clean Willamette River. Free kayak/canoe "fun race" (i.e. ½ mile on flat water) with […]

AIGA presents Urban Forest Project Gala Social Event

September 19: AIGA presents Urban Forest Project Gala Social Event

AIGA's SOCIO XV/ Celebration Gala What is it? The Urban Forest Project brings the community together to celebrate collaboration, problem-solving, and sustainable design and business choices during the week of Earth Day. This year, the initiative will culminate in a celebration of this year's work on the project, at the yearly AIGA gala social event. […]

Kristin from AiPD: Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Charger?

Krisitn, from the Art Institute of Portland is tackling idea/question/project/conversation: Is it really possible to have an eco-friendly cell phone charger? A group of students at AiPD think so. I have been tasked, along with 3 other students, to develop a concept for a sustainable product or service and then brand it from the ground […]

Kufo 101 Stupid Hummer

HummerGate Part 4: Downtown Portland Is NOT an Urban Warfare Zone

I just started working downtown again a couple weeks ago. I've noticed some changes since I worked here a year ago: There is an insane amount of construction going on (i.e. the “next big thing”) Because of this construction, traffic is worse than ever. There seems to be less parking (I walk and trimet here, […]


Jay's Garage: "Fuel Station Exceeds Biofuels Requirements"

From PortlandOnline: "Jays Garage now offering E85 and B99 Biodiesel for gas and diesel vehicles." Portland, OR — Jays Garage has upped the ante in cleaner, greener Biofuels. The first station in Portland to offer the most pure from of Biodiesel, B99, Jay's is now offering domestically made E-85 Ethanol. Picture from Jay's Garage in […]

Farmers Market-2

Why Eat Local? 10 Reasons (freshness, nutrition, safety)

Great Article from Portland Online: Why Eat Local? While much of the food we eat today comes from around the globe, Oregonians have access to an abundance of food grown and produced here in the Northwest. By choosing local foods, you support the regional economy and environment, as well and enjoy the wealth of good […]

KPOJ Radio Hybrid-1

HUMMERGATE III: Putting the *FU* back in KUFO 101?

Contact CBS RADIO: MEDIA CONTACTS Karen L. Mateo Vice President, Communications ( 212) 846 7638 karen.mateo@cbsradio.com Dana McClintock Senior Vice President, CBS Communications Group (212) 975 1077 dlmcclintock@cbs.com This is KJOJ's Hybrid on display at Friday's 5th Ave Street Fair (aka The Next Big Thing). I encourage you to call or write/email them to thank […]

2006 Winners

Make Some Clothes Out of Junk and Win $500!

That is the premise behind Junk2Funk. Well, the premise is sustainability and recycling, but that is what you do to get the $500 baby! Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest Call to Artists Entry deadline October 17, 2007 (Portland, Oregon) ­ It is time once again to tear apart those trash bins in hopes […]

JOBS: Do You Like The Environment and Want To Get Paid?

If you like the environment and want a J-O-B so you can get P-A-I-D; here are three possibilities. I do not believe you will be allowed to drive your hummer to the workplace(s). Environmental Building Supplies seeks Professional Sales/Project Manager Community Energy Project seeks Weatherization Workshop Coordinator (pdf) Trimet is hiring a Sustainability Intern(pdf)

Shared Route Biodiesel Bus-7

July 25 Daily Stank Image Bank II – Shared Route Van

I saw the Shared Route Van on SE 3oth Place & East Burnside yesterday. Their concept is very cool, and Biodiesel (unlike this monstrosity). Some information from their site: A Biodiesel passenger shuttle bus service connecting Portland, Olympia & Seattle. 3xWeekly Trips from Portland, Olympia and Seattle. From Portland to Olympia ($20) and Seattle ($30, […]

We're All Going To Die (from the heat)

I just saw this over at OPB (is it the hummer?): Megan Ahearn is with Environment Oregon. She says temperatures were actually up over a seven-year period at nearly every Oregon weather station, including Portland. Megan Ahearn: “Between 2000 and 2006, Portland experienced an average temperature of one-point four degrees above normal.”…READ MORE More Portland […]

Biodiesel in da Hood II

As I mentioned yesterday (Biodiesel in da hood), more and more Portland people and businesses are using biodiesel–maybe these people will do it. Hey, Willie even came to help us out! So, from Biofuels4Business.com, comes the following information: How is biodiesel a better choice for business? Better for customers. Customers appreciate leaders in business that […]

Biking the tour route

Portland's Green Machine Marches On – Green Homes!

More Reasons to Love PDX–cool sustainable buildings. More Sustainable Portland Info Saturday, September 15, 2007 Tour: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Information fair: 4:30pm – 7pm (hosted by Environmental Building Supplies ) Adults: $15 Carfree/Student/Senior: $10 Children under age 14: FREE This self-guided tour welcomes visitors into twenty new and remodeled homes throughout the Portland […]

BOOM! Portland "Green Machine" Rolls On

There are some Green Events coming up the next two weeks here in PDX and Marjorie Skinner at the Mercury has got the low-down… First up, on Saturday, July 28 11 am-6 pm, Mario's 3.10 at Bridgeport Village is having "Organic Day," with the store's local/sustainable designers Anna Cohen and Ryan Christensen of Sameunderneath. They'll […]


Portland is the Greenest City in the World!

Ok…we're actually second according to Grist (probably lost a spot due to this hummer). Here is the blurb on PDX and the complete list. I got my eye on you #1 Reykjavik, Iceland–the end is near. More information on Sustainability in Portland. Photo: StuSeeger via Flickr Portland, Oregon, U.S. The City of Roses' approach to […]

July 7- PDX-based Sustainability Film–"Architecture to Zuchini" at 5th Ave. Cinema – free

SATURDAY, JULY 7 The PSU MIM Sustainability Group Presents A FREE SHOWING OF…. “Architecture to Zucchini: The People, Companies and Organizations Pioneering Sustainability” – Time: 6:30pm on Saturday, July 7 – Location: Fifth Avenue Cinema (510 SW Hall St.) – Program length: 60 minutes – Networking with sustainability students! This movie is an exploration of […]

Portland State- Sustainability Speaker– Thursday, 09 Nov, from 4:45 to 6:00pm, in SBA 190.

“The Portland State University chapter of Net Impact is hosting a presentation by New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and Net Impact founder Mark Albion. Tag line: “Come hear one of the most dedicated social entrepreneurs talk about environmentally and socially sustainable leadership in the business world.” For more on Sustainability– BioPipeline.info

WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: Worldchanging Tour

WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: Worldchanging Tour: “These events are going to be a blast. We hope you'll make them even better. You can help by spreading the word, telling friends and colleagues, and posting announcements on your websites and appropriate lists. Also, please help us identify groups in […]